Friedrich Schiller, "The Robbers": a summary of the work

This drama in 1871 created Schiller."Robbers", the brief content of which is offered to your attention, became the starting point in the development of the German robber novel. The work takes place in Germany at the time when Schiller lived. "Robbers", a brief summary of which we will consider, is a drama based on which D. Verdi wrote an opera with the same name.

The news of Charles's dissolute life

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The action of the work begins in a family castle,where the barons von Moor live: father, Franz (younger son), and Amalia von Edelreich (the bride of the eldest son and the pupil of the earl). The author tells that Franz received a letter from a solicitor from Leipzig. The solicitor asks for advice from him about the dissolute life of the eldest son of Count Carl von Moore. This young man is a student at the University of Leipzig. The old man, saddened by the letter, allows his son to write to Karl and inform him that the count is angry and deprives him of his inheritance and parental blessing.

Carl decides to become a robber

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In the meantime, students gather in a tavern,located on the border with Saxony. This is their usual meeting place. Karl is waiting for an answer to his father's letter, in which he regrets his wicked life and promises to do business. Spiegelberg, his friend, is killing time with Karl. He says that robbing is better than living in poverty. Karl receives a letter from von Moore. After reading it, the young man is in despair. Spiegelberg, meanwhile, talks about how great it would be to live in the Bohemian forests. You can take money from wealthy travelers and spend it. This thought takes poor students. However, they need an ataman. Despite the fact that Spiegelberg counts on this post, everyone unanimously decides to elect Karl as the chieftain. Hoping that through this life he will forget his daughter-in-law, father and his past, the young man swears loyalty to the robbers who swear to him.

Franz's schemes

Further, Franz's intrigues are described by Schiller("The Robbers"). The summary of their next. After Franz expels his elder son from the heart of his father, he wants to blacken Karl and in the eyes of Amalia, his bride. He tells the girl that she gave her beloved before leaving a diamond ring that gave the libertine, which had nothing to pay for the services. Franz draws before the girl a portrait of a sick beggar dressed in rags. "Deadly faintness" rages from his mouth. This is now her favorite Carl. However, a loving heart is not so easy to convince. Amalia does not believe in Franz and drives him away.

Then a new plan in Franz's head ripensrealization of a dream (become master of the estate von Moore). The young man slanders for this Herman, the side son of a local nobleman. He must change his clothes and go to the old man, saying that he saw Karl dead. His son allegedly participated in the Battle of Prague. It is unlikely that the heart of a sick Earl can withstand such sad news. Franz for this promises Herman to give him Amalia, which Carl von Moor once beat off from him.

"Death" of the Count

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Everything happens according to the plan planned by Franz from the drama, authored by Friedrich Schiller ("The Robbers"). The content of this plan we have already briefly described. In the photo above - a portrait of Schiller.

The count speaks with Amalia, remembers the elderson. Here appears disguised as Herman. The young man reports that Charles was left without means of subsistence, so he had to participate in the Prussian-Austrian campaign. He died heroically in Bohemia, where the war threw him. Dying, Karl allegedly asked to give his father a sword, and also to return the portrait of Amalia and her oath of allegiance. The old man blames himself for the death of his son. However, he notices the joy on Franz's face and begins to understand that it is he who is to blame for all the misfortunes of Charles. The count loses consciousness, leaning back on the pillows. Franz thinks that he is dead, and it pleases him.

The Life of Ataman Carl

In the Bohemian forests, meanwhile, robberiesthe eldest son of Count Carl, the hero of the drama created by F. Schiller ("The Robbers"). A brief summary should be made by saying a few words about his life in the forest. This young man dared. He loves to play with death, because he lost all interest in life. The Ataman gives his booty to the orphans. He punishes the rich, stealing the common people. Carl says that his craft is revenge, and the craft is retribution.

Franz reigns in the castle

A summary of Schiller's drama "The Robbers"continues with the fact that Franz rules in the family castle. He achieved his goal, but does not feel satisfaction: as before, Amalia does not agree to become his wife. Herman, realizing that he was deceived, opens the girl "a terrible secret." It turns out that Karl is alive, like the old man.

Carl decides to visit his castle

Together with the gang, the eldest son of the count is insurrounded by Bohemian dragoons. However, people Karl manages to escape, having paid for this with the life of just one fighter (about 300 people lost their dragoons). The Czech nobleman asks in the detachment of Charles. He lost his fortune and his beloved, whose name is Amalia. In Carl's soul, the story of this man evokes some memories. He is going to go to Franconia with the gang.

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The young man, introducing himself as Count von Brand, penetratesin his own family castle. Here he meets Amalia and sees that she is faithful to "the deceased Karl". Among the portraits of his ancestors, represented in the gallery, he notices a portrait of his father. Karl stops at him and furtively looks like a tear. The oldest son of the Count will not be recognized. Only Franz, all-seeing and constantly suspecting everyone, guesses Karl in the guest. However, he does not tell anyone about his conjectures. Franz forces Daniel, the old butler, to swear an oath that he will kill the arriving count. However, Daniel on a scar on his hand learns in it Charles. He can not lie to the old servant who raised him. But now Charles must leave the castle forever. Before he leaves, he decides to see Amalia. The girl has feelings for him, such as were previously associated with her only with Carl von Moor. However, Amalia does not recognize him, and the guest says goodbye to his beloved.

Carl finds his father

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He returns to the robbers.They must leave these places in the morning. In the meantime, Karl strolls through the forest. He stumbles into the dark in the tower and hears a voice. This came Herman in order to feed the locked prisoner. Carl tears the castles from the tower and frees his father, who is withered, like a skeleton. It turns out that the earl, unfortunately, did not die from the news that Herman brought. In the coffin, he came to himself. Then Franz secretly imprisoned his father in the tower, condemning him to loneliness, hunger and cold. After hearing the story of his father, Carl decided to take revenge. Despite his ties to Franz, he ordered the robbers to seize his younger brother and deliver him to him alive.

Franz's conversation with the pastor, Franz's death

Are you curious to know what will continue the summary? The "robbers" (Schiller) are described by chapters only in general terms, but we will now describe the further main events.

Daniel, the old valet, says goodbye at night withlock. He lived here all his life. Franz comes in with a candle in his hand. He's worried. Franz saw the Last Judgment in a dream. For his sins, he was sent to the underworld. Franz begs Daniel to call the pastor. He considered himself atheist all his life, and even now he is in dispute with the priest on religious topics. However, this time he does not manage to laugh with the same ease over the argument about the immortality of the soul. Franz, having received confirmation from the priest that parricide and fratricide are the gravest sins, is frightened. He suddenly realizes that his soul can not escape hell.

The robbers, whom Karl sent, attack the castle. They set him on fire, but Franz can not be seized. He himself is squeezed, using a string from the hat.

The Death of Amalia

Already approaching the finale of Schiller's drama"Robbers". Members of the gang, having executed the order, return to the forest, where they are waiting for Karl, still not recognized by the father. Amalia comes with them. She rushes to Moore, hugs and calls her fiancé. The earl learns who is the leader of the bandits, murderers and thieves. Upon learning of this, he dies. However, Amalia forgives her lover. She is ready to start a new life with him. But love is hindered by the fact that Moore swore allegiance to the robbers. Realizing that she can not be happy without Charles, she asks for death. And Moore stabs her.

Karl surrenders to the authorities

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Effective final prepared for us by Friedrich Schiller("The Robbers"). The summary of Karl's further life is as follows. He drank to the bottom of his cup and realized that the world can not be remedied by evil deeds, but his life is over. And he surrenders to the hands of justice. Charles was still talking on the way to his castle with a poor man who has a large family. Now he goes to him so that he surrenders the "famous robber" to the authorities and receives a thousand louis for his head.

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This completes his drama Schiller. "Robbers", the summary of which we described, is one of the most interesting works in his work.

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