Flawless ruby. "Skyrim" (Skyrim)

One of the quests given by the Daedra PrincePeriight, means the search for an item called Flawless Ruby. "Skyrim" is rich in quests like "go there, I do not know where", because he will be described in detail in the article.

perfect ruby ​​skyrim

How to get the quest

The task is called "The only medicine". It is necessary to find the sanctuary Periayt, where there will be a kajit named Kesh Pure. Go to it better with the already available ingredients for making the potion:

  • Of course, Impeccable stone;
  • a poisonous bell (grows everywhere);
  • the ashes of a vampire (kill a ghoul and take a pinch from a corpse);
  • silver ingot (you can just find it, but you can buy it from a merchant or cast yourself).

Kajit will brew a potion, breathing in pairs of which,the protagonist will enter into a dialogue with the Daedric prince of disease (analogue of Nurgle from the universe of WarHammer 40000), after which the task will be given to kill Orkendor, the adept of Periight, who drew the eyes of dozens of novices and turned himself away from his god. Another amazing story, which is full of Skyrim.

skyrim where to find the perfect ruby

Where to Find Flawless Ruby and How?

The pebble is very rare. Search for better from traders, when the protagonist reaches high levels (from 15 and above). And also if the task "Look under every stone" is executed, then in the first nearby trunk can fall a perfect ruby.

"Skyrim" is full of surprises, and many thingsoccurs according to the law of meanness. You can climb the whole province and find the treasured pebble in the deepest cave in the jaws of the most evil monster, and you can open the first bag with provisions and find cabbage and Flawless Ruby. It all depends on the luck and endurance of the player.


If you do not really want to spend time to climbon the mountains and look for the Perfect ruby, "Skyrim" allows you to start the console command and enter the cheat code player.additem 00068522 1, so that one required pebble falls into the inventory.

This option is optimal, because eventhose who first go through the game are unlikely to be interested in the prospect of killing ten hours of the game, running from the mountain to the mountain and from the trader to the trader in search of a small pebble.

skyrim where to find the perfect ruby

On the other hand, if there is nowhere to rush, whywould not look. In addition, there are a lot of various side quests, the fulfillment of which will take all the time that you can spend searching. Only by the same law of meanness The impeccable ruby ​​will fall into the hands of the protagonist precisely when there is no longer any need for it. Or when the player has already forgotten about Kajit Kesha, and about the mysterious daedric prince.

Another question, if at the moment of obtaining the questthe player will have all the necessary items. Then you do not have to look for the Perfect ruby. Skyrim is a province rich in jewels. Here and this is possible.

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