Fence Board - Excellent Material

The fence is an easy-to-build construction that is used by private homeowners to protect the site from intruders and stray pets. Construction of the fence is simple and accessible to almost anyone. Among other things, this design performs a decorative function and protects the courtyard and garden from prying eyes.fence boardMost often, fences in our country are made of wood. This is a traditional environmentally friendly and fairly durable material. In addition, such designs are cheap.

Types of fence boards

For the device of such protections the usual intake board is used. Modern industry produces a variety of types of this material. Boards can be either edged or unedged, painted or varnished. In addition, they often have very different geometric shapes, making it very easy to build very beautiful enclosing structures.

Manufacturing features

Fence board - a material that needs special treatment. The fact is that the tree is very poorly resistant to fire, water and the effects of various kinds of microorganisms.fence constructionTherefore, manufacturers in the manufacture of fence boards handle it with various special formulations. Some of them make the tree more resistant to fire. Moreover, even in the event of a fire, the boards will not catch fire, but will fester, which is much safer. The intake board is being treated with various kinds of antiseptic agents, which significantly prolong its service life. Due to this material is not damaged by various microorganisms, therefore, does not rot much longer. The use of antifungal agents also significantly increases the durability of wooden structures.

Other types of materials used

Boards for the fence can have different sizes. However, most often their length does not exceed 6 meters, width - 20 cm, and thickness - 3.2 cm. Sometimes a slab is used for building fences. So called very cheap sawmill waste. When making boards from a log, the upper and lower parts are covered with bark.fence boardsThe outer side of the slab has a convex semicircular shape, and therefore the fences from it look quite aesthetic. The main thing is to choose a sufficiently thick and even material. The fence board can already be connected to shields at the production stage. It is very simple to mount a barrier from such material. It is enough to install the pillars and fix the shields on them. Sometimes arrange fence fence. So called a special narrow board. In this case, more often than not, solid fences are being built from this material. This kind is more suitable for sociable people who believe that they have nothing to hide from others. Sometimes wooden fences are also made from crossed slats. Such designs look very aesthetically pleasing, but somewhat complicated to install. There are several more types of wooden fencing. However, they are not made of boards, but from other elements. For example, wicker fences from rods or timbered paling. However, fence board is used for fences much more often. This is explained by the ease of installation of such structures. The fence from this material looks very aesthetic, and also differs in remarkable operational qualities.

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