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Frank Pucelik is a professor of psychology ininterpersonal relations, a coach in the field of professional and creative development. But his main merit is the basic development of NLP in combination with two more equally talented psychotherapists: Richard Bendler and John Grinder.

Open Methodology

The abbreviation NLP can be decoded asNeuro-linguistic programming, or psychotherapy of a new wave. It is rather difficult to give a concrete definition of this phenomenon because of the disagreements of the professors. Some experts consider it a branch in philosophy, and others - a trend in practical and theoretical psychology.

However that may be, NLP is not a science, although it has in itself a theory about the human worldview and thinking. More precisely, it will be attributed to an open methodology.

The history of the creation of new wave psychotherapy

Development of Neuro-Linguistic Programmingbegan to be conducted after scientists in the 60's noticed the effectiveness of working with their patients psychotherapists Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. They were the most outstanding specialists of the time, but they had no apparent reason for success. This led scientists into confusion, because with the same data and knowledge, other psychotherapists could not work so effectively with their clients.

Frank Pucelik books

Then Grinder and Bendler decided to study the techniquesthe work of these famous specialists, analyze their behavior during sessions with patients and build on their basis materials their own concept of the influence of people in interpersonal relationships.

For now, the psychotherapy of a new wave canUse in coaching, training for personal growth and communication, in the field of jurisprudence and advertising, management. Also, this type of methodology promotes creative progress, the development of training programs. Neuro-linguistic programming has fans and followers around the world. Many of them willingly use this knowledge and make their own ideas and ideas.

An outstanding professor of psychology of our time

The third creator of NLP, as already mentioned above,became Frank Pucelik. Almost 45 years he is engaged in practical and theoretical psychology, reveals to people all its subtleties and organizes business trainings. The professor trains managers and owners of successful and famous companies both in America and CIS countries. Did not bypass its development and Russia. Training centers and psychology departments are open in our country, in which highly qualified specialists, trained under the supervision of Frank Pucelik, work.

Frank Pucelik

In addition, he conducted seminars, lectures andtrainings in many countries and cities around the world in business, interpersonal relations, coaching and management. The development of Frank Pucelik in NLP is primarily based on practice, analysis and own knowledge. Because of this, his work has success and recognition throughout the world. Also on the Internet there are a lot of positive reviews about Frank Pucelik and thanks. People around the world appreciate him both as a person and as a specialist.

Frank Pucelik trainings

"The War of Reality" by Frank Pucelik

The famous business coach writes at leastpopular books on the subject of neurolinguistic programming and successful interaction of people in society. One of them was the product of "The War of Reality: The Dissociated State Therapy," written in collaboration with John McBee. This book describes step-by-step methods of interacting with your customers in work and determining their personality. According to the professor's convictions, she helps to achieve success both in business relations and in personal life. To read such literature will be useful for psychologists, psychotherapists, trainers, specialists in the field of neurolinguistic programming, and any person interested in their own personal growth.

The Magic Book of the Creator of NLP

Many people consider the American professorhypnotist or magician. In fact, this is not so, and he does not possess any magical abilities. So why do people consider it so? It's all in Frank Pucelik's book "The Magic of NLP without Secrets." Although by description it contains magical means for successful communication with people and a "therapeutic" impact on them, there are no transcendental methods that will help to do this all to a person at the click of a finger, there is none. The book is written in a relaxed manner and contains the basics of new wave psychotherapy and ways to apply it in life. It reveals all the principles of the work of such a methodology in theory and in practice.

Frank Pucelik reviews

Books by Frank Pucelik are written exclusively forhis practices, dissertations, knowledge and psychological analysis. Their content is based on clear and useful ways of using neurolinguistic programming, without professional terms and "empty" words.

Frank Pucelik the Magic

After reading the books and applying their methods in practice, people can achieve the following:

  • without the difficulty of contacting other people, including colleagues;
  • choose the right goals, ways to them, and bring them to the end;
  • to cultivate a high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Training courses for specialists from different parts of the world

The tremendous popularity of training and FrankPucelika. They provide an opportunity not only to acquire new knowledge, but also to qualify as a business coach in the field of NLP. Conducted by either himself Frank Pucelik, or his many experienced assistants. The success of trainings is a large amount of practice and understandable methods of methodology. A person qualified for such lessons can later become a good mentor, it is easy to work with a large audience, to inform the listeners about simple information about complex things and to promote their personal growth.

Frank Pucelik is a highly qualified specialist inarea of ​​psychotherapy and neurolinguistic programming. His methods of work are known throughout the world and have benefited society for many years. The professor teaches people successful interaction with society in different cities and countries.

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Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews Frank Pucelik: books, trainings, reviews