Fecal pump with a cutter for sewerage

Fecal pumping equipment is designed forpumping clean or contaminated with organic and fibrous inclusions liquid. In private households and suburban areas it is used for pumping out cesspools or septic tanks, watering the garden or drying for the pool winter, eliminating flooding in the cellars, and these devices are used less often for pumping water out of the well.fecal pump with cutting device

Properly selected equipment can solve many problems associated with pumping water on the farm. And the fecal pump with the cutting mechanism in this case is a universal model.


Pumping equipment, complete with cuttingmechanism, allows you to remove feces from premises that are located below the level of sewer pipelines, most effectively. Also, the presence of a fecal pump when installing additional equipment does not require the reconstruction of premises.fecal pump with chopper

Ready-to-connect faecal pump with cuttingmechanism allows you to have kitchen facilities and bathrooms below the level of the sewer, as well as in remote places where it is impractical or impossible to build a gravity sewer system. This equipment is intended exclusively for domestic use, and its installation and operation have certain requirements.

Areas of use

  • Installation in the sewer system of production facilities for food and processing industries, into which waste streams of organic waste can enter.
  • A fecal pump with a shredder can be used to clean the sewage system of silt deposits.
  • Pumping of water from the storm system, drainage well and other water intake facilities.
  • Cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks.
  • Fecal cutting pumps are also installed withthe purpose of pumping sewage from plumbing equipment (washing and dishwasher, sink, toilet, etc.) located below the sewage system.Fecal submersible pump with chopper

Types and features

Pumps for sewer systems differ constructively depending on the intended use. Let us consider them in more detail.

Pumps for bathrooms

Fecal sewer pump with cuttingmechanism in the bathroom is mounted directly behind the toilet. This method of connection allows pumping liquid through pipelines with a diameter of 30-35 mm. In most cases, these models are equipped with an automatic trigger mechanism and run at each discharge.

A faecal pump with a chopper works well with organic and fibrous inclusions, but solid waste, for example sand or stones, can lead to its breakage.fecal cutting pumps

When choosing it is desirable to pay attention toequipment with the possibility of connecting several appliances at the same time (bath, toilet, bidet, shower), and the pump must have a different inlet.

Pumping of sewage from dishwashers or sinks

Fecal cutting pumps for pumping sewage fromdishwashers or sinks are designed to work with a hot liquid with a temperature of 80-90 ° C. Such equipment requires annual preventive cleaning because of the fat deposits on its surface. When active, more frequent cleaning will be required.fecal submersible pumps with a cutting device

Loading, semisubmersible and submersible devices

These pumps can be identified by a separate group,they are intended for use in private homes, in the country, as well as in enterprises for pumping out sewage from reservoirs, cesspools, septic tanks. Fecal submersible pumps with a cutting mechanism are characterized not only by excellent technical characteristics, but also by large flow channels, so they can easily cope with large volumes of liquid and rather large organic impurities.

Popular Models

Name Features Specifications Price
Grundfos SEG Impeller control system, cast iron cutting mechanism. Productivity 15m3/ h, 2890 rpm, head 46 m, weight 38 kg. 57700 rub.
Wilo Drainlift M1 / ​​8 EM INCL. RV Sound-proof labels, providing insulation of the case, emergency energy-dependent alarm. Productivity 35м3/ h, 2900 rpm, head 25 m, weight 62 kg. 80300 rub.
Espa DRAINEX 300 400 50 000312 / STD The impeller is located above the annular chamber, self-lubricating bearings, built-in thermal protection. Productivity 34м3/ h, 2900 rpm, the head is 7.6 m. 32800 rub.
SPERONI CUTTY 200 / N Rotor and shaft are made of stainless steel, built-in thermal protection, the maximum depth of 20 m. Productivity 21m3/ h, head 17 m, weight 35 kg. 34500 rub.
HOMA Barracuda GRP 50 D The cast iron body, impeller and cutting shaft are made of stainless steel, thermal protection integrated in the winding, asynchronous motor with a constant mode of operation. Productivity 22м3/ h, 2840 rpm, head of 52 m, weight of 56 kg. 36600 rub.
HOMA Barracuda GRP 50 D A chrome-plated steel shaft that does not require lubrication, a seal control sensor in an electronic-type shut-off oil chamber, a multi-bladed open wheel with an integrated crusher. Productivity 22м3/ h, 2840 rpm, head of 52 m, weight of 56 kg. 206200 rub.

The head of the pumping equipment indicates whichthe height can be lifted by the pumped liquid. This is especially important if the faecal pump with the cutting mechanism must pump a large volume of liquid, and the sewage pipelines are located deep underground. The standard operating temperature of this equipment is +40 ° C. This is the most optimal temperature at which the fecal pump with the cutting mechanism will work properly. A short rise in temperature to +60 ° C is possible, but this happens rarely.pump for fecal sewerage with a cutting mechanism

Regarding the material from whicha cutting mechanism is made and the body is, as a rule, stainless steel and cast iron. The steel parts are characterized by low weight, but these structures are more prone to corrosion. Devices made of cast iron have high corrosion resistance, but they are quite susceptible to temperature changes.

Tips for choosing

Currently, the market of pumping equipmentis overflowed, which significantly complicates the choice of the most optimal model, especially if one does not have an understanding of the main characteristics that need to be addressed:

  • Distance from the drainage place to the fence.
  • If the faecal submersible pump with a shredder is not additionally equipped with adapters, then the diameter of its branch pipes must coincide with the diameter of the sewage pipeline.
  • Desired productivity.
  • Depth of submergence of the pump unit.
  • Duration and frequency of operation.

When choosing a faecal submersible pump with a shredder, equipment for a bathroom or for pumping waste, the following basic parameters should be considered:

  • Engine power is the most important indicator, on which the life cycle and productivity largely depends. After all, the greater the capacity of the unit, the greater the cost of electricity.
  • The diameter of possible inclusions and the purity of the drains.

All of the above will help to choose the most optimum pumps for your sewer system, which will ensure its smooth operation.

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