Feijoa with sugar: recipes

Feijoa is the fruit of a small tree that grows in the highlands of South America. For the first time such plants were seen by Europeans in Brazil. They named the fruit in honor of its discoverer - a Portuguese naturalist named Juan da Silva Feiju. This happened at the end of the 19th century.

The benefits of feijoa

Feijoa has a peculiar, unlike anything taste. This is due to the high content of iodine (from 2 to almost 4 mg per 1 kilogram of fruit). Let us remind the reader that a person of average complexion needs only 0.15 mg of this substance per day. However, there are fruits that have more iodine content. It depends on the distance of tree growth from the sea. The closer to the coast, the greater the value of the fruits. The fruit is rich not only with iodine, but also with other useful organic substances and sugars.

feijoa with sugar recipe

Now doctors advise people who have insufficient levels of hormones produced by the thyroid gland to eat more iodine-containing products.Feijoa is considered one of the most useful, and at the same time, delicious products.

Cooking Application

Feijoa fruits are used in various forms. You can eat them raw, make salads and bake pies with the filling of this fruit, cook compotes, add to lemonade. From the fruits of feijoa prepare jams and jams. You can make mixes, combining with other fruits. It is very useful to eat grated feijoa with sugar. We will describe the recipe in the article a little later.

feijoa rubbed with sugar recipe

You can mix fruit puree with honey. On the basis of the blanks make a delicious jelly and add it to the souffle, put in the tea instead of jam. It is recommended to eat a couple of spoons per day to improve mood. After all, iodine-containing products increase not only the level of hormones, but also make a person vigorous, cheerful. Next, consider the recipes feijoa with sugar for the winter. We also learn how to do the workpiece and where it is better to store it.

Fruit preparation

When buying feijoa need to pay attention to the appearance of the fetus. The product should not contain dark spots, mechanical damage. Coloring should be uniform, color - not too dark green, peculiar to the immature fruit, which tastes very tart and bitter. Even a mixture of such feijoa with sugar (recipe below) will not correct the taste of the dessert.

Fruits should be as green as in the first photo in our article. It tastes like a mixture of strawberries and kiwi. After the purchase you need to do the harvesting on the same day, as the fruits may deteriorate.

Since the feijoa peel contains the most useful substances, it cannot be cut off. First, the fruits are washed thoroughly, then you need to cut the tops with sepals. Then you want to put the fruit in a saucepan and pour over boiling water.

How best to grind fruit?

After processing, the fruit must be chopped. To do this, you can use both a meat grinder and a blender, depending on how much feijoa with the prescription sugar you decided to make. To puree turned out more tender, it is recommended to skip the fruit through a meat grinder several times. If you make a little mix, then you can safely do with a blender. When using a blender, it is possible to control the thickness of the puree and choose the consistency that suits your needs. If you like a thick composition, then beat the fruit for long, and if you need a liquid mass, then work with a blender for a longer period of time.

feijoa with sugar recipe for winter

What is even more convenient for a blender is the fact that sugar can be added to the puree during the whipping process. With the use of mechanical mixing, sugar crystals will dissolve better and the mixture will not contain lumps. This will not work in a meat grinder. When grinding fruits with the help of this unit, sugar is put into the container after everything has been ground, and the composition is whipped with a spoon or a whisk. With such mixing sugar crystals can remain, but it is not scary, later they will dissolve anyway.

What can be added to the recipe?

Feijoa, mashed with sugar, according to the recipe, allows for the presence of any additional ingredients in the composition except for the main products (ground walnuts, apples). Perfectly combines the sweet-tart taste of feijoa with citrus. You can add the zest of the fruit, juice and pulp.

The recipe, feijoa, mashed with sugar, goes well with pear and ginger. Some housewives even experimented with the addition of pomegranate seeds and rose petals. You can also dream up and try the mix with your favorite fruit.

Cooking process

Before you make feijoa, mashed with sugar, according to the recipe you need to measure out the necessary proportions. According to the technology of preparation they usually take 1: 1, that is, 1 kg of sugar is consumed per 1 kg of fruit.But some do not like too sweet mixture, therefore, reduce the amount of sugar. Valid for good storage of puree to take 700-800 g of bulk product. If you are not allergic to honey, you can use this useful composition instead of sugar.

feijoa sugar recipes

After grinding the fruits with a blender or meat grinder, add sugar in parts into the resulting mass and mix thoroughly until smooth. Before starting work, you also need to prepare a glass container. Banks are well washed out and dried. The mixture is filled in a sterile container and stored in a cold place. In urban environments, banks should be placed in a refrigerator, and in the private sector - in the basement.

Feijoa puree with sugar (according to the recipe - without cooking) is stored for no more than three months in a cold place. It is enough to replenish the seasonal lack of vitamins in the winter. Eat mashed potatoes in small portions, you can add it to tea, compotes.

Feijoa with lemon and sugar: a recipe

For the winter, it is recommended to do harvesting of an exotic feijoa fruit grinded in a meat grinder with a lemon that is already familiar to us. The energy value of 100 grams of such puree is 250 kcal.This successful combination is a storehouse of vitamins. Even one tablespoon per day will raise the immune system, and in case of catarrhal diseases, so often pursuing people in a cold season, it promotes faster recovery.

According to the taste characteristics, this dish only wins: lemon gives some spice to the jam. Consider further how to make lemon, feijoa and sugar jam for the winter. The recipe is read further:

  1. Prepare the necessary ingredients - 1 kg of feijoa fruit, 1 lemon, 1.2 kg of sugar and some water (approximately 80 ml).
  2. Fruits need to be washed and cleaned, cut off all the tails, cut them into small pieces.
  3. Lemon is required to free from zest, select all the bones, then cut into small pieces (as indicated in the recipe of feijoa with sugar).
  4. Grind the prepared components in a meat grinder. It is enough once, because during the cooking process the structure of the paste will change.
  5. Place the mixture in an enamel bowl and add sugar. Mix everything thoroughly with water.
  6. After kneading, the gruel is put on a slow fire and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.
  7. Boiled mixture is cooked in just 5 minutes.
  8. After turning off the fire, the jam is immediately poured into sterilized jars and corked with lids boiled in an enamel saucepan for 10 minutes.

As you can see, recipes for feijoa with sugar are simple and quick to perform.

Feijoa recipe with sugar without cooking

Another variant

We will offer the reader one more way to prepare a dessert made from these two complementary fruits. Lemon not only adds the amount of vitamins, but at the expense of its acid reduces the sugary sweetness of the product. Also, the acidity of citrus fruits has the best preservative properties.

For one portion of puree, 700 grams of feijoa, 200 grams of lemon (some like an orange mix) are taken, sugar is also 700 g.

Fruits are prepared in the same way as the previous one: they are washed, cleaned from the top and sepals, cut into small pieces. If there are when cutting dung or areas with darkening, then they need to be cut. Feijoa prescription cooking with sugar is also ground on a blender or grinder.

feijoa powdered sugar recipe

The main difference of this recipe from the previous one is the preparation of a lemon. It before boiling should be boiled in boiling water for about one minute. After cooling, the citrus is stoned and ground, pouring into the mixture with feijoa.It remains to add the right amount of sugar and mix everything thoroughly with a spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then the puree is packaged in sterile jars, tightly closed with lids. Preserved in the refrigerator or in the winter on the balcony.

Feijoa Drink

Such a wonderful and vitamin-rich fruit can be added to drinks. Even just cutting a couple of pieces of fresh feijoa into hot tea, we get a delicious drink that promotes health.

You can also cook separately compote. To do this, take a pound of fruit, two glasses of sugar, 3 liters of water and just a little bit of citric acid (one third of a teaspoon).

Add sugar to the boiling water and cook for a few minutes until completely dissolved. Then the peeled and washed feijoa fruits, cut into 4 parts, are added to the sugar syrup. The cooking process lasts 5 minutes. At the end add citric acid.

feijoa with lemon and sugar recipe

Fruits are transferred to sterilized jars, filled with syrup in which compote was boiled on top, and rolled with metal lids. Canned food is turned upside down and wrapped in a blanket. This is done to ensure that the cooling of the cans was gradual, and that the upper part of the preform was warmed up and sterilized well.The next day, you can remove the blanket, and banks, turning over to the bottom, lay down in a dark cool place. In winter, such a vitamin drink will be simply necessary for your body.


The article describes in detail the recipes for making feijoa with sugar for the winter. A wonderful fruit is useful not only for its high content of iodine, although this is its main advantage over other fruits, it also perfectly tones and boosts immunity in the winter, when there is an acute shortage of vitamins in the body.

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