Fine Arts: Still Life with Fruit

In the XVII century, artists sought to createpaintings that would reveal the idea with the help of the interesting inanimate objects and fabrics depicted on them. Particular attention was paid to lighting, which should transmit a specific emotion to the viewer, thereby causing him a certain mood. Painters of that time very skilfully noticed the aesthetic significance of the subject, and through him passed the joyful perception of life. Maybe that's why to this day people admire their paintings, which, for example, depict, for example, still lifes with fruits and flowers.

After a few centuries, artists began to pay more attention to where the still life is, that is, the presence of light, air and color spots on objects.

Thus, even through a still-life with fruit, an experienced artist can express the aesthetic tastes of people. That is why a still life from ancient times is considered to be the best genre of realistic painting.

It should be noted that the figure must beexpressive, its construction is that in the foreground there were small objects, on the second - the main thing and behind it was a drapery playing the role of a background.

One of the most popular genres of fine artart is a still-life with fruits, which originated in Holland and is characterized by the detailing of exotic objects. Fruits, with their naturalness and realism, combine bright and rich colors. After all, nothing so pleases the eye as mature plums, orange peaches along with the vine, which in the picture create an original and interesting composition. Due to correctly selected lighting, objects in such pictures are perceived as alive, practically not different from real objects. Thus, the main task of the artist is to make the still-life with fruit attract the viewer's attention and develop aesthetic feelings in it.

To date, still life remains one of thethe most popular genres of fine art, it represents a variety of objects, harmoniously located and combined into a single composition.

In modern times, many artists paint a still-life with fruit in pencil,However, the pictures do not look worse, theyattract attention with their unusual and unique. Such a picture makes us think about the beauty and splendor of the objects around us, for a person from ancient times peered into the world of things around him, trying to comprehend the secrets of being.

Thus, a still-life with fruit isan expression of the relationship of man to the world around him. In their paintings, artists convey the structure and colors of objects as realistically as possible in order to more accurately express the artistic meaning and idea.

Most of the paintings with images of still lifeswritten in oil on canvas. The bright and saturated colors used in drawing as accurately as possible convey all the charm and naturalness of objects, that's why they always fascinate viewers. Properly selected and placed fruits cause pleasant sensations when they are perceived as an integral image.

It should be noted that drawing still lifeis quite a challenge, but at the same time, interesting and exciting. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to accurately and correctly work out all the details of different dishes, which are usually placed fruit or other objects. Therefore, such drawings are distinguished by precise detailing of objects, as well as by depicting their real forms. Maybe that's why still life still makes us delight and give a positive mood.

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