Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas

Modern impeccable make-up is difficult to imaginewithout properly shading the shadows. It allows you to achieve a smooth transition of hues, without sharp, defined boundaries and jerks. Feeling of shadows is important not only if two colors are mixed. It is necessary when applying shadows of one shade to neutralize external borders. When performing shading, it is important to follow the basic technique, use the right brushes, quality cosmetics. Preliminary practice will also be required. Ideal feathering may not work out the first time. Only compliance with all of the above factors will ensure the desired result. How is shading done? What secrets and lifhaki recommend modern fashionista stylists? Consider the answers to these questions further in detail.

brush for feather shadows

Basic shading technique: description

It will take three kinds of shadows: bright (can be white or matte), medium and dark, and also a special brush.

1. At the first stage of preparation it is necessary to powder the eyelid, so that the skin becomes matte.

2. Using a brush to shade the shadows, type a little mid-tone and in circular motions at the outer corner of the eye, select the application boundaries. It is necessary to avoid unnecessarily pressing the applicator. With the same brush, you need to designate the eyelid line just above the fold.

3. In a dark shade, repeat the boundaries and draw the outer corner of the eye. Also denote the line above the fold. We do not reach the middle of the century. Draw a darkening of the outer corner.

4. Next, beige shadows with circular motions shade the upper designated makeup contours.

5. It will take a highlighter or a light tone with brilliance. It is applied to the area under the eyebrow, leading to the main tone. So the borders will look even more blurry.


Correctly matched tools for featheringin the makeup of the eyes will be the key to a successful result. In general, you will need a brush for concealer, powder, applying shadows. They provide the necessary base before blurring the color boundaries. Brush for feather shadows has rounded edges and elongated pile. It can be different in size, so it is important to choose a convenient option for you. Feeling of shadows can be done with an ordinary brush for application, but it is better to leave such experiments to professionals.

Make-up artists recommend using a soft brushin a circular motion in the clockwise direction. You can not move it from side to side or up and down to avoid sharp strokes. Correctly selected brush will help even non-professionals to perform make-up "smokey aise", cat's eyes or usual form correction. To master the technique it is better to preview several videos from professionals.

shading of shadows

Brushes for shading shadows: reviews

The most popular legal optionsare considered MAC (models 222 and 224), Make Up For Ever (17S Eyeshadow brush), Sigma (E40 and E35), as well as products of Bobby Brown. Most of the above brushes users rate from 4.5 to 5 total points. It is necessary to avoid fakes and adhere to the correct technique of applying and shading the shadows in order to achieve the desired result.

In general, they show themselves well in their worktools with soft, silk, densely packed pile and an ideal cut. The size should be selected according to the size of the eyes and the height of the eyelid (it is better to start with the medium or small version for practice).

In addition to the basic function of feathering, the brush is multifunctional and can be used for applying shadows, concealer and highlighter.

makeup feather shadows

How to achieve a smooth shade transition when shading

With a combination of related colors of the palette,for example, from violet to blue, or for different tones of the same color (from brown to beige), it is very important to achieve a soft transition due to light strokes of the brush. They are performed in a circular motion in one direction.

When using contrasting tones (white and black), an intermediate shade must be included. In this case, they will become gray.

Makeup with a shade of shadows will be bestis made on the basis of qualitative matte textures. It is worth to abandon the product with mother of pearl. In reserve, keep shadows or powder that perfectly match the shade of your skin. They are required in the event that somewhere it was laid more than necessary color, will remove excessive intensity or help to correct the form. Do not rub your fingers with flaws in the process - everything should be worked out with a brush for the naturalness of the transition of the tones.

shading of shadows

Features of feathering-tattooing

Tattoo in the technique of "shadows on the centuries" can beexecuted with or without arrows. The choice of a master is 90% the key to success. Keep shading of the shadows (tattoo) for about a year, so it's important to carefully approach the preliminary sketch matching, performed with a pencil and a gel pen. Only if the sketch is like 100%, you can agree to the procedure. It will take about 4-5 hours of your time.

Before the tattoo on the eyelid is appliedgel-anesthetic. After this, you can not get up so that the sketch is not smeared. Periodically in the process, the result can be adjusted according to the wishes of the client. After the procedure, you should be ready for swelling. In a month it is necessary to make a correction. It aligns the transitions of shades. That there were no cracks during healing, the eyelid is treated with petroleum jelly. While there are crusts, you can not wet the tattoo of shadows. In a week it will be possible to wash.

application and shading of shadows

Idea for the summer image: make-up "smokey ayz" with feathering

At the first stage of "smoky makeup"it is important to choose a palette of shadows. In summer, neutral beige or contrasts and expressive tones are usually popular. Consider a golden brown version of "Smokey ais". Feeling of shadows is performed based on three shades of a given palette.

1. First apply the primer to the eyes. It can be replaced with low-fat cream for this area.

2. The whole shade is applied to the entire eyelid with a special brush.

3. Then a dark tone is placed on top of it in the corner of the eye and the bend of the eyelid.

4. Brushes soft semicircular movements transitions, until clear boundaries disappear. It is recommended not to stretch the skin on the eyelids.

5. Light shadows are applied along the outer line of the feather and under the eyebrows. Graphic borders are blurred with a brush.

6. On the lower eyelid is applied a pearl brown hue from the same palette. Borders are used.

7. If desired, arrows are drawn.

Brush for feather shadows reviews

Secrets and tips for shading shadows

Make-up artists recommend to carry out feathering beforethe moment until clear graphic lines are visible. For working out of dark color it is better to type a little light shadows on a brush and only then to start procedure. The application and shading of shadows can be performed in different graphic forms: apple, hood, eyelet and corner. The choice depends on the shape of the eyes and the makeup style. Do not use foam brushes. They exclude a good result and will only disabuse you of your own strengths and skills.

Feeling of shadows can be performed evena beginner with properly selected shadows, a brush and a certain amount of practice. It is recommended that you first master this makeup style in two shades, and then connect the third one. Several videos with master classes of professionals will give an opportunity to study the process in more detail and repeat the result.

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Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas Feeling of shadows: description of technique, features and interesting ideas