Gold rings: trends and classics

Fashion trends are forced to make adjustments not only in the wardrobe of a woman, but also in the assortment of her jewelry. Rings, like no other object, draw attention to the hands of their owner, emphasize its beauty and style. With the help of these jewelry you can change your image, so one thing is certain: a woman should have several different rings!

What are the trends today? First of all, these are all kinds of large and voluminous decorations that have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. The size and width of the ring should be selected depending on the width of the finger and skin color. Designers offer models with a smooth and grooved surface, “braided” rings of metal of two colors. The large size of the products is generally very relevant - it can be vintage style, inlaid with precious stones. They are encrusted with various combinations of precious and semi-precious stones, creating an amazing play of color.

Of course, such a decoration can hardly be attributed to everyday - this is an option for publication. A more rigorous, but no less fashionable option is rings of various geometric shapes.

Gold rings with pearls experience a real boom: this decoration emphasizes the impeccability of style and the delicate taste of their owner. Yellow gold with pearls is a classic that has always been timeless. White gold in combination with this stone is very fond of the bride - these decorations are the perfect complement to the snow-white wedding dress. And the warm pink color of the metal softens the cold play of pearls and adds a note of romance.

Do not be afraid to experiment!

What else can surprise us jewelers? Gold does not imply strictness of appearance! Fantasy jewelry with a design in the style of "flora" and "fauna" will be very popular with young girls who are sickened by the "official" precious metals. Bright inserts of stones make earrings a real work of art, and to them - and at the same time and to the eyes of their owner - I just want to look more closely!

Hot enamel and bright colors are another fashion trend. This combination can warm in cold winter. A woman who chooses gold earrings with enamel knows what she wants and is proud of her personality. The motifs of the painting can be completely different, but each product with enamel is unique - and this leaves a feeling of real handmade work, piece goods.

Vintage is back in fashion.If you are not afraid of experiments - reach out the “grandmothers” earrings and wear them with pride, combining with others. It is so exciting and fun! Change your image day by day with the help of rings and earrings. You will like it.

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