Famous bags from Palio. Customer Reviews

- this is not just an accessory, it is a must have for any woman. Whether it is a small clutch or a roomy tote, the “precious” Hermes Birkin or a leatherette “knapsack” bought at the market, but she will certainly hang out in the hands of the hostess.

If you do not rush to extremes, you can select the market segment, which is average in terms of price indicators. The main buyers of such bags are ladies, who highly appreciate the quality of the accessory, and as you know, brands that manufacture high-quality products and use expensive materials pay special attention to design.

Representatives of this group of products includePalio handbags.palio bags reviews

Mysterious stranger

The first bags of this company appeared on the market not many more than sixty years ago. All these years, the factory has been working steadily, mainly on the quality of materials, accessories, and tailoring. The performance is really flawless, as stated by numerous reviews about Palio bags.

The factory is quite large, it has an average of about one thousand highly qualified employees, and the area of ​​all technological complexes is approximately 25,000 meters2. Production is carried out in China, so that the consumer can rely on a harmonious ratio of price and quality. The company is proud of its product, demonstrating it at competitions, shows around the world.

In Russia, this brand is little known. In the shops it is almost there, but in a huge range it is presented on the pages of countless online stores. Given that all bags are made of genuine leather, the price tag can be called democratic. That is why this name has attracted attention so much lately.palio handbags

Palio Bags Overview

A variety of models affects the abundance of shapes and colors.Palio Bag Descriptionit comes down to the fact that they have something special, original, single. All collections are designed in timeless classic style. Purposeful, elegant, tasteful woman is a fan of this brand. The models have intrinsic features, such as external decorative stitching, which can also be contrasted. The dressing of the skin is mostly classic, emphasizing its natural beauty. The latest collections are replete with models with an unusual production of morocco and reptile.

Women's bagsPaliopractical and designed for daily use. Specialists of the factory have thought out pockets, compartments, locks, belts, and handles to the smallest details. They are handled with great care so that you don’t have to get upset because of torn loops, jamming locks, ripped pockets and a battered lining.palio bags review

The taste and color ...

Designers of the company are doing a tremendous work so that each handbag embodies the latest fashion trends and functionality. It should be as durable, reliable, roomy, but at the same time beautiful and elegant, too, simply must be. This is very difficult to achieve, despite the fact that this brand is focused on women with average incomes. Indeed, it is not without reason that among the reviews about Palio bags one can find those that express surprise with excellent quality for such reasonable money. Therefore, the brand is gaining great popularity and is gaining new hearts of consumers.

The model range allows you to choose a "companion" for every taste, even the most pretentious. Here and a rich palette of colors, which makes it possible to easily identify suitable to one or another along.Decorative elements, such as patch pockets, key rings, fringe, tassels, applique, embroidery, will also diversify and make the image dull. The different shape and length of the handles also matter for fastidious ladies who prefer comfort and ease of use.palio bags description


The disadvantages include a rather limited number of elegant models that are suitable to complement the evening dress. Yes, and they will not impress sophisticated bags-maniacs.

The disadvantage, judging by some reviews about Palio bags, is a certain simplicity of models, despite the quality of materials, accessories and tailoring. But this, again, is surely in the eyes of a person who is used to seeing the masterpieces of luxury brands. After all, the market is filled with all sorts of replicas and frank fakes of these very standards of beauty.

Cautions against fakes

When buying a bag from an Italian manufacturer in an online store, you must choose the one you can trust, who already has a good reputation.

On metal fittings, as well as on the lining, the brand name should flaunt. Stitches, inner seams should be perfectly flat.Sticking threads, unfinished lines - all this is a sign of a fake.

The uniformity and color saturation, the absence of visible defects, the symmetry of the details - everything must be immaculate.

The average price of a handbag varies within ten thousand rubles. If they offer three times cheaper, then this is a reason to doubt its authenticity.

Buying a fake, and then posting negativebag reviewsPalioPeople form a false impression of the famous brand of Italy.

For a woman who strives to be unique, special, elegant, buying decent accessories is not a waste of money, but an investment in her impeccable image.

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