Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs

Every loving host understands that caring forThe four-footed pet is reduced not only to feeding and walking, but also to vaccination, timely diagnosis of helminthic invasions, their treatment and prevention. These measures can provide good health to your pets, and you - the comfort of living together in the same house.

Pet owners need to knowit is necessary that a large number of diseases are trapped by their pets at every step, and one of the most common is helminthiasis. This parasitic disease is caused by worms, or helminths. To combat them, there are anthelmintic preparations for cats, for example, "Febtal". This tool is prescribed by veterinarians for 1 tab. on 3 kg of weight.

Not always the owner of the animal notices the signsdisease at the initial stage, as often it is not accompanied by external signs. Only with progression it can be noticed that your pet begins to lose weight, it changes appetite, liquid stool may appear.

Worms are very dangerous, they can be negativeaffect the internal organs of the animal, significantly reduce immunity. In addition, some types of worms are transmitted from animal to human, which is no less dangerous, especially if the house has small children.

Sources of infection can be: raw water, soil, food, but there is a chance of getting infected, even without leaving the apartment, for example, if we consider that eggs of helminths can be carried by flies. In this regard, anthelmintic preparations for cats are prescribed for prophylactic purposes.

At home representatives of the cat familyMost diseases (up to 60%) are caused by helminthiases. The most common nematodes are caused by roundworms. This group of pathogens affects the digestive tract and can be the cause of various diseases.

The defeat of helminths with asymptomatic flowthe veterinarian can reliably determine. After the diagnosis is established, it is possible to decide which anthelmintic preparations for cats will suit your pet.

There are many means to preventand the control of helminthiasis in domestic animals. As a rule, these are anthelmintic preparations for cats and dogs with a multicomponent composition that acts immediately on various types of parasites. Effective and very popular is the medicine "Prazitel". It has a harmful effect on all types of helminths. It is used for the prevention of nematodosis and cestosis in adult cats and in kittens. To apply the drug does not require a hunger diet, his pet is given with morning feeding. It is safe for animal health and is suitable for all breeds of cats, as well as for dogs. Produced in the form of suspension and tablets.

The suspension is injected with a syringethe root of the tongue, the tablets - are added to the feed. Prevention of infection is recommended 1-3 r. / Month. Re-appointment is not required, a single injection is sufficient. By the same principle, the funds are "Dirofen" (1 tab / 5 kg of weight), "Parazid" (1tab./3 kg of weight).

Glystonnye funds are assigned for excretionparasites from the body and act directly on them, without exposing the animal to risk. There are groups of drugs designed to fight only with tape or only with roundworms. Such anthelmintic agents often require preliminary preparation of the body. These are hungry diets, conducted for 1-2 days, as well as additional intake of laxatives. For dogs, still use a folk way, like pumpkin seeds or a decoction of garlic in milk.

There are also special anthelmintic preparations forpuppies. For example, the preparation "Prazitel" (suspension - 1 ml per 1 kg of weight). No less popular is the drug "IN-AP Complex", which is a drop from helminths (round and tape). This agent is applied to the withers of an animal. The medicine "Azinoks" is intended for getting rid of banded parasites and is prescribed at the rate of 1tab./10 kg of weight. Glystomonnye drugs for puppies will allow your pet to grow healthy, if applied in a timely manner.

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Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs Glystoynnye drugs for cats and dogs