Formula Energy tires: reviews

Italy has long been considered one of the countries,who made a breakthrough in the automotive industry. And one of the main elements of each car, as all drivers know, are quality tires that guarantee safety while driving. The company Pirelli has well proven itself in the tire market for years of production of quality products. At some point, its management decided to establish a new brand with a limited series of tires. As a result, the light saw the model of Formula Energy, the reviews of which we will consider in this review. However, first, let us pay attention to the official characteristics provided by the manufacturer, so that as a result it is possible to make a comparative analysis and verify the integrity of the declared parameters.

Purpose of the model

This model is the only one of the Formula series,intended for summer time of year. During the development of the creators primarily set as their goal to "shoe" powerful, sports cars with a revolving engine and a small mass. Under this concept suited sedans, roadsters, coupe, as well as some light crossovers. It is not recommended to install this rubber on SUVs and minibuses, since although it can withstand such loads, they will not allow it to fully reveal its capabilities. All tires from this model range have high speed indexes, which definitely will appeal to fans of fast driving on good roads.

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Behavior on different types of pavement

As the officialtesting performed before the start of sales, tires have a number of features that should be considered when planning a purchase. According to the manufacturer, in the first stage the design of the tread was selected in such a way that the rubber could feel confident on asphalt or concrete tracks. This approach allowed us to achieve the implementation of high-speed traffic, lowered the coefficient of rolling resistance (we'll talk more about this in more detail later), and increased the manageability of the Formula Energy tire, the reviews of which confirm this information.

However, initially the rubber was not positioned asuniversal. Therefore, do not expect it to be high on dirt roads and off-road, as the protector is simply not designed to resist such unfavorable conditions. The basis is a speed that simply can not be achieved on a bad track. Therefore, if your main routes pass along country roads, you should refrain from buying this model.

 tires formula energy reviews


The design of the protector was thought through to the smallest detailgive drivers a sense of the car and manage it without hesitation about the quality of the hitch with the road surface. The central rib, cut by small lamellas, allows you to maintain the course stability under any conditions, thereby facilitating maneuvering at high speeds, and reviews about Formula Energy speak about good responsiveness in all situations.

In order to improve the reliability of contact withroute during the sharp maneuvers, the shoulder zone of the protector was taken out as much on the sidewall of the tire. The fact is that under loads during sharp turns at a speed the force is applied unevenly, and the working surface is displaced due to the natural play of the tire on the disk. It is then that the lateral blocks begin to work at full strength, not allowing the car to go into a skid.

This combination of protector elements allows you to control the car in any situation, especially when you take into account the fact that part of the model range is produced with high-speed indices allowing the movement at speeds of up to 300 km / h. Needless to say, it's impossible to drive so fast on public roads, but nobody canceled the opportunity to experience a real drive on specially equipped for this purpose racing circuits and race tracks, equipping the car with Formula Energy 205 * 5 tiresreviews about which we will analyze a little later.

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Reduction of acoustic noise level

If you are used to driving long distances, thennot by hearsay know how to irritate the constant monotonous sounds. One of the sources of this noise can be rubber due to its own specificity. Anyway, but as a result of friction with the surface of the track, it is able to generate a rumble or rustle, the intensity of which depends on the current speed, shape of the tread, pressure and other factors.

The manufacturer tried to reduce this effect tominimum due to a thoughtful pattern and a special composition of the rubber mixture, which in combination gave a positive result. According to official statements, the internal noise was reduced to a level of 1 dB, and in theory should not be heard in the car, if there is at least a simple soundproofing, and reviews about Formula Energy 205 * 55 confirm this fact.

Absence of irritant factors in the listwhich includes noise, ensures for the driver the ability to concentrate on the road and not to allow errors caused by a distraction from the control process. Thus, even this, at first glance, is far from being a key indicator, plays a rather important role.

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Environmentally friendly tires

European countries are looking for newways that could reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. That is why the manufacturer achieved two goals at once, which do not go unnoticed by those who are worried about the protection of the environment.

Thus, when developing a formula for a rubber compoundchemists have tried to exclude as much as possible from the composition aromatic impurities, which are an integral component of petroleum products and serve as the main source of carcinogenic compounds. The use of natural rubber and synthetic components, the production of which does not lead to the release of a large number of harmful gases and heavy metals into the atmosphere, allows us to call this tire one of the most environmentally friendly already at the stage of its conveyance on the factory conveyor.

However, that's not all. As mentioned before, the designers of the tread pattern tried to reduce the level of rolling resistance, and they managed to achieve an index of as much as 20 percent. In addition, this has had a beneficial effect on reducing noise, this approach allows drivers to save fuel when driving, which reduces emissions of combustion products, and reviews aboutPirelliFormula Energy confirm its high status of environmentally friendly tires.

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High wear resistance

In order for the driver not to worry aboutthe reasonableness of monetary investments, the developers did not neglect the issue of the durability and service life of their product. That's why they developed a special rubber compound, which has sufficient softness to maintain a reliable grip with the road both during the summer heat and during the rainy cold snaps, but it does not erase too quickly.

This was made possible through the use ofsilicic acid, which serves as a kind of link between the individual molecules of other components, but does not make the rubber more rigid than does not reduce its dynamic characteristics. On the contrary, as thePirelliFormula Energy this approach actually makes it more tenacious and hardy.

Reliability and durability

Do not stay away and the issue of resistanceDamages that can occur while driving on uneven roads. They include all sorts of punctures, chopping discs on impact and other unpleasant moments, forcing the driver to get a jack and a spare.

In order to reduce the risk of damageto a minimum, a number of additional protective measures were carried out. Some of them, for example, increase the strength of the cord, are also associated with high speed modes for which rubber is intended. Others were designed specifically to increase the service life.

Thus, one such measure is to increasestrength of the sidewall. Due to this, the driver can not worry that he will tear the tire in a tight parking near the curbstone. This same step allows you to avoid the occurrence of hernias, in which the rubber uniquely requires replacement. And the provided warranty says that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its product. However, in reviews ofPirelliFormula Energy 205 * 55R16 Driverswith this often disagree and complain of frequent damage to the sidewall, as well as the resulting hernia.

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Well-considered drainage system

Do not forget the developers and that whenspeed movement it is important to consider the drainage system, which will not allow the car to drift into the aquaplaning when moving on a wet surface and puddles.

To achieve good results in the issue of withdrawalmoisture from the contact patch with the track allowed a large number of both longitudinal and transverse slats. Three grooves located in the central part collect all the moisture, after which it is squeezed along the transverse slots to the sides, and is led out through the sidewalls beyond the working surface. Such seemingly simple scheme effectively copes with its task and allows not to reduce the speed during the rain, as evidenced by numerous reviews about Formula Energy, in which drivers admire this feature.

Wide dimensional mesh

The manufacturer took care of the choicesuitable size in accordance with the requirements of the developers of your car. So, for purchase in shops tires with an internal diameter from 13 to 18 inches are accessible. In this case, you can choose the height of the profile or the width of the working surface, as well as the required speed index. In total there are more than 80 standard sizes, so you can easily pick up the right one, if your car is the right class.

pirelli formula energy 205 55 r16 reviews

Positive user reviews

It's time to analyze reviews aboutPirelliFormula Energy 205 * 55, to understand how truthful information the producer provided about his creation. Among the main advantages of the most often mentioned drivers are the following:

  • Softness. Rubber allows you to easily cross some irregularities, such as tramways, and while the impact is almost not felt.

  • Low noise level. This indicator is especially important for those who do not like extraneous sounds while driving.

  • Acceptable cost. You can get European quality at a very reasonable price.

  • Good handling. Rubber is responsive, which guarantees safety when driving.

  • Lack of aquaplaning. You can go with confidence even during a heavy downpour.

  • Not bad durability. With a careful use of rubber can last a long time, and wear will be uniform.

As you can see, the model has a rather weighty list of positive aspects. However, she also has significant disadvantages.

Negative tire features

Among the cons, users in their reviews ofFormula Energy often gives off a weak sidewall. Although the manufacturer tried to strengthen it, it was not enough, and with strong shocks, the probability of a hernia is quite high. Many drivers also faced the need for a fairly serious balancing after installation, which indicates the unevenness of the tire mass and poor centering.


RubberPirelliFormula Energy, which we just reviewedanalyzed, captivates with good dynamic characteristics and a democratic price. However, it is worth remembering that it is intended only for good road surfaces, so think in advance about where you plan to go so as not to be in the middle of the field without the ability to get started because of a slip, since the tires are simply not designed for such trips.

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