Gin cocktails: cooking recipes. The best gin-based cocktails

Gin - strong drink with a taste of juniper. This people are also called juniper vodka, its strength varies from 35 to 47 degrees. Some men prefer to use gin in a clean, undiluted form, complementing the exquisite taste of the drink with only a slice of lime. But most consumers prefer to use gin as a base or component for cocktails. Which is not surprising. Cocktails with gin occupy an honorable place in the menu of the most prestigious entertainment venues.gin cocktails

History of gin

There are legends that gin first saw the world in the 15th century. Its inventors were the Dutch monks who were desperately trying to find a miracle cure for the bubonic plague that raged in those times.

Already then it was known about the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of juniper berries.Therefore, it was logical to use alcohol infusion based on this plant for medical purposes. From the plague, it did not help, but the Dutch liked the strong drink, and gin gradually migrated from the pharmacy shops to bars and restaurants.

By the end of the 15th century, gin was first exported to the UK, and then to the rest of Europe. His original taste and balanced fortress still cause respect for consumers, and even the most demanding tastes satisfy genie cocktails.

gin-based cocktails

Gin classification

Despite the huge variety of drink on the shelves of supermarkets and in the windows of specialized stores, officially gin is classified into only two types - English and Dutch. The name of the categories does not speak at all of the producing country, as it may seem at first glance. Rather, these countries were the pioneers of gin production technologies.

English gin

gin fiz cocktail

The most popular gin is English dry (without the presence of sugar), which has the name London Dry Gin. It has a harmonious taste that combines notes of juniper berries, coriander, angelica, lemon peel and orange.London Dry gin cocktails are drunk at aristocratic receptions, at romantic evenings, and at cheerful youth parties. And all because the drink, except for the original flavor, gives a pleasant relaxing effect, which is easily dispelled, leaving no discomfort the next morning.

The most famous brands of English gin are: Beefeater, Bombay, Gordon's, Plymouth and Boodle's.

Dutch gin

cocktail gin bombay

The Dutch types of gins, in contrast to the English, are not transparent, but golden in color. It is achieved by aging of juniper tincture with malt in oak barrels. A distinctive feature of the Dutch type is light caramel flavor, which brings a highlight to a variety of cocktails with gin. However, each manufacturer uses its own unique recipe for creating a drink, so it’s possible to solve the complete list of components except for a professional taster.

The strength of the Dutch gins, as a rule, does not exceed 35 degrees, therefore, such drinks are much more often consumed in their pure form than the British versions.

The most famous brands of Dutch gin: Genever, Bols and Claeryn.

Features of the use of gin

Gin rightfully takes place in the top ten most popular alcoholic liquids. It is drunk well cooled or with ice cubes. When used in its pure form, gin is drunk in one gulp, since this drink has a rather high degree.

Due to its unique aroma, it goes well with other alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic bases and syrups. So truly brilliant cocktails are created. The essential “companions” of gin in their creation are vermouth, tonic, grapefruit juice, lime and olives. Gin cocktail recipes can include the most original ingredients. After all, they allow you to appreciate the unique taste from different gastronomic sides.

Cocktail "Gin and Tonic": a recipe from gourmets

Its simple, but at the same time refined taste with refreshing notes of lime and invigorating aftertaste of juniper is known to all.cocktail gin tonic recipe"Gin and Tonic" - a cocktail that has received worldwide recognition, but the British are considered its pioneers. They became the founders of the ingenious recipes. Following the advice of the British, cocktails with gin, including the famous "Gin and Tonic", should be prepared from high-quality dry categories of hot drink, and immediately after uncorking the bottle.It is better to make ice not from tap water, but from non-carbonated mineral water. In this case, it will be transparent and retain its shape longer.

A straight glass with a bottom of thickened glass is filled with ice by 1/3, then gin is added to it, everything is shaken slightly. This action is necessary for the disclosure of notes of juniper aroma. After that, tonic is added from a ratio of 1: 3 and some lime juice. Cocktail is decorated with mint leaves.

Other popular gin-based cocktails

Juniper vodka is an integral component of 13 classic cocktails, but every day creative bartenders around the world invent new flavor combinations. Some cocktails remain one-day, while others are widely spread and famous.

"Jean-nat" - a cocktail, which is a sparkling low-alcohol beverage, which is prepared on the basis of mineral water or soda. In a shaker, 35 ml of dry gin, 4 ice cubes and 10 ml of sweet syrup are whipped, 1/3 lime juice is added. This mixture is filtered through a sieve, poured into a glass of "Old Fashion", supplemented with soda. As a decoration, cherry or a slice of lime is used.

cocktail gin vodka

Cocktails with gin "Bombay" are very similar to the well-known "Gin and Tonic", the only difference is in a non-alcoholic basis. Instead of tonic in "Bombay" it is customary to add a combination of grapefruit and lemon juice.

Another popular cocktail, Long Island, was coined in the United States during the prohibition period. To save their visitors, resourceful bartenders began serving cocktails in cups for tea. Since the color of the alcoholic beverage really matched the tea color, no one suspected anything. This is how “Long Island” (cocktail) appeared. Gin, vodka, tequila, white rum, orange liqueur in equal proportions of 20 ml and cola in a volume of 100 ml form an explosive mixture with a pronounced intoxicating effect. All ingredients are intensively mixed in a shaker. The drink is served in a high, even glass with ice and a slice of orange.

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