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We have a conference in Moscow at the beginning of June. We have already found the hall, but there are not enough chairs for all the conference participants. It makes no sense to buy chairs. Tell me, maybe someone rents chairs?
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Answered on May 18, 9 pm
In general, there are special companies that provide furniture for rent for such events. Four years ago we used similar services. I, of course, will not give contacts, I simply do not have them, but look for similar companies on the Internet, I think it will not be difficult to find them.
Answered May 18 21:39
We ourselves are now in the preparation of training for sales representatives from all branches in search of a similar company. Several options have already been looked after, but, truth, have not yet agreed with anyone specifically. Try to contact this company. She is just engaged in renting out furniture for holding conferences, trainings, round tables and other similar events.
Answered on May 18 21:45
We used to take chairs from our office in such a situation and borrowed from our neighbors. So get out.True, the chairs were at odds with us, but then we didn’t have enough money to rent the same ones.

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