Features and caloric content: rice noodles

Each nation has its own gastronomic tastes andaddiction. One of the most popular dishes among Asian residents is Chinese rice noodles. Usually it is made from rice flour. Its main advantages are neutral taste, elasticity and good compatibility with other products. Rice noodles boiled calorie content is small.

From what is done

For making Chinese noodles is usedstarch. Ideally, it is starch from mung beans, but now cheaper options are used, such as corn and potato ingredients. The flour of any beans is also used. You can buy such noodles in dried form and use it when making delicious salads and soups.

Glass noodles

Chinese rice noodles are also called fuchsozoy. Its appearance is quite original - mysterious ultra-thin translucent threads. Such noodles were nicknamed glass because it acquires transparency.

Nutritional value of fucus

caloric content of rice noodles

All consumers are interested in its energy value. Chinese rice noodles,The calorie content of which is 338 kcal per 100 gramsproduct, is in great demand among domestic consumers. Do not be afraid of this calorie content. For all who follow their health and figure, it is a wonderful product.

This component is indispensable for all who follow a diet and who is important minimum caloric intake.

Rice noodles are the perfect base for cooking experiments. It is the most traditional component of many salads, appetizers, Chinese soups.

Composition of fucchose

The composition of the fungus contains about 75% of the starch,its nutritional value is high. It contains almost the entire complex of B vitamins, which are necessary for the human body for the normal functioning of the nervous system, cellular metabolism.

 Chinese rice noodles

It contains many minerals:

  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus.

All substances in the complex have a good effect onstate of human health. Its benefits are known all over the world. It contains unique complex carbohydrates, their large number provides the human muscle tissue with the right energy. Especially it is necessary for sportsmen and people, whose work is connected with physical loads.

Paradoxically, it's a product for form and mood! The minimum amount of salt in its composition allows it to be used by people with diseases of the vessels, kidneys and heart.

The product is ideal for children and the elderly, as it is very well absorbed.

Where can I buy

It is not difficult to find a feces. Even with us it is sold in every store and supermarket. The quality product is almost transparent. Do not take the muddy, stuck together and white noodles.

How to cook

Noodles are usually not boiled, but simply soakedabout half an hour in hot water, just before the main course is ready, to which it will be a side dish. Very tasty combinations with seafood, fried meat and vegetables. Boiled or smoked chicken is an ideal option.

It goes well with taste characteristics withradish, cucumber and radish. Dishes with Chinese noodles are seasoned with traditional soy sauce. If caloric value is important for you, rice noodles will not make the dish heavily heavy. In its composition, there is almost no fat. rice noodles boiled calories

Glass noodles for baby food

This product is very rich in useful vitamins andminerals, so it can be used for baby food as part of salads and as a garnish. Of course, do not forget that to prepare children's dishes you need to add a minimum amount of salt and spices. Funchoza is easily and quickly absorbed by the baby's body. For active life, your child will receive food that contains the necessary calorie content. Rice noodles is a component of so many dishes.

Funchosa during fasting

In the culture and religion of many peoples there are posts, during which various restrictions apply. Quite often there are prohibitions on the use of products of animal origin.

Chinese rice noodles calorie content

Funchoza is a product made from plant components. Since it is perfectly combined with vegetables, sauces and seasonings, it will be convenient for you to diversify your menu.

During the fasting, people are especially important calorie. Rice noodles will contribute to obtaining the right amount of trace elements.

Now many people are very concerned about healthypower. Are actively looking for healthy and low-calorie foods. Funchoza - an indispensable component, taste and other useful properties of which have been tested for centuries. Over time, it will take its place in the menu of each family. Bright and varied dishes with noodles will be an ornament of our tables and on weekdays, and on holidays. If you have not tried the function, it is worthwhile to show culinary adventurism and prepare from it something tasty and useful for the whole family.

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