Garden tent - comfortable and convenient "rest room"

Rest on a plot near the country house is a special charm when it is organized and thought out in advance. For the convenience of those invited to the prepared site, a garden tent is placed. It helps to protect against adverse conditions (scorching sun, sudden rain and annoying insects) and extend the hours of pleasant rest. In addition, among the various colors and textures it is easy to choose a design that matches the specific landscape of the site. This may be a stylish tent of classic colors or a standard model of natural color. In any case, among the greenery and flowers portable garden tent looks very advantageous.

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Tent device

The tent consists of a framework, which is adapted for quick installation at the right place of the site. This is usually a set of tubes of alloyed material with fasteners, providing for the presence of vertical struts and transverse crossbars.On the frame is placed the upper part - a fabric awning, usually made of polyester, designed for shading and protection from precipitation.

Side “walls” for moisture and wind protection are also provided. They can be pushed back, unfastened or tied if necessary. For comfort in the side tents have a special "window" for the review and mosquito nets.

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Types of tents

The garden tent can be either completely open or closed. Most often there are models of tents, allowing to independently establish the degree of closure of the tent. According to the frame material tents can be divided into structures made of wood, metal or plastic. Tents can vary in appearance: they are round, rectangular, polygonal shape.

The garden tent, depending on the purpose of the rest, may be transparent or opaque. There are also models of tents of different sizes. Some are small, accommodating a small company of several people. Other huge - able to accommodate the wedding and even perform the function of a carport under the car.

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What materials are made tents

The frame of the tent is often made of aluminum or other light alloys.This makes the item easy to carry and assemble. It is desirable that the metal powder paint be applied to protect against precipitation.

Awning fabric is usually synthetic, which dries quickly and has the longest service life. First of all, for a tent that serves as protection from the sun and intended to form a shade, the fabric is taken light, airy, allowing you to create additional air movement. If the tent more provides protection from rain and wind, its parts are made of waterproof fabric. They can also be impregnated with a composition that prevents the penetration of moisture. In addition, in some models of tents fabric is impregnated with fire-fighting agent, which allows their use near open sources of fire (for example, barbecue or barbecue).

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Advantages of a garden tent

If you choose between a gazebo and a tent, many prefer the latter because of the ease of movement. Having built a gazebo in one place, it is not easy to dismantle and move it to another zone. Garden tent (reviews about it are only positive) can be easily folded and laid out on any convenient sites, which can be located at home and outside the city. It will also be easy to remove the tent in winter for storage in the house.

It is convenient to take a tent with you when going out into the countryside, also due to the low weight of the structure. The entire tent is placed in a convenient package that can be transported both by car and by bike.

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How to make a tent yourself

A simple tent device allows you to build it yourself, on your own. First a wooden frame is assembled from a bar or a metal one - from a rod or profile. If the garden tent with your own hands is made, it is not planned to move often, then for the strength of the part of the metal base can be welded to each other. Then it will be very durable. For stability, the frame can be dug in or concreted. Measuring the length, width and height of the tent, make an awning from a suitable fabric that is easy to sew at home.

How to keep the tent in bad weather

The tent reliably protects from bad weather, but what to do if a real hurricane broke out? In this case, the details of the tent can bend, and the awning - tear. The entire tent can tip over due to gusts of wind. Therefore, to eliminate the extra “sail”, side awnings need to open or unfasten. Further, if circumstances permit, disassemble the entire structure and remove it.

garden tent do it yourself

A do-it-yourself garden tent (the photo is shown in this article) can be not only an interesting detail on the site, but also protection from the weather. Inside the tent is so cozy to get together to hold a tea party or a friendly conversation. It is enough to place comfortable garden furniture under the tent and arrange guests. The tent will make spending time in nature more comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks to its practicality, the garden tent rightfully deserved a lot of positive feedback.

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