Food "Monge" for dogs: composition, reviews veterinarians

When a tiny puppy appears in the house, novice dog breeders have a lot of questions about caring for them and maintenance. They are interested in what a baby needs for a comfortable stay in a new house, what care is needed for it, than to feed it?

The last question, as a rule, is related to the fact that in specialized stores today there is a huge selection of animal feed. For a newcomer to dog breeding to make a choice is not easy. In this article we will present you Monge feed (for dogs) - a quality product that has proven itself not only among pet owners, but also appreciated by experts all over the world.Monge dog food

From the history of the company

The Italian company Monge appeared in 1963. It was founded by a talented businessman Baldassar Monge. Prior to the creation of the company, the Monge family grew poultry, mainly chickens, on ecologically clean feed, and delivered chicken meat to expensive, elite restaurants in the country.

Baldassar Monge's idea was to use the remains of poultry meat after slaughter. This solution was found in 1963. Mr. Monge realized that in a modern developing society the need for pet food is increasing many times.

The company very quickly achieved great success not only in its own country, but also in Europe. Today it is a large, well-known company all over the world, which has proven itself well, both among pet owners and professionals, thanks to high-quality animal food monge reviews

What is the secret of the company?

Poultry breeds are grown on the company's own chicken farm. When growing natural organic food is used. Hormones and antibiotics are not used for fattening ducks, turkeys, chickens. “Monge” food for dogs and cats is produced at a factory owned by the famous brand Monge, which is equipped with high-tech modern equipment. The newest extruders make it possible to use fresh, natural and dehydrated meat.

This technology enhances the attractiveness of the taste, which the Monge feed has for dogs and cats.The famous brand guarantees customers the highest quality of their products, since control is exercised at every stage of production: from the selection of ingredients to the packaging of the finished product.

Feed composition

Products of the Italian company refers to the super premium class feed. This allows you to talk about the presence in their composition of natural meat in large quantities. The composition of the feed is perfectly balanced. In the Russian market, Monge feed appeared for dogs several years ago, but its regular deliveries began quite recently. Due to this, the popularity of Italian feed has rapidly increased.dry dog ​​food monge

The company offers customers a wide range of products. The composition of the feed "Monge" (for dogs) depends on the age, size, physical condition of the animal. For this reason, you should carefully study the composition indicated on each package in order to understand whether it is suitable for your pet.

For adult animals of large breeds of feed contain:

  • corn and rice –14%;
  • chopped chicken - 21%
  • animal fats - 1%;
  • brewer's yeast - 0.12%;
  • flax seeds - 0.3%;
  • whole egg - 0.12%.

For animals of medium breeds (adults):

  • 15% rice and corn;
  • 24% minced chicken;
  • 1% wheat and citrus;
  • 0.3% lion seed;
  • 0.12% brewer's yeast;
  • proteins and animal fats.

For small breeds:

  • not less than 24% dry chicken;
  • not less than 14% of rice and corn;
  • proteins (dehydrated) and animal fats.

Dog food "Monge" (for puppies) contains:

  • 24% chicken;
  • 18% brown rice;
  • 1% citrus and wheat;
  • 0.3% flax seed.

Product range

Food "Monge" (for dogs) is diverse: the company produces several types of them, including dry and wet formulations. In addition, there are products for dogs of old age, as well as for animals with health problems. Tell you more about them. composition of dog food monge

Dog fresh

Pate is not part of gluten (protein, which is part of the cereals). Food contains: duck, lamb, tuna, beef, chicken. The composition is intended for adult animals of small breeds. It should be given a paste at room temperature or slightly warm.

Dog grill pouch

Wet food for all breeds. The composition of the product includes meat pieces that are cooked on the grill: beef, turkey, chicken. In addition, in this feed a lot of vegetables. Recommended for medium breed dogs.

Monoproteico Fruits

Pate for adult animals. The composition of this wet food includes berries, fruits and pieces of meat.Buyers offer the following compositions: duck with orange, turkey with blueberries, lamb with apple, chicken with raspberries. dog food monge reviews veterinarians

Special dog

The composition of this product includes foods, dehydrated animal protein, vegetables. This dry food for dogs "Monge" is available in the form of crackers with lamb, chicken, tuna.

Puppy & Junior

Full diet for puppies. It is well absorbed, a positive effect on the growing body of a puppy. Food containing a large amount of fat and protein, created with the rapid metabolism of puppies. These components contribute to the formation of muscle tissue of the body of the baby.

Chondroitin, glucosamine, phosphorus and calcium, which are part of it, are necessary for healthy joints. These substances form healthy cartilage tissue and develop the musculoskeletal system. The complex of medicinal plants has a beneficial effect on the puppy's body. The composition is rich in antioxidants and biologically active substances that enhance the body's defenses.

Each dog food "Monge" (reviews of the owners confirm this) is special. In addition to food for different age and weight groups,The company produces products for animals with sensitive digestion, problems with the liver and kidneys, for lactating bitches, animals suffering from allergic reactions. All of them are distinguished by a harmonious combination of useful substances, are produced on modern equipment using the latest technologies in the field of veterinary food monge for puppies

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of food "Monge" should include a large content of meat, which is thoroughly tested. It does not contain GMOs and growth stimulants, preservatives and dyes, which can adversely affect the health of the animal.

In addition, in the composition of the feed "Monge" no offal. Judging by the reviews of customers, the disadvantages of the products of the famous Italian brand can be attributed only to its absence in many pet stores.

Dog food "Monge": reviews of veterinarians

Veterinarians also had their own opinion about these products. Experts are captivated by the fact that they contain the maximum amount of fresh meat that has not been subjected to freezing. This preserves the palatability of this feed: animals from the first feeding eat it very willingly.

Brown unpolished rice is an excellent source of fiber, yucca extract, which is present in many compounds, is a good antioxidant, chestnut extract has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin and heart. These products will surely appeal to your pets.

Since the health of each organism is laid from an early age, it is also necessary for your pets to select high-quality food at puppyhood. And the best choice, of course, will be Monge products.

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