Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class

Felting is known for a long time. This version of creativity is used by many craftsmen. Professional needlewomen are ready to sit for hours to create the next masterpiece. Someone has just mastered felting. Sheep on this technique can turn out wonderful. Especially this year (2015) is dedicated to her, so beautiful and fluffy.

Types of felting out of wool

There are two main ways of working with felt: wet felting and dry. The first option is characterized by the use of a warm soap solution. With the help of this option, you can get a nice lamb made of wool. Felting is a fascinating and interesting process. Most of all, there is room for imagination. There are no specially established rules. Each work is created only on your own attitude. Thanks to this, unique characters and unusual accessories for your wardrobe are created.

Most craftsmen choose a dry felting method. For this, a needle with a serrated tip is used. Under the influence of the tool, the wool rolls down and takes the desired shape. Most craftsmen choose dry felting. Sheep (the master class for the creation of which is presented below) can turn out quite different.

Primitive lamb of wool

Consider the simplest way to createanimal. This lesson is suitable for those who only learn felting. Sheep will be primitive, without the extra complex decorative elements. To make it necessary, to get any needle for felting and two colors of wool: gray and white. The muzzle will be made from the first. The second color will be used to form the body and legs.

felting lamb

It will be a dry felting. Sheep (the master class will be painted below) is suitable for decorating a gift box. You can also apply it as a toy to a Christmas tree. Now let's get to work.

wool lambskin

We take a piece of white wool and begin to attach itcharacteristic form. For the legs will be used wire, which is covered with a special pile. It can be found in any store for needlework. It is better to attach them at a stage when the body is not yet tight enough. On top of that, another piece of wool is added. So the lamb will be denser and more rounded. Muzzle is worked out more carefully. Do not forget that it is gray. Thus we make each foot and ears. Beads of the required size are used as eyes. You will certainly like the felling of a lamb. The master class is completely uncomplicated.

Sheep with a beautiful face

The next option is more complicated. It turns out an attractive lamb made of wool. Felting begins on the same principle as in the first master class. That's just the muzzle we make denser, drawing on the mouth, nose and eyes. Attention is also paid to the fur coat of the animal. For this, wavy wool is specially purchased. It does not even need to be processed. We work with the needles in the place where the upper layer is attached to the main body.

felting lamb master class

This is more complex felting. Sheep turns out beautiful more than once. It can be used to decorate the interior and give as a gift.

Festive wreath at the door

In many countries it is customary to hang on the front doorcute wreath. It is made of twigs, flowers and colorful ribbons. It can be decorated with a variety of balls or eggs, if it is a question of the Easter holiday. We propose to create a festive decoration in the form of lambs. Make it a method of dry felting.

dry felling of a lamb

To do this, you need to create the same diameter balls. Colors can be completely arbitrary. In this case, gray, black and white wool was used. Some balls will be turned into a symbol of this year. You just need to roll your head and legs. Very quickly, this felling of a sheep is done. The master class is simple enough, but the result is simply magnificent.

Colored animals

Bright lambs are attractive, whichare made of the simplest wool. Used in this method, dry felting. The sheep looks human. The basis is made according to the master class from the first lesson. Further, details are worked out more carefully. One pet is running. It seems that the lamb is an old grandmother, knitting another scarf on her shoulders. The second was executed without meaning, but painted in bright colors. Used for this are the most common dyes for fabrics.

dry felting lamb master class

Experiment and do not be afraid to show your originality. Only in this way can you create special interior items and unusual characters.

A beautiful family of sheep's wool

As you can see, you can create real masterpiecesart, using felting. Sheep may not be alone. If you want and have enough time, create a whole family. Such a composition will decorate not only your home, but also become a wonderful gift.

The base is made by the standard dry methodfelting. The easiest way is to fool around on a large sponge for the dishes. So you do not have to keep pieces of wool in your hands. Just put them on a porous material and go to the felting process. Alternately, create calves for adults and children of different sizes. Above the animals are covered with characteristic fur coats, which convey the naturalness of each product.

felling sheep symbol 2015

To achieve this effect, simply twista strip of wool into a spiral. Next, apply to the body of the animal and begin to roll. Just do not overdo it, creating this textured fur coat. You can use colored pieces of wool in a process such as felting lamb. The symbol of 2015 will decorate any house. Such a composition is not a shame to present as a gift.

Of course, doing them is not easy. But the time is worth it. It is always pleasant to admire your finished products. It's especially fun to realize that you did it yourself.

Sheep in the form of brooches

It is not necessary to make animals shaped. You can create ovals, which are applied to white pieces of wool. Lambs are slipping from them. Black hair denotes muzzle, paws and ears. On the chest make a small heart. So the product will find warmth and sincerity. A fastener is fastened behind it or a pin is fastened. Now such a brooch can decorate any coat or jacket. On the bag, these medallions with lambs also look attractive.

felting lamb

Choose colors the most diverse. Thus, you can create a decorative panel on the wall. Or a more complicated brooch with hanging paws. Decorate your product with ribbons and ribbons. Decorative trifles not only look attractive, but also add to the most ordinary objects of exclusivity.

Now you know how to create attractive sheep by felting. The main thing is to start this unusual process. You will need some patience and diligence.

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Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class Felting: a sheep made of wool. Dry felting lamb: master class