Funny contests at weddings without toastmaster

The wedding is called a very very specific event, which is directly connected with competitions and folk traditions. Wedding organization takes a lot of time, but wedding party is the main day in the life of a young couple.

As you understand, competitions and various games for newlyweds and guests must be present in the scenario of such an event. The most funny wedding contests today can be found in this article!

Competitions and games decorate the holiday, give it a national flavor, and also emphasize the connection between generations united in a completely new family. It is very difficult to imagine a real wedding without contests and other games, because then the holiday will be boring and uninteresting.

Funny contests at weddings

You cannot do without traditional games at a wedding, but you need to understand that it is not worthwhile to organize only traditional contests. Funny contests at weddings - a pledge that everything will be successful, and the marriage will be happy.

How to do without a toastmaster

The main task of the toastmaster at the wedding is to organize the rest of all the guests. From this we can conclude: not only the heroes of the occasion, their witnesses and close relatives, but also the guests themselves, who also really want to have fun at such an event, should take part in the contests.

Wedding contests funny and funny should always be, a little later we will talk about the most popular wedding contests. The next task of the toastmaster is a small liner to a specific competition, which should fit into the audience of guests.

A wedding is considered a table event, which obliges to include at least one table contest in the script. Wedding contests funny at the table are popular in different countries of the world. There are a lot of similar, today you will learn about several of the most popular and interesting games at the table at the wedding party.

Experts recommend holding various, unlike each other contests at weddings: there should be both games with the participation of several people and games for all guests - believe me, this is very important!

Remember one simple thing: there should be no sports competitions at the wedding - people came to congratulate the newlyweds, relax and have a drink, but don’t run and jump - take this into account and treat guests with respect.

Each couple will be able to have funny wedding contests without a toastmaster, only you need to get ready to make everything happen as planned.

The funniest wedding contests

Table competition

Now we consider the most popular contest that can be held right at the wedding table.

Before the arrival of the guests need to put under the cutlery of each card with different letters. When everyone gathered at the table, drank a little, you can hold this competition. Someone from relatives of the newlyweds or parents (this is not so important) gets up and says that everyone has a card with a letter hidden under the cutlery. Each of the guests must get a card and come up with some wish for the hero of the occasion, starting with the letter shown on the card.

In the event that the guests are not sitting at the same table, but at several, you can buy several large hearts, cut them into medium pieces and write some word on each of the pieces.When the guests at the table gather their hearts, a wish will be formed before their eyes, which they will have to read. Wins the team that does it the fastest. Wedding contests are ridiculous for guests and the newlyweds themselves must be, otherwise the holiday will be boring and tedious.

And now let's consider the contests for the wedding!

Competition "Happy Road"

This is a very popular competition that is held at wedding events around the globe. Those who want to take part in it are divided into 2 equal teams, after which they build the so-called “Happy Road”.

Wedding contests: funny and funny

To do this, you will have to take off your clothes (if you want, you can undress to the underwear). What is clothes for? In order to tie up a kind of part of the road. Simply put, each of the teams binds all the clothes removed, and the victory will be won by the team whose road will be the longest.

Such competitions for the wedding are funny without a toastmaster is not so difficult, because the main thing is what? The main desire!

Wedding contest "Apple hedgehog"

For the competition will need a match and an apple, as well as newlyweds and a sea of ​​emotions.

We take a large and very beautiful apple, we stick a large number of matches into it. The main characters in this game will be the heroes of the occasion, who must independently pull out all the matches stuck into the apple. It would seem that there is nothing complicated and interesting, but you are mistaken, because there is one interesting condition.

A man can pull out a match only if he could give his wife some kind name. The same must be done by the lady.

Wedding competitions on nature: funny and funny

After the competition is over, the newlyweds need to present them now with “apple hedgehogs without needles,” so that they live happily in marriage and never quarrel.

Such wedding contests are funny and funny - it is simply impossible to call them differently.

Competition "Living Corridor"

To conduct this competition you will need only 2 small candles.

Wedding contests funny at home have recently become increasingly popular. This option refers to those, so there is a limit on the number of guests - no more than 20 people.

Guests are divided into two equal teams and lined up in three-meter rows opposite each other, thereby forming a living corridor.Newlyweds should light a candle and gently walk along this corridor.

Guests should blow candles, but at the same time helping themselves to any parts of the body is prohibited.

Competition for the wedding "Colors"

This is not less popular competition, for which all participants must stand in a beautiful circle. The presenter, who could be anyone, says: “Touch the green. One two Three!"

During these three seconds, players must touch something of exactly that color. Those who do not have time, out of the competition, the leader continues to say the same thing (constantly changing color) until the winner is determined.

Wedding contests: funny without a toastmaster

Such competitions are most often held in nature in the warm season, when the wedding is celebrated on a beach, lake, river or in the forest. Competitions for a wedding in nature funny always been popular, which, in fact, has not changed to this day.

Competition "Love Poem"

This competition can easily be called artistic, because the participants of this game will have to write poems.

The competition is designed specifically for men, so ladies can not participate in it. What is necessary for carrying out? You will need men, each of whom is ready to prove to everyone that his poem is much better.

Do not forget to ask the participants the obligatory words before the beginning of the contest: belly, guests, a fly, bones, a husband, a cloud, worse, beating and more like that.

The winner can be determined by the number of votes or by applause.

Contests funny weddings play a crucial role! If you want your wedding to be remembered by both you and the guests, arrange a lot of them, because everyone should take part.

Festive competition "Where are the clothespins?"

This is one of the most incendiary, fun and interesting contests for everyone. Try it - you will love it.

In order to arrange everything, we will need 3 small eye patches (women's scarves will fit, which almost every lady has). You will also need exactly 15 clothespins.

First, let's talk about the participants. 6 people can participate in the competition, more precisely, 3 pairs. The girls are blindfolded with their own handkerchiefs, and the same clothespins are hanged on the clothes for men (5 pieces each).

Wedding contests for guests funny

Now you need to turn on the music very loudly and glue the man with something with his mouth so that he cannot prompt his lover. Clothespins can be hung on any place. If the wedding is really fun, if everyone is already drunk and ready for anything, the best thing is to fix the clothespins on the following places:

  • The first one fixes in some intimate place (preferably on the fly).
  • The second clothespin should be fixed below between the legs of the hero.
  • The third is recommended to cling somewhere near the chest (preferably under a shirt or shirt, that is, from the inside).
  • The fourth clothespin is better to fix on the fifth point of the guy.
  • Well, and attach the last clothespin to the place where the jeans button is located (above the fly).

Of course, this is only one option for one man, for the rest everything will be formed during the competition. As you already understood, this game directly relates to such types of practical jokes as sexual contests for the wedding, funny and funny, which will surely please all the guests.

Competition "Who is faster?"

This is not a new game, which is often held at wedding parties.

To hold such a competition, we will need two ordinary chairs, which will need to be placed opposite to each other at a distance of 2 meters. Such wedding contests for guests are funny and always interesting, be sure to include this game in the scenario of the event.

Putting the chairs back to each other at a distance of 2 meters, under them you need to stretch a not very long rope, the ends of which should be between the legs of the players sitting on the chair.

Right in the center of the rope you need to tie a scarlet bag with some goodies, suitable: nuts, cookies, candies, seeds and all that. Immediately after the “Start!” Team, players must quickly get up, do 5 laps around the chairs and sit back in their chair. Having sat on the chair, the hero must grasp the rope and pull the prize on it to himself as soon as possible. Player two, and one winner. The winner will receive the same bag that he could get.

The same funny contests at weddings - this is something that is definitely not enough for some of these events.

Competition "Guess the song"

Both 5 and 35 people can participate - the number of participants is not limited.

The most courageous comes forward, and all other players quietly confer and choose a song for him. Then three more volunteers are selected, who are given exactly one word from the first three words of the previously selected song.

The bold player returns and starts asking any people any questions that he thinks will help him guess the song. Each of the three people must answer any question asked by the hero with the help of the hidden words.The task of the participant is to guess the song that he made.

Very similar contests funny at weddings are an integral part.

Competition "Wild Zoo"

Wedding contests: funny at the table

All participants sit in a small circle. Everyone chooses for himself the name of a certain animal. Participants play according to the following plan: someone calls himself and the animal of another person. For example: a tiger - a lion, a lion - a bear, a bear - a hedgehog, and so on. If, for example, a bear is completely accidentally forgotten, he carefully removes a special fantast from himself, but in order to return to the game, he will have to fulfill a certain desire.

This game is very funny and fun, especially in situations where someone chooses a very difficult animal. Wedding competitions for guests are funny and very interesting.

Hope you found what you were looking for. Good luck!

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