"Golden Plaza" (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city

In the summer of 2015 in Tver, a newrestaurant complex "Golden Plaza". Institutions like this, in the city, perhaps not. What is attractive for this restaurant for local residents and Tver guests?

Where is

Maybe not everyone will find it successfulthe location of the restaurant. "Golden Plaza" (Tver) is located far from the center, in the district of Mamulino, at 199 Osvobozhdeniya Street, building 1. The place on the outskirts of the city is almost, but it has its advantages, for example, a large free parking.

golden plaza tver

If you go from the city by public transport, it is best to take a shuttle taxi number 204, and then 200 meters to walk, or number 177 - to go have to 400 meters.


Three floors of the complex "Golden Plaza" (Tver) canaccommodate up to 700 people at a time. The largest hall is on the first floor. This hall is convenient for use with receptions with a large number of guests. It can accommodate up to 500 people.

Strict forms, refinement have for holding banquets, solemn events. In front of the hall is a spacious foyer.

traditional Russian cuisine

The main hall in the chic white decorationlocated on the second floor. This hall is popular with newlyweds. Here for them there are even specially decorated places. The hall can accommodate up to 150 people. Live music is played here every day, show programs often take place on weekends.

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The third floor is a lounge bar. This is a cozy room with muted lighting, soft music, soft comfortable sofas. The whole situation has a friendly conversation, a rest in a warm company. To someone, on the contrary, the place will seem convenient for business negotiations. Compared with the previous two, the room here is small - for 70 people.

There are secluded cozy VIP-corners in the lounge-bar.

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The menu, which offers the restaurant "Golden Plaza" (Tver) is very diverse. All dishes are served beautifully decorated.

Here you can find European, Caucasian, traditional Russian cuisine.

National Azerbaijani dishes and wines, such as pilaf, saji (an ancient meat Azerbaijani dish, are served on a flat frying pan over burning coals with vegetables and greens) are popular.

golden plaza tver

For dessert, you can taste Azerbaijani jam, baklava and several other kinds of sweets.

In the menu there is a separate section "National Seconddishes ". Here, for example, dishes with such names as "Dolma in grape leaves with matzoni", "Chihyrtma from domestic chickens", "Choban-Govurma", "Jiz Byz" are presented, for example.

It is worth to come here to try it all, especially since everything is prepared from the freshest products.

If you do not like to experiment, then youwill enjoy traditional Russian cuisine, in the menu, in all its sections, there will certainly be a lot of dishes familiar from childhood. This is a hodgepodge of meat, and a royal ear, and a roast of pork.

By the way, they will find beer lovers here. The bar chart shows up to eight of its varieties.

Average cost of lunch or dinner at GoldenPlaza "will cost you 1000 rubles. If you want a snack simpler, then it's realistic to keep within 500 rubles, and if you go to a feast, the cost of the dishes will rise to 2500 rubles, but you will hardly be able to eat everything ordered. You can take it with you to continue the banquet at home.

golden plaza tver

Weddings, banquets, corporate parties

The restaurant offers services for celebrations for all tastes and, as they say, turnkey. Here you can arrange even an exit registration of marriage.

It is convenient that you will not need to contact theother agencies, here you will be helped with the organization of the show program for the event, they will design the room according to your taste, although they do not need special design. This is inherent in the design. Provide the necessary equipment, help in organizing photo and video of the event. For younger guests will arrange a wonderful children's table and, if necessary, a separate program.

The cost of events will vary depending on the services ordered. For events with more than 50 guests there is a discount - there is no additional rent for the room.

Visitors to the restaurant "Golden Plaza" (Tver)reviews about the institution leave only enthusiastic, and this applies, both to individual visitors, and to the collectives that gathered here for the corporate. Praise the interior, the kitchen, the administration, attentive staff, a varied menu, dishes, not only for the taste, but also for a beautiful, often unusual appearance. In this, it may be hard to believe, so it's best to be convinced in everything by your own experience.

In the restaurant "Golden Plaza" (Tver) are always welcome new acquaintances and old friends. The administration is open for discussions, suggestions and wishes.

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Golden Plaza (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city Golden Plaza (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city Golden Plaza (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city Golden Plaza (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city Golden Plaza (Tver) - the largest restaurant complex in the city