Grand Blue Sky 4 * (Turkey / Kusadasi / Kusadasi Center): photo and description of rooms, service and entertainment, tourist reviews

Kusadasi - this is not the most popular resort in Turkey, largely due to its high cost. It is unlikely that budget tourists can find themselves here a suitable place to stay at a low price. Despite this, the resort truly deserves a visit. In Kusadasi there is a clean coastal strip, and luxury hotels, and attractions. Along the coast there is a huge number of luxury complexes, one of which we will discuss in this article. We'll tell you more about the Grand Blue Sky 4 * hotel, as well as about its territory, the concept of food and the reviews of tourists who have already had time to relax in this hotel.

Where is this hotel located?

In fact, Kusadasi is a large resort, which is conditionally divided into several areas at once. The complex itself is located next to Ladys Beach, almost in the very center of the city.At the same time it was built right on the coast, therefore the distance to the sea is only 100 meters. Guests of the Grand Blue Sky Hotel can get to the beach without leaving the hotel’s grounds. The distance to the central part of the city, where shopping centers, restaurants and bars are located, is only 3 km. Therefore, if desired, tourists can reach them on foot, or they can use public transport or taxi. Near the hotel there are also several large beach buildings. Nearby is a nightclub, water park and supermarket.

The nearest major airport is near the city of Izmir, which is 75 km from Kusadasov. At the same time, direct flights from Russia and the CIS countries, as a rule, do not fly here, so tourists have to make a transfer to Istanbul, which makes rest more expensive. You can get from Izmir Airport to the hotel by public transport or taxi. For a fee, the complex also offers guests to arrange a transfer.

Basic information important for tourists

The Grand Blue Sky Hotel is a large beach complex occupying a vast area covering approximately 40,000 square meters. m. It houses 3 six-storey buildings, built in a style combining futuristic and modern design elements.In total, they accommodate 325 rooms, so more than 1000 tourists can rest on the territory at the same time. By the way, most often couples and youth companies from Russia and the near abroad come here. There are quite a few tourists in the hotel from Germany, the UK and other European countries.

General view of the territory

The complex itself was built in 1997, but one should not think that it had decayed during this time. Renovation of rooms and public spaces here is held every few years, so even now the hotel looks modern and new. The last renovation, for example, was done at the hotel in 2014. It is also worth noting that the hotel staff for the most part does not speak Russian, but the staff understand English. The registration rules are standard here, and check-in to the rooms does not begin until 14:00. At the same time, pets are not allowed in the hotel, but tourists with children, on the contrary, receive some advantages, including a discount on accommodation.

Description of the number of rooms

And although the Grand Blue Sky Hotel is considered a place for a respectable holiday, it does not offer its guests a large selection of room categories.Most of the apartments are standard. As a rule, they are intended for families, consisting of two adults and 1-2 children. Among them, three rooms are specially allocated for tourists with physical limitations. The apartments mainly have windows and balconies overlooking the sea. However, some of them may go to the pool and surrounding areas, but they are cheaper.

Interior room

Standard rooms do not differ a large area and exquisite decoration. They are decorated in a modern style, carpeted on the floor. From the furniture they have a double or single beds (the choice of guests), a dining set, wardrobes and cabinets for clothes. The living room is decorated with flowers, wall lamps and paintings. In the bathroom you can find a sink, a large cosmetic mirror, a toilet. The area of ​​such rooms can vary from 30 to 35 square meters. m

For guests who like to relax on a special scale, the hotel has a separate executive suite. It consists of two living rooms and bathrooms, as well as an open furnished balcony and a fully equipped kitchen. It can accommodate 3-4 adult guests. The size of the suite is 100 square meters. m

What equipment do the rooms have?

Judging by the reviews of guests, the Grand Blue Sky Hotel offers a full-fledged room equipment, which fully corresponds to the category of the complex and the cost of living. However, some amenities are available only for a fee. In addition, guests can count on daily housekeeping, which is carried out by hotel staff. Every three days they also change the set of towels in the bathroom and bed linen in the bedroom.

We list the basic equipment that can be found in the hotel room:

  • individual air conditioning with a remote control, with which you can adjust the temperature in the bedroom;
  • a TV with a connected set of cable TV channels - while in some of the rooms, the old CRT models still remain without fresh renovation;
  • mini-bar with daily replenishment of bottled drinking water, other drinks are offered only for a fee;
  • a hairdryer and a set of hygiene items in the bathroom (shampoo, bath soap and shower gel);
  • telephone - to make calls to other cities and countries is possible only for a fee;
  • wireless internet is free of charge;
  • safe to store valuables and documents.

The territory of the hotel and its service

In the reviews of the Grand Blue Sky Hotel, the hotel guests also note a large area on which there are many infrastructure facilities. We list the main ones:

  • free car parking for hotel guests;
  • round-the-clock front desk where you can consult with the administrator, buy a tour or exchange currency;
  • bicycle rental;
  • laundry - offers its services for a fee;
  • Therapist's office - his advice is not included in the insurance;
  • shops, including souvenir.

Also in all public areas of the hotel you can connect to free wireless internet.


More often than not, in their reviews about the Grand Blue Sky 4 * hotel (Kusadasi, Turkey), tourists positively respond to local food, calling the food here delicious, and the choice of dishes - varied. Like most hotels in the country, the complex offers guests the concept of "all inclusive". It includes not only three meals and late breakfasts and dinners, but also local soft drinks and spirits.The concept works around the clock. Dietary and vegetarian meals are available upon request. The main meals are held in the main restaurant, where guests can enjoy an extensive buffet, which includes meat and fish dishes, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Restaurant's open terrace

It is worth noting that the hotel has several catering establishments. For example, in the evening three restaurants open where visitors are served exclusively by the menu. They offer Turkish and Italian dishes, as well as grilled meat and fish specialties. Guests of the hotel are offered one free visit if they rest in the complex for more than one week. Also in the area immediately open 5 bars. The most popular bars are poolside and on the beach, as well as a 24-hour cafe in the lobby.

Beach and pools

The big advantage of the hotel Grand Blue Sky 4 * (Kusadasi) is the presence of its own sandy beach. Its length is about 200 meters. It contains free for guests loungers and sun umbrellas. It also has a water entertainment center.where for a fee you can sign up for diving lessons or windsurfing. The beach is equipped with a volleyball court.

There is a large outdoor swimming pool on site, where guests can swim if the sea is stormy. Its area is 500 square meters. m. It is filled with fresh water, which is not additionally heated. Next to the pool there is a playground where you can sunbathe. It is also equipped with sun beds, mattresses and umbrellas.

Beach near the hotel

What other entertainment can the hotel offer tourists?

The main orientation of the Grand Blue Sky Hotel (Kusadasi) is a beach holiday on the sea, so it does not provide a large selection of other entertainment. However, tourists, for example, can spend time in the spa, where for a fee not only health and beauty treatments are offered, but a Turkish bath, sauna and massage room. For lovers of sports and active pastime there is a gym and tennis courts. Guests can also play billiards. The hotel has a team of animators consisting of 7 people, among whom there are Russians. They hold evening events in the amphitheater and night discos.

Spa at the hotel

Rest in a hotel with young children

The resort Grand Blue Sky Hotel 4 * offers its guests the most common set of amenities for children in Turkey. For example, guests can expect that in the room they will be given a free cradle for babies under 2 years old. But renting pots and strollers is not available even for a fee. Guests can also take advantage of the comfortable feeding chairs in the main restaurant.

There is a hotel for young guests and appropriate entertainment. For example, kids can safely swim in a shallow pool or play in an open area equipped with slides, swings and a sandbox. Parents can leave their child in the mini-club, which is open every day before and after lunch. In addition, if necessary, tourists can call a qualified nanny in the room. Her services are not included in the price and are charged separately.

Positive feedback on Grand Blue Sky 4 * in Kusadasi

According to the guests, this hotel is a good place to relax, because it offers good conditions for accommodation at reasonable prices. In their reviews, they note many advantages and disadvantages of the complex.But first, we list the main advantages of the Grand Blue Sky hotel:

  • a large and green area with many trees, shrubs and flowers;
  • spacious rooms with huge balconies and new furniture;
  • the water here is very clean and clear, so you can easily see the seabed and its inhabitants;
  • next to the hotel is the embankment, where there are many shops, restaurants and cafes;
  • A large selection of meat dishes at the buffet: veal, chicken, lamb, turkey.
Open balcony in the room

Negative reviews about Grand Blue Sky 4 *

Do not overlook the fact that this hotel has some drawbacks. As a rule, they seemed insignificant to most of the tourists, so they didn’t spoil the rest. However, you still need to know about them in order not to be disappointed in what you see after arrival. For example, hotel guests recommend hotel owners to pay attention to the following downside of the complex:

  • some rooms and public areas look outdated and in need of renovation;
  • not the best cleaning of the territory - the tourists would like the staff to collect garbage and take care of the lawn in a timely manner;
  • on the open terrace of the restaurant it smells strongly of sewage, so it is impossible to have a normal dinner there;
  • Smoking inside the hotel is not prohibited, so there is smell of tobacco smoke everywhere, which is not pleasant for tourists with small children;
  • A small selection of fruits on the menu during the high season, usually only watermelons and melons are served at the buffet.

Draw conclusions

Thus, the Grand Blue Sky 4 * hotel is perfect for a leisurely beach holiday with your family. It is considered one of the best in Kusadasi and offers high quality service. Yes, the hotel has its drawbacks. It is on them that you should pay attention before buying a package. If they do not scare you, then the rest here you should like.

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