Givi trunks - useful accessories for any motorcycle

Italian company Givi from the late 70'sThe last century produces various accessories for motorcycles. Givi trunks - special adaptations (so-called "bags for bikes"), have long earned a well-deserved popularity among the numerous fans of fast driving.

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Kinds of coats for a motorcycle

At the place of attachment to the motorcycle, all the trunks are divided into four groups:

  • side containers for things that are fastened on both sides of the rear wheel;
  • rear central, intended for installation behind the seat;
  • Special products intended for mounting on the gasoline tank of a motorcycle;
  • front central, which are installed in front between the headlamp and the wing (usually a small capacity, to store the most necessary tools).

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By the volume of the wardrobe from Givi there are a variety of: from MT503 (textile, 4 liters volume) to OBK58A (aluminum, volume 58 liters). The ATV OBK110A ATV has a capacity of 110 liters.

Materials used for manufacturing

When manufacturing cases for motorcycles Givi uses such modern materials of high quality:

  • aluminum;
  • shockproof plastic plastic;
  • Textiles with special waterproof impregnation (or complete with a protective bag against strong precipitation).

Aluminum products have the largeststrength and durability. In addition, they can withstand about twice the weight of the payload compared to analogues made of plastic (with the same capacity). However, these products are the most expensive. Textile trunks, on the contrary, are the cheapest in the line of these accessories.

Their rigidity is much less than that ofaluminum or plastic competitors, but, they can easily be transformed into ordinary bags (the shoulder strap is usually included in the delivery). The most popular (in terms of price / performance / convenience in use) are plastic trunks. Therefore, this particular variety is most widely represented by Givi.

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Rear trunks

Rear trunks - the most popular speciesaccessories of this category. Even with short trips, a motorcyclist needs to clean up his helmet somewhere (and sometimes two). In addition, these accessories do not increase the overall dimensions of the bike, which is important when driving through the city. The back case of Givi is the optimal solution to this problem. The range of these devices is so wide that it is possible to pick up a trunk to a motorcycle of almost any size and class.

Of course, the strength of the leading place in thissegment is occupied by aluminum trunks, but the price for them is quite high. So, for example, the model Givi DLM46A Trekker Dolomiti with a capacity of 46 liters (2 helmets) costs today from 19,000 to 21,000 rubles. But the product made of plastic Givi B47NML Blade with the same capacity will cost you already at 9,400 - 10,500 rubles. Both models can be closed with a key, which is their undoubted merit.

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Textile rear trunks are not equipped with sucha useful option, but also the price for them is more democratic. So, Givi EA107B (volume 35 liters) costs only 4,300 - 4,800 rubles, including an additional protective cover from heavy rain.

Side wardrobes

Rear side wardrobe Givi will be usefulmotorcyclists in long country trips. Depending on the required number of things to be transported and the size of the bike, you can choose capacities ranging from 2⨯18 to 2⨯58 liters. The choice of material depends on the length of time that you plan to use them. So, for a vacation trip (that is, once a year), the textile trunks Givi EA101 (volume 2⨯20 - 30 liters, with a set of straps for fastening and carrying over the shoulder) are quite suitable. The price for a couple is 6,150 - 6,850 rubles.

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But for regular trips outside the city bettersuitable plastic E21N902 (capacity of 2⨯21 liters) with a quick-detachable mounting system. To cost such a set (of 2 pieces) will be from 9,200 to 10,200 rubles.

Fixing the cuffs to the motorcycle

The mounting of the side wardrobes depends on the class andmotorcycle brand and is a composite or solid frame structure, which is installed from the rear. Givi has developed a system for fixing its trunks for most of the most popular motorcycle brands: BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki. The price largely depends on the model of the bike.

So for the BMW K1300S motorcycle (2009-2016 yearsrelease) fastening for side cases Givi PLR692 with quick-detachable MONOKEY system (it is enough to turn 3 fixing bolts to 90 с with a special key) costs 10,500 - 11,700 rubles per set, which includes wires and installation elements for transferring turn signals. And for the Yamaha FJR1300 (years of production 2006-2014) the PLX357 kit costs 6,400 - 7,100 rubles.

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For the installation of the rear center tanks, inwhich store things, the Givi cases with the Monolock or Monokey fastening system are designed. They are installed on the rear trunk of a motorcycle or on a special fixing frame. Package Included:

  • area;
  • a board which, if necessary, is attached to the bottom of the case (if it is not installed or not suitable for your model of capacity for things);
  • all necessary fasteners;
  • manufacturer's installation manual.

Depending on the brand of the motorcycle and the model of the coffer, the price for such devices varies from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles.

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Attention!The instructions show the models of wardrobe trunks that can beattach to a specific site. Read it carefully before purchasing. It is even better to buy all the components from Givi at the same time: a set of necessary "boxes", a fixing frame and a platform. Then you, for sure, will not have any problems with the installation and further operation.

Front trunks (mostly textile) are attached to the gas tank or front fork between the headlamp and the wing using special straps.

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