Garnish for chicken can be different

Chicken is meat, beloved by all. It is popular both among people on a diet and among those who like to eat densely. Chicken meat is tender, soft. There is a huge variety of recipes from it. Garnish for chicken fit any. Often Russian housewives cook pilaf from chicken. This meat is lean, healthy and inexpensive. In addition, chicken can be served potatoes in any form: boiled, stewed, fried, pounded. Chicken breast can be cooked delicious sauce with the addition of sour cream and garlic. You can use spaghetti or any other pasta as a side dish. Steamed chicken meat is combined with buckwheat and corn porridge.

Chicken side dish

Vegetable Garnish to Chicken

Vegetables are healthy and tasty. For satiety dishes are served with chicken. The main thing is to cook the garnish for the chicken correctly.Vegetable Garnish to ChickenVegetables should not be raw, it is better to extinguish them well and cook for a long time or steamed. For aesthetic pleasure, they can be cut beautifully, serve, decorate with greens. Chicken, like mushrooms, loves sour cream.Therefore, you can cook them together. For softness, it is worth extinguishing them for about twenty minutes on a slow fire. In addition, you can stew the cabbage and serve it with chicken. This is a very interesting combination of flavors. This dish will appeal to anyone. In a vegetable stew, you can add pieces of chicken fillet. Greenery will also add flavor to taste. From vegetable side dishes to chicken there are options for a variety of salads. They play the role of cold snacks in a dish. Especially useful vinaigrette, seasoned with unrefined sunflower oil. Such a side dish for chicken is an ideal option for those who watch their figure.


A tasty side dish for chicken can be made from ordinary porridge.Delicious chicken side dishFor example, one of the most useful is barley. If it is cooked in chicken broth, then the dish will be much tastier than when cooking in water. The softness of porridge can be achieved by making it in a slow cooker. This wonderful device will create a side dish for chicken with ease, according to the mode chosen in advance. Any housewife will appreciate that this method of cooking saves her time and effort, it allows you to do yourself without fear. The dish will not burn, and it will not be raw.

Treats from the oven

Baked chicken garnish is especially tasty. For example, a fairly dietary dish is obtained if it is cooked in a sleeve. Especially tasty delicacy is baked potatoes with apples and garlic. The aroma of such a culinary masterpiece will leave all households indifferent. Now and then they will come to the kitchen and ask about what is cooked in the oven and it smells so good. In addition, the chicken, baked with such a side dish, will absorb all the flavors of garlic and baked apples, and the taste will be very spicy. The main thing in cooking is to do everything with the soul, to exert maximum efforts in order to get the perfect flavor combination. It is important to listen to your inner voice and intuition. They will tell you how to make the dish tastier. And experience and personal preferences will appear over time, and you will know exactly which side dish is more delicious.

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