Fishing for catfish by all rules

Fishermen, of course, know that the catfish hunts its ownextraction in the depths, at the very bottom. Therefore, fishing for catfish can be successful if you use donka. Donka is a fishing device from a fishing line, attached to it a sinker and a leash with a hook. The length of the line depends on the depth of the reservoir, where fishing is supposed. The sinker helps to hold the donkey in the right place, regardless of the speed of the current. The fisherman must take into account his strength and attach the weight of the corresponding weight and weight. The line can be attached to the rod or to the spinning.

Fishing for catfish is a hunt for big and powerfulpredator. Therefore, an experienced fisherman knows how important every detail of equipment and equipment. The donkey's line should be of such strength that a strong fish (and, moreover, enraged by the attack on it) could not break it. It is desirable to have a fishing line with a diameter of 0.8 mm, not less. The fisherman must take a firm position. Fishing, catching catfish can occur from the shore, then harden in its place easier. But if you are fishing from a boat, you must be prepared for a physical battle with an underwater predator. It is better to have gloves on your hands, so as not to cut yourself with a fishing line. Fishing for catfish from a boat requires increased attention and ability to manage it in extreme conditions. Taking a bait, the fish can behave unexpectedly. The most frequent and habitual of her reaction is to go deep into the snag. If the catfish succeeds, then it will be very difficult to lift it from the bottom. It is necessary to make a strong noise: knock on the boat, crack something, that is, try to frighten off the catfish. Sometimes he drags a boat with a fisherman along the river. This, as a rule, should not be resisted, as the predator will soon tire of such "work", and it will be much easier to cope with it.

How to attract a catfish? The age-old experience of many generations of fishermen suggests that the catfish likes to eat frogs. Therefore, we must take care of this in advance. The frog usually clings to the hook behind its hind leg. Often a small fish, pieces of meat, bird giblets are used for bait. Very tricky and economical technique: sometimes fishermen use for the nozzle, oddly enough, bits of laundry soap. This is because the sort of detergent is made from natural animal fats, and a sensitive predator recognizes attractive odors.

Fishing for catfish is hunting at dawn, morning or evening.evening. At this time, his appetite is increasing. The catfish is predatory, so he prefers dark or twilight time for hunting. There is a special, night fishing. Catfish bite well at about midnight, an active bite lasts about an hour. Then again there comes a lull. Before the morning, an hour at three nights in some places, the catfish also rises to the hunt. But this is also a short period. The fisherman should wait and before the dawn to make another attempt to get the coveted trophy.

It must be remembered that the catfish is very cunning and sensitive fish. Therefore, the place of fishing should be quiet.

Another important point. Fishing for catfish should not be accidental, not prepared in advance. Before choosing a place for fishing, you should ask the knowledgeable people, local fishermen, whether there is any catfish here. After all, this fish is very unevenly distributed along the river. And if somewhere it was well caught, then this does not mean that there will also be a dormitory place next. You need to ask a few, because you can give and incorrect information, seeing you as a competitor.

In addition to Donkey, for catching catfish, suchadaptation, as a bar. It is a small branchy knot, on which a fishing line is cross-wound. The knot itself is attached to a peg anchored on the shore with a slope to the water. If the catfish swallows the bait, it goes into the depths and unwinds the fishing line, with which it is then dragged out. You can also use a coil to wind the line.

There are catching catfish and spinning. But then this tackle should be of appropriate quality, designed for such a large prey.

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