Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity

In a fashion again there were changes. Gloves, and even more mittens, fell into the background, giving way to mittens. What is this new wardrobe thing? Yes, strictly speaking, nothing special. It's just gloves without fingers, a name that has already been given in our days.

gloves without fingersAt its core, it's the same familiar accessory,but he does not have that part, which, as a rule, is intended for the upper phalanx of our fingers. The new-fashioned part of the wardrobe is designed to protect your hands from the cold, without hampering the movements. Woolen, fabric and leather gloves without fingers many designers use as an addition to the outfits, because you can combine them with almost any things.

Section 1. Gloves without fingers. Name, types and models

In the 18th century gloves without fingers were considered purelyfemale accessory. The ladies were even allowed not to shoot them indoors. Popular both lace and knitted mitts long to the wrist or elbow. Today, this detail is also actively used in the wardrobe of men.

Modern mittens can look different. A classic variant is a model in which the material of the product covers the palm and a part of the fingers.

Another variation isfastened mitten. It can become indispensable in the cold season. But the designers went further, and it turns out that they already invented the model without palm and palm branches.

Section 2. Gloves without fingers. Name and style

leather gloves without fingersThe attire of the bride, complemented by elongated mitts in the style of the 19th century, will look stylish in our time.

No less harmonious is the image of a girlsilver age in a cocktail dress with a deep neckline, complemented by elegant gloves without fingers. You can, by the way, wear a sleeveless blouse, picking up the same accessory to it - you get a very extravagant evening outfit.

Girls who prefer to wear leather trousers,frank mini-skirts, jacket-kosuhi, do not mind trying on black mitts with cuts or unusual thematic decoration. Made of black leather gloves unusually sexy look on the background of massive shoes, metal jewelry, tight jeans. Such an unusual detail allows you to stand out from the crowd, add charm and unordinary to the image.

Section 3. Gloves without fingers. Name, strength and tenderness

gloves without fingers Mitanki took root in sports, although there theiruse from a practical point of view. In wrestling, rowing, archery and other contests where contact with a shell is required, such gloves become irreplaceable. And the bright design of the accessory will add expressiveness to any athlete.

In everyday life, mittens can be safely worn with short T-shirts, narrow jeans. Shortened models will look great in combination with jackets of contrasting colors.

Few people know that the seamstresses of the 18th century are notparted with mittens. And this is not surprising, because they had to work day and night in cold rooms, hands were frozen, and it was simply impossible to use high-grade gloves during handicrafts.

As you know, there are a lot of options. Modern fashion designers claim that stylish and original gloves without fingers can also be made with their own hands. A lot of time on this is not needed, you just need to connect your imagination, and then the image of any representative of the beautiful half will necessarily become even more attractive and feminine.

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Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity Gloves without fingers: name, style, popularity