"Gliatilin" for children: instructions for use and reviews

The drug "Gliatilin" for children is effective and helps to cope with genetic abnormalities and developmental defects in a child. In addition, the above medication is actively used by neurologists to restore the brain functions of a child with traumatic brain injuries, as a result of which the thinking process is disturbed and memory deteriorates. Also, the drug "Gliatilin" children instructions for use suggests to use to bring the little patient out of coma. Read more about the above remedy.

Drug "Gliatilin": description

gliatilin for children

The above therapeutic nootropic agent is one of a number of neuroprotectors. The drug "Gliatilin" children instructions for use are advised to use in neurological practice for a long time.

It should be noted that this therapeutic agent has proven to be highly effective in many clinical studies.The drug assists in the restoration of emotional and cognitive functions.

This nootropic medicine helps to regain lost consciousness and rehabilitate patients who have suffered serious illnesses, such as ischemic stroke, chronic circulatory disorders in the brain, and traumatic brain injury.

Forms of release and storage conditions

gliatilin injections for children

The drug is a soft gelatin opaque capsules oval-shaped, yellow shade. In the middle of them is a viscous colorless solution.

Another form of release of the drug "Gliatilin" for children is ampoules of colorless glass, which contain 4 ml of solution. The latter is odorless and colorless.

Nootropic drug should be stored at room temperature. In addition, it is important to reliably restrict access to it for children. With all the rules of storage, the shelf life of the capsules of this tool is about 3 years, and injection - up to 5 years.

The drug is not available in pharmacies without a special prescription.

The composition of the drug "Gliatilin"

This nootropic agent consists of the following substances:

  • choline alfoscerat;
  • glycerol;
  • purified water.

gliatilin capsules for childrenThe capsule shell contains the following substances:

  • esitol;
  • gelatin;
  • Sodium ethyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • sorbitan;
  • propyl parahydroxybenzoate sodium;
  • iron meta hydroxide;
  • titanium dioxide.

In one pack there are 14 pcs. such capsules.

pharmachologic effect

gliatilin children instructions for use

The drug "Gliatilin" instruction calls the strongest neuroprotector, which includes about 40% of a substance such as choline. The latter in the human body goes into its active form - phosphorylcholine.

88% is absorbed when taking the drug Gliatilin. Use in children produces the following therapeutic effect:

  • improves the quality of transmission of nerve impulses to neurons;
  • positive effect on receptor function;
  • increases the elasticity of the membranes (neuronal);
  • improves cerebral blood flow;
  • restores consciousness in the case when the patient had a traumatic brain injury;
  • helps to activate the structure of the reticular formation of the human brain;
  • affects cholinergic and synaptic transmission of nerve impulses, that is, neurotransmission;
  • enhances metabolic processes in the human brain;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • helps to restore respiratory function;
  • has a beneficial effect on human mental activity;
  • helps to restore speech and memory;
  • during cerebral strokes, the drug is effective in cognitive and motor disorders.

The above nootropic agent is a cholinomimetic of central action that directly mainly affects the central nervous system. It should be noted that choline is an active participant in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine. The latter is the main mediator of nervous excitement.

Therefore, experts suggest giving the drug "Gliatilin" to children. Reviews claim that this nootropic agent does not affect the reproductive cycle at all, does not cause genetic mutations and developmental disorders.

The above substance is excreted from the body by the lungs in the form of carbon dioxide (about 85%), the rest through the intestines and kidneys.


gliatilin use in children

The drug "Gliatilin" for children is very effective for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • autism;
  • acute period with traumatic brain injury, which is accompanied by the following phenomena: coma, impaired consciousness, focal hemispheric symptoms, brain stem damage;
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
  • recovery or acute period of ischemic stroke;
  • involutional psychoorganic syndrome;
  • recovery period of hemorrhagic stroke;
  • degenerative psychoorganic syndrome;
  • cerebrovascular insufficiency during the recovery period of the child’s body, which is accompanied by symptoms such as confusion, impaired mental functions, disorientation, impaired memory, decreased motivation, problems with concentration;
  • emotional disturbances (decrease in interest, increased irritability);
  • multi-infarction dementia.


The drug "Gliatilin" for children instruction does not propose to use when observing the symptoms of hypersensitivity to its components.

It should be noted that in some situations, the above nootropic agent may also cause side effects. Among them are the following health problems:

  • nausea;
  • allergic reactions;
  • headache.

Neurologists warn that in the event of observation of the above side effects, parents should stop giving the drug to the child and immediately seek medical help.

How to use the drug "Gliatilin" children?

gliatilin dosage for children

Reviews of experts claim that this nootropic agent is a potent drug. Therefore, it is important to remember that in no case can one self-medicate a child.

Instructions for use does not advise giving this nootropic agent, if the small patient is not yet 2 years old. The drug "Gliatilin" (capsules) for children at this age is difficult to swallow. It should be noted that in no case can these pills be divided into several parts, since there is a liquid in the middle of them.

Only under the close supervision of a neurologist can one give a child the therapeutic agent Gliatilin. The dosage for children over 2 years old is as follows: 1 capsule twice a day. The course of such therapy is 2 months.

Most often for young patients, doctors prescribe a different form of the drug "Gliatilin." Injections for children, namely the volume of injections and the required number, are prescribed by a neurologist in each individual case individually.

If the baby is in a coma, then, of course, he is credited with intramuscular injections of the above nootropic agent. After exiting this state, the child is prescribed the drug "Gliatilin" in the form of capsules.

Drug reviews

gliatilin children reviews

According to many parents, the nootropic agent “Gliatilin” is a rather effective medicine. They claim that after the first course of therapy, changes in the development of the baby become quite noticeable. The child recovers thinking, develops imagination, improves memory.

Experts note that children who were born with genetic abnormalities, delayed speech development and other defects, are in need of this drug. After several courses of therapy, the child’s behavior is noticeably corrected and his inner world develops. The baby becomes calm, begins to smile more, it is better to navigate and fix eyes on a specific object.

The drug "Gliatilin" for children is a wonderful tool for the correction and development of the brain activity of a small patient. But it must be remembered that it is necessary to apply it at such an age with extreme caution and only under the strict supervision of a neuropathologist.

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