"Fast and the Furious: 8": the cast continues to race

Not so long ago, the success of the 7th part died down, andthe producers have already recruited the actors in Forsage-8, which will please the presence of old heroes, as well as the appearance of new faces. Part of the audience was so fond of the franchise that the statement of the filmmakers about the work on the new trilogy produced a real sensation. It is logical, because the previous episode collected at the box office about 1.5 billion dollars, which indicates an absolute box office success. Another half of kinomanov claims that it was necessary to put an end to the tragic events with the main actor "Fast and the Furious" Paul Walker. Who of them will be right, will be known after the tape is on the screens. Read more about how, where and with whom the surveys were conducted, read in the article.

The plot of the new part

The cast of the movie "Fast and the Furious" will beto resist a new antagonist. The role of an attractive main villain of the film went to Charlize Theron. The actress confirmed her participation in the project on the page in Facebook.

afterburner 8 cast and roles

From the official trailer it becomes clear thatthe main character of the tape, Dominic Torreto, played by Vin Diesel, asks the question: "Could I ever imagine that I will betray my friends?" He faces face to face with a dangerous cyber criminals and, probably, then common goals. His team falls into the hands of the authorities, and Torreto is declared the enemy number 1. True intentions of Dominic will be known only at the premiere.

afterburner 8 cast and crew

There is another important storyline,which migrated from the previous part of the franchise. In the eighth part will also appear Mr. No one in person. It is possible that the filmmakers will disclose maps, and the viewer will become aware of who this person is, what happened in his past and what his plans for the future are.

More details about the production of the film are notis disclosed. The filming process has been completed, only technical details remain. Will there be any more main characters? This question is still shrouded in the secret filming.

"Fast and the Furious": actors and roles

It was already mentioned that in the new part of the franchise wewe will see on the screens of old heroes. In addition to Vin Diesel in the film will play Michelle Rodriguez. She is returned to the team according to the plot. Her character Letty Ortiz is one of the most experienced female riders, a strong-willed lady and faithful friend of Dominic Torreto.

afterburner 8 cast members personal life

Carefully selected for the movie "Fast and the Furious"the cast of actors pleases with its "starry". There are so many different and talented people gathered in it! One of them is Jason State. With his hero, Deckard Shaw, the audience met in the previous part of "Fast and Furious". His goal was revenge for his brother's death. But the team of friends was able to send him to prison, from which they do not go free. However, Dekkard again in the ranks. How he will be able to free himself, we learn from the new part.

The rule of law in the new part is again personified by the character of Dwayne Johnson. Luke Hobbs on the plot is a harsh but fair federal agent. He is known to film fans for another fifth of the franchise.

afterburner 8 cast

While it is for certain it is not known who will play ScottEastwood. He got the role of a new character, his creators did not announce the name to the public. The fans are guessing that it will become a kind of replacement for the protagonist of the previous parts Bryan O'Conner. There are also suggestions that this character will act in concert with Mr. No one.

To be or not to be without Paul Walker

By tragic accident the project participants"Fast and the Furious" - the cast and crew - said goodbye to the celebrity, thanks to which the franchise became so popular, with Paul Walker. The actor died in a car crash and did not even have time to complete the shooting in the 7th part.

Of course, for a long time on the Internetspreading speculation that the character will try to "revive". Now the opportunities of the film industry are quite large - this is computer graphics, and quality installation. Especially Walker had two brothers who could replace him on the set. But the director refused this idea in favor of focusing on other, no less interesting characters of the franchise.

So, new and old heroes promise even more dashingplot than in the previous parts. The film will be full of chases, action scenes and beautiful shootings. It remains to wait for the premiere to assess how good the film Fast 8 without Paul.

"Fast and Furious 8": cast (personal life)

On the set of the movie "Fast and the Furious"composition, like many other star personality, can not do without intrigues, romantic attachments and even quarrels. So, for example, after the end of filming in the painting of Vin Diesel on August 11, 2016, he had a conflict with Dwayne Johnson. Since Diesel is also the co-producer of the picture, Johnson was not satisfied with some of his creative decisions. This caused a sudden withdrawal of the actor from the studio.

cast of 8

In 2015, Diesel became the father for the second time. His newborn daughter he named after a friend on the picture - Paul Walker. Now Paulina reminds him of the shootings that changed his life in the literal sense of the word.

But Jason State in 2016 pleased the fans with his engagement with Rosie Huntington. With her, the actor has met since 2010, and it was quite expected that the couple would finally decide to get married.

Interesting Facts

In the movie "Fast and the Furious", the cast will visit a variety of shooting locations - it will be night New York, and the placid nature of Iceland, and the hot Havana (Cuba).

The main action will still take place in New York.

The director's chair in the new section was occupied by F. Gary Gray.

Release date

The number is already known exactly when "Forsage-8" will be releasedon large screens in Russia and the world. The premiere will be held on April 12. And in Russian cinemas, the film will be shown for the first time on April 13, 2017. Fans of spectacular races have to wait for the appointed date and watch the official trailers.

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