Georgian adzhika, raw

In the Caucasus, Adjika is called an infernal mixture ofhot pepper, garlic and salt. For the flavor, add coriander and other fragrant herbs, but these are nuances, and each has its own mistresses. All this is thoroughly crushed and packed into cans. It is stored adzhika raw without cooking or other culinary processing. If you are very afraid of mold, you can pour hot vegetable oil under the cap.Adjika Crude

In the eastern kitchen, the adjika raw is used inall imaginable and inconceivable dishes: for marinating and frying meat, in soups, broths, second courses, fillings, unsweetened baking. No less enticing, this burning seasoning looks like a piece of bacon or borsch.

In our country adjika is called sauce fromtomatoes, bell peppers and apples. But the real Adzhika is prepared only from hot pepper. All sauces based on tomatoes are called "satsebeli" or "vegetable sauce".

I offer several options adzhika:classical and variations on the theme. I do not claim the authenticity of these recipes, but they are taken from a culinary blogger and author of several books on Georgian cuisine, Tinatin Mzhavanadze. And she knows exactly how to make Adzhika. Recipes have successfully passed all clinical trials and are approved by an authoritative commission, which includes mother-in-law, husband, friends, etc.

To prepare adzhik raw start in September,When in the markets in massive quantities there is a burning pepper. Somewhere in the beginning of this month, finally decide on the recipe and the amount of strategic stock. Go to the market and get a bright red ripe pepper. By the way, the smaller and thinner the pod, the sharper it is. Do not forget about coriander and a couple of kilograms of rock salt.crude adzhika

Attention, this is important! When preparing to prepare Adzhika, be sure to buy good rubber gloves, preferably two pairs.

At home, put on gloves and thoroughly wash the pepper.Shake off the water, spread on a towel and leave for three days. During this time, excess moisture will evaporate from it, and your adjika raw will be stored anywhere in the kitchen. After the specified period, go for fresh herbs.


From the equipment you will need several different-sized tanks, a couple of spoons, a meat grinder or a blender. In advance, rinse and sterilize the jars and caps. Covers can be taken conventional plastic.

Adjika is crude, version one is classic

Ingredients: red hot pepper - 5 kilograms, garlic - a pound, coriander - 1 glass, salt - 1 kilogram.


Put on gloves and peel the pepper,remove the seeds and stems. Peel the garlic. Pepper together with garlic two times scroll on the meat grinder, using a fine grate. Add the coriander and scroll again. Add salt, mix well and pack on cans.

Adjika is raw, the second variant is fragrant

Ingredients: hot pepper - 2 kg, pepper Bulgarian - 1 kg, garlic - 200 grams, coriander - 2 tablespoons, vinegar boiled 9% -100 grams, salt - 400 grams.


At peppers to remove seeds and stems, to clean garlic. All three times to scroll in the meat grinder. Add salt, vinegar and mix until homogeneous. Expand on the banks.

Raw adzhika with herbs

The main ingredients used are the same as inprevious version, but a large amount of green is added. Basil, parsley, celery, coriander - two large bunches. The technology is unchanged, three times in the meat grinder and - by the banks.

About coriander.Cilantro is the greenery of this plant, and coriander is the matured and dried seeds. Personally, I adore coriander and can not stand the coriander in my spirit. So if you do not know this grass, then first sniff, tear off a bunch of leaves and chew. Like? Feel free to take it. No? Then it's better to do. If in doubt, then try experimenting with this spice separately, adding it to different dishes. But on the winter harvesting of doubtful ingredients should not be tried.

Recently I found another interesting variant of Adzhika. Of the unripened pepper and herbs. For long-term storage it is not good, but in the summer it can be done as needed and stored in the refrigerator.

Adjika is green - green

Ingredients: pepper spicy green - 10 pieces.Parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, mint, tarragon - one large bunch, each not less than 50 grams. Garlic - 2 large heads. Walnuts cleared - two glasses. to make adzhika


Pepper is cleaned of seeds, fibers and pedicles,garlic - from the husk. Wash the greens, shake off the water and spread on clean dry towels, let them dry. All grind in a blender or grinder. Season with salt. Fragrant summer Adjika is ready.

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