Ferries "Silja Line": reviews and photos

Tallink Silja Oy ("Silja Line") is the largestthe shipping company of Finland, which makes numerous trips to the Baltic. Today it is part of the Estonian company AS Tallink Grupp. In Helsinki is its main office.

The ferries "Silja Line" are widely known and popular. They connect Helsinki, Longnes, Stockholm, Mariehamn and Turku.

This company, founded in 1957, is one of the largest operators on the market. It carries out transportation of approximately 3 million passengers and about 200,000 cars annually.silage ferry boats

Ferry "Silja Line" (Helsinki, Stockholm): general information

Ferries that once belonged to the Silja Line, today depart from Helsinki, as before, from the "Olympic" terminal from the southern harbor. This terminal is located near the commercial area of ​​Kauppatori.

Terminal "Tallinnksilya", from which the ferries depart to Turku, is located in the western part of the city at the mouth of the river Aura.

In Stockholm, the ferry piers of this company are located in the harbor of Värtamännen and Frihamnen.

In addition, in 2005-2006 there were routes from St. Petersburg to Rostock and Helsinki, operated on ferries belonging to the former Finnish "Silja Line".

Only in 2005, the company's annual revenue totaled 470 million euros.ferry silos online Helsinki stockholm

General description, photo of the ferry "Silja Line"

Magnificent and majestic liners "Silja Line"accommodate up to 3 thousand passengers. They offer everything you need for a full romantic trip, remembered for a long time: comfortable and exquisitely decorated rooms, excellent service. There are nightclubs, casinos, wonderful bars, restaurants, saunas, shops. All cabins with heated floors are equipped with air conditioning, shower, toilet, telephone, radio.ferry tickets online

On most liners are available and greatdecorated with impeccable design of the halls, equipped with the latest technology. For example, the "Serenade" liner holds about 25 different sizes of rooms with a total area of ​​1100 square meters. meters, including the 700-seat advisory hall of the Atlantic Palace.

Presented on the ferries and other VIP-cabinets andconference rooms that are designed for small meetings. All the halls and rooms are decorated with taste, with an exquisite interior, they create a surprisingly cozy and warm atmosphere.

But the main feature of cruises on these ferries is the atmosphere of a dizzying fairy-tale holiday, forever remaining in your memory!

Direction Helsinki-Stockholm

Ferries "Silja Line", going on the routeHelsinki-Stockholm ("Serenade" and "Symphony") are magnificent 5-star floating hotels. They can always experience a warm international atmosphere, especially reigning in the heart of the liner, on the fashionable Promeneid street. People from all over the world are walking around here.photo silo ferry

On this street you can visit the stunningrestaurants, bars, cafes and shops. At fairly moderate prices, you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your relatives, friends and relatives. The stores offer a fairly wide range of high-quality products and products of famous Finnish brands.

Direction Turku-Stockholm

Ferry "Silja Line" is represented by the liner "Europe", going to the chicken to Turku and back from Stockholm daily 2 times a day.

This liner has a well-deserved reputationfloating resort. The ferry board represents a lot of the most exquisite restaurants, offering visitors to taste delicious exotic delicacies, stunning desserts and gourmet dishes. Everything here is presented in the form of a buffet. Night time is full of entertainment for every taste: fashionable night clubs, youth discos, cozy pubs.

Other directions

In the mornings from Turku goes on a cruise ferry"Festival". The peculiarity of this tour is that through the panoramic windows of the liner you can see breathtaking landscapes. They can also be admired during lunch, and while staying in one of the many fine bars or restaurants of the ship.

In the summer time on the route Finland-GermanyThe liner "Finnjet" runs. During the journey on the deck of this ship, you can take sunbathing, play a variety of games, indulge in soft drinks. Evening time can be beautifully spent in the romantic cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and enjoy the amazingly picturesque sunsets on the Baltic Sea.silay line ferry romance reviews

Impressions of passengers

We can only say flattering words about any vessel of the Silja Line Company.

"Silja Line" (ferry) is romantic! Reviews about the trip on it are the most flattering and admired. In a word - pleasure!

Travel by ferry leaves the most pleasantImpressions, especially at first glance, amaze his huge size. Admire not only comfortable conditions and leisure activities, but also fabulous views from the ship.

Ferries "Tallink Silja Line"

Today is widely known and popular ferry"Tallinn Silla Line". The well-established "Tallink Silja Line" is a shipping company in Estonia, owning 10 ferries. It is one of the most successful among other companies, whose ships run across the Baltic Sea.

The big plus is that this company has ships going from Riga to Stockholm.

Among Russian tourists the most popular"Baltic Princess" (route Turku-Stockholm), "Baltic Queen" (flight Helsinki-Tallinn), "Victoria I" (follows the way Tallinn-Stockholm), "Silja Serenade" and "Star" (route Helsinki-Stockholm) , "Silja Symphony" (Helsinki-Stockholm line).ferry tallink silai line


All ferries are represented by several types of cabins, the number of which depends on the distance of the route.

In all respects the ferry "Silja Line" is magnificent. Reviews about him are most flattering. On each ferry you can choose from restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and a variety of show programs, children's playrooms. Nightclubs are open on almost all ferries (except the ship "Zvezda"). There is also an entertaining show program with performances by various artists. Fans of gambling can try their luck in casino-bars of some ferries ("Symphony", "Serenade").

Be sure to visit the shops,duty free trade. They can buy good cosmetics and perfumes, sweets, alcohol. Shops of some ferries have in their assortment the clothes of well-known brands. Also on some liners there are outlets where you can buy tablets, smartphones and accessories.

Small children will be pleased with the visit to the store "Kids & Toys", where there is a huge selection of clothes and toys.

Wine connoisseurs in stores can buy a good wine, after having tasted it.

Children's playrooms provide kids with a variety of toys. During the holidays for children, sports, various shows are held. The children's theater also presents its program.


Ferries "Silja Line" are the mostluxury modern liners, making fascinating routes. The ships of the famous company go to the sea in summer and in winter. The ferry lines are connected by several states: Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Germany (in the summer).

Most importantly, passengers can comfortably accommodate in cabins of various categories depending on personal preferences and financial possibilities.

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