Graco baby car seat: review models, reviews

After the birth of the child, the parents have a huge variety of duties and tasks, one of which is to ensure safety during the movement of the crumbs in the car. To protect the baby while driving the car, car seats were created.

Currently, the range of such products is huge and presented hundreds of thousands of different models. All of them differ from each other in design, color, functionality. The task of the parents is to choose the device that will suit them and their baby, will meet all the requirements.

The Graco brand for children's products has earned the recognition of millions of parents due to the high quality of their products, as well as its wide range and affordable price.


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Graco child car seats include many features, ensuring not only the safety of the child while the car is moving, but also creating a comfortable environment for traveling. For example, many models of this brand are equipped with a cup holder.

Side impact protection and steel frame provide optimum security. Thanks to the unique design, parents can easily change the position of the child with the “face forward” to the opposite position “face backwards”.

The chair is equipped with a removable cover, which, if necessary, can be washed in a washing machine or manually. This allows not only to preserve the original state of the product for a long time, but also to extend the life.

Distinctive characteristics

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All models of car seats for children of this brand-manufacturer are equipped with additional protection against side impacts and an anatomical cushion. The last detail prevents spinal problems in a small child.

Graco car seats are presented in four groups: 0, 1, 2, 3 (up to 36 kg).

Car seat models designed for children from 9 to 36 kg are equipped with an anatomical cushion, the position of which can be changed if necessary.

Popular models

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Among the huge variety of car seats can be identified several models that are most popular among new parents:

  1. Car Seat Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Cameron.Universal model designed to transport children of all age categories (0, 1, 2, 3). The versatility of the device is due to the six positions of the backrest. This model is equipped with an additional soft tab, which provides greater comfort and safety. If necessary, a car seat with several movements can be turned into a booster. The cost of this model is quite high. You can buy a car seat of this model on average for 15,000 rubles.
  2. The Graco Nautilus child car seat has similar characteristics. The minimum allowable weight of the baby, allowing the use of the device is 9 kg. As a rule, this model, like the two listed above, allows you to transport children from 6 months to 12 years.
  3. The car seat Graco All in 1. The average rating of this device on a five-point scale is 4.8.

In no case should not use a car seat if the weight of the baby is more or, conversely, less than the recommended body weight.


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Graco brand boosters are available. Products in this category are designed to carry children weighing from 20 to 36 kg, which meansthat for the transportation of babies this tool is absolutely not suitable, because it can not provide an adequate level of security. The booster can begin to be used after the child reaches six years of age.

The main advantages of such models is low weight and compactness. They are very convenient to carry. They do not take up much space. In addition, the cost of boosters is significantly lower than car seats. It is possible to purchase an item for transportation of a small child weighing from 20 to 36 kg for an average of 2500 rubles. During the stock period, you can buy a booster at an even lower price.

Many models of Graco boosters are also equipped with cup holders. It should be noted that the evaluation of the product is slightly different from the results of the evaluation of car seats and averages 4.1-4.4 points on a five-point scale.

Cost of

The big advantage of the models of the brand Graco is an affordable price. The range of children's car seats is represented by goods of different price categories. Parents can choose the model that is right for them, based on financial capacity and family budget.

The most popular models of the brand-manufacturer can be purchased on average for 5000-7000 rubles.There are products that are much more expensive, but their functionality is slightly different from cheaper analogues.

The most advantageous to purchase children's products of this brand in online stores. During the stock period, you can buy a Graco baby car seat at a very low price.

Brand Benefits

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The Graco baby car brand has several advantages that indicate the need to use its products:

  1. High driving safety provided by the Graco automotive facility.
  2. High quality of materials of which the chair is made.
  3. Affordable price. Every parent can find a model "affordable".
  4. Good functionality. This applies to universal vehicles that are designed to transport young children from 20 to 36 kg.
  5. The ability to remove the textile upholstery car seat for cleaning procedures.
  6. Available instructions that comes with the product.
  7. The ability to turn the chair into a booster if necessary.

Additionally, you can purchase a pad on the seat belt. This will make the walk on the car more interesting for the child, to entice him during the move.

Graco car seat. Parent reviews

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Most Greco car seat reviews are positive. Parents note the excellent quality of the materials from which the products are made, as well as a high degree of safety. According to the newly-made moms and dads, Greco car seats will provide reliable protection for the baby while the car is moving. In addition, the unconditional advantage of the products of this brand is an affordable price.

A huge plus, according to parents, is a wide range of models. Moms and dads can choose the product that will meet their aesthetic requirements.

Many parents strongly recommend together with the car seat or booster to acquire a special lining under the car seat, which will allow you to use the product without fear of spoiling the look of the seat itself. The cost of the lining is slightly more than one thousand rubles.

Information in conclusion

The car seat is an indispensable tool for ensuring the safety of the child during the movement of the car. His choice should be approached very carefully, having studied in advance the features of various models.

Currently, one of the most popular brand manufacturers is the Graco trademark. Car seats of this brand are very popular among millions of parents due to high quality at a very modest price and a huge range. In addition to a car seat or booster, many moms and moms strongly recommend purchasing a special lining that will minimize the risk of damage to passenger seats.

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