For tailoring - cloth of the punta

Nowadays the textile industry is readysatisfy any customer and customer. A well-established process for the production of synthetic fabrics makes it possible to produce material of any texture with various additives. The fabric of the punt was invented in the late nineteenth century, it gained great popularity in France and Italy.

cloth of the puntThe United States of America also did not miss its opportunity and quickly set up production of this material in its country. The fabric of the punta is divided into two types.

The first one is used for decorating and creating a coziness of habitation: curtains, curtains and pillows are made of it.

The second is knit fabric Milano punto. From her sew clothes for any season.

These two types differ in the interweaving of fibers: from the dense plexus, a curtain fabric is obtained. If the plexus is a little weaker, and the threads with the addition of cotton or wool, we get cloth for clothes.

Features and properties of tissue

In our country, more and morepanel blinds made of a material such as a cloth of a punt. The feedback of the owners of such models converge: their main advantage is their ability to keep straight and not to gather in the corners, above or below the folds. This kind of curtains-screens, similar to the closet. The curtain of this material is opaque. In order to not have a draft, such curtains are built at the doorways.

Panel curtains

fabric punta reviews

Panel curtains from the fabric of the punt have a number ofadvantages: they are easy to manage, they can close large spaces of space, easy to care for the cloth (cleaned with a vacuum cleaner). Installation is also simple, but it is better to entrust it to specialists. The fabric of the punt is wear-resistant, has a long service life. In the manufacture of pillows, this material is also used. Such products are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions. On such pillows it is convenient to sleep. Due to the fact that the material is loose and well passes air, a person does not sweat. The appearance of parasites is completely excluded. To take care of pillows is simple: every day shake, try to air them as often as possible in the open air.

Products from such a fabric

the cloth of the punt stretches or not

Elegant knitted, extraordinarily fashionable and beautiful fabric. It produces high quality products for any season and taste. Things made of this material are soft to the touch and warm.

Punto is one of the first places in the textile industry.industry. The fabric has a matte surface, which attracts the attention of the consumer, and can be painted in any color. An interesting effect is achieved by a dense interlacing of very thick fibers. When sewing women's and children's blouses, men's jumpers, jackets, cardigans, the cloth of the punt is widely used. Does this material vary or not? Many people ask themselves this question. The fabric stretches well, does not constrain movement, has sufficient elasticity. Even with prolonged wearing of products, the material does not stretch and looks great. Products made of cloth punt perfectly combine practicality and durability, simplicity, beauty and elegance. Care for knitwear is simple - wash in warm water, do not bleach, iron with a warm iron or do not iron.

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