Female sleepers: description, models, what to wear

Every day, going to work in the office, for a walk with friends or for a romantic walk with a young man, the fair sex wonders what to wear. It is extremely difficult to choose shoes that would meet all the requirements of style, but at the same time would be comfortable. Sometimes shoes or pumps, even on the smallest heel, can be extremely uncomfortable and impractical. An excellent solution to this problem is the female sleepers. What is this outlandish shoe type? Let's understand in more detail.

The history of the creation of sleepers

First of all, it is worth noting that initially the sleepers were created as slippers. They were so comfortable and practical to wear that they could easily be worn all day. At the same time do not feel tired. Pleased with the fact that they did not fall off their feet, like the usual slippers. In addition to everything, they looked very stylish and elegant. In short, sleepers quickly won the love of fashionistas who preferred to look their best, even at home.

women's shoes sleepers

Another important aspect in the history of creation - first of all they were made as men's shoes. It was for the brutal and stylish guys was designed this slippers. Soon they became widespread throughout Europe, where they won more and more admirers among members of high society.

Very little time passed, and the sleepers took to the streets of big cities. Mods realized that such comfortable and practical shoes can not be used only at home. Soon, the sleepers also attracted the female half. Thus, they have become an excellent alternative to the already tired ballet shoes. In addition, on the leg, they look much more elegant. If desired, they can be selected for any image. Having gone this way, the female sleepers have come down to us in our usual form.

Sleepers on a flat sole

To date, there are a great many options for female sleepers. Most often, stylists distinguish them by type of sole. There are three most common options. We will talk about him further. The first is female sleeper on a flat sole. This option is the ancestor of the sleepers and is deservedly called a classic.

female sleepers

That is what they looked like when they were room shoes. Initially, sleepers on a flat sole created mainly with a velvet or corduroy top. Today, designers are actively experimenting with this type of shoe, so you can find completely unexpected solutions for the design of the top.

Women's sleepers on the platform

They are often confused with slip-ons. But active women of fashion, of course, will be able to find differences. Such shoes most recently entered the world podium, because right now it is experiencing its peak of popularity. Models with a platform look very unusual and stylish. With such shoes you can complement the original set for a walk with friends. There are a lot of options for the design of the top of such sleepers. Here, designers do not deny themselves the desire to experiment.

Women's sleepers with heels

Of course, there are women of fashion who, even at home, prefer to look feminine and elegant. For this they just need heels. Designers of modern shoes created sleepers for them. Their peculiarity is in a small heel, otherwise everything remained unchanged. Closed form and pattern on the elongated spout.The advantage of such sleepers is that they can be worn even under an evening dress, while not experiencing discomfort when walking. The creators of such an original version of the sleepers retained their main quality - absolute comfort during wear.

female leather sleepers

The rest of the design of this shoe has no boundaries, you can find completely unexpected and bold decisions in the design of the top of the models, someone, on the contrary, prefers the classics when choosing women's shoes. Sleepers are so versatile that they can meet any requirements.

What is the best way to wear a denim model?

Of course, when choosing a pair of this unique shoe, the first thing that begs the question is what to wear with female sleepers. The answer here is very simple. They can be worn with anything. The uniqueness of this shoe is not only high comfort, but also the fact that sleepers are able to harmoniously fit into any set of clothes. Let us analyze several options on the example of the most common models of sleepers.

female denim sleepers

Women's sleepers denim extremely well suited for an evening walk in the park, a trip out of town with friends and a trip to the cinema with a friend.In other words, they will perfectly fit into a situation where it is important not only to look good, but also to feel comfortable. You can wear a set of knitted trousers and an original blazer to denim sleepers. A dress with a bright and playful print will also look good with denim sleepers. Some stylists still do not recommend wearing jeans for jeans denim sleepers. According to them, in this case, you risk looking ridiculous and cheap.

What is better to wear a leather model?

Leather female sleepers not so long ago appeared on the market and replaced the velvet. Designers do not get tired to try all new and new design options for this shoe, and their version with leather-top sleepers has received tremendous demand. Buyers like this option very much due to two circumstances: the skin is very practical to wear and care for it is very simple, especially in comparison with velvet or suede. You can wear women's leather sleepers for a walk, a romantic date or even a social event. It is difficult to say where this shoe would fit. It is actually universal and deservedly occupies a leading position in sales in the market.

Taboo from stylists

Never wear sleepers with socks. All the stylists and designers say this. Sleepers are not designed to be put on socks. According to leading stylists, it looks extremely ridiculous and cheap.

female sleepers on the platform

They also put a taboo on a complete set of sleepers with skirts and trousers that completely cover the ankles. Such an image is capable of “chopping off” the silhouette and, in general, it looks very inharmonious. If you still want to wear long pants, it is better to opt for loafers.

It is not recommended to combine sleepers with trousers and pajama-type suits. In this case, you risk looking like you actually forgot to change your clothes after sleeping.

Black female sleepers should not be combined with clothes of soft, pastel colors. In this case, you risk picking up a completely non-harmonious image with aggressive accents.

Tips for choosing things to stylish shoes

If you have opted for a combination of long jeans with sleepers, then you can tuck up your pants. So you open your ankle. Then the image as a whole will look stylish.

what to wear with sleepers for women

Sleepers go well with shorts. Please note that optimally colored and vibrant models are combined with monochrome sleepers.Accordingly, plain shorts you can emphasize shoes of variegated colors, with the decor of rhinestones or appliqués.

Goes well with sleepers and dresses or skirts. It is only important to choose the right style and length. Optimal for such shoes fit skirts of short length, otherwise you risk looking older than your age. The only exception is the classic pencil skirt. This style of skirt is not combined with sleepers under any circumstances. If your choice is longer, then loafers will come to your rescue.

Sleepers can dilute even the most discreet and formal kit. Put on yellow to fitted trousers and a single-colored blazer, then you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

black sleepers for women

Original sleepers with metal spikes are able to betray the original highlight even to the most boring alongside gray colors. But a set of such shoes, cropped jeans and a leather jacket will definitely make you the star of the party.

Do not forget to choose fashionable accessories to your image with sleepers. Such footwear is perfectly combined with wide belts of a similar shade. Highlight the waist line and make the image complete by choosing a suitable belt.

Small conclusion

At the end, a logical conclusion suggests itself that a couple of sleepers should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista. This is a universal, extremely comfortable and stylish shoes suitable for almost any outfit. It is only important to follow some simple rules when selecting an image. Sleepers - this is exactly the shoes that will allow you to stay stylish, without exhausting yourself with huge studs. Do not be afraid to experiment, combine the incompatible, and you will always remain in the trend. We wish you creative success, be stylish and beautiful!

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