Face painting: drawings for beginners. Face painting for children

Face painting has become an almost integral part of the festive costume. Children like when their faces are painted with bright colors, this brings some magic to the atmosphere of the celebration. - the pleasure is not cheap, especially if you need to paint several children at once.

Is fun worth the money?

Masters of painting for their services take a lot of money. The simplest picture costs about three hundred rubles, respectively, if you color all the guys at the festival, the amount will be round. Some craftsmen are not professionals, and what they offer is rarely worth the money they ask for in the end. Isn't it easier to learn how to make face painting on your face? To do this, there is no need to be a professional artist, you just have to have the desire. Children love to follow the process of creating a drawing on the face, and you can use your own child to learn.When, as a result of your labors, decent copies begin to appear, you can safely take up drawing children at the festival.

face painting with a face painting

Advantages and disadvantages of akvagrim

Before you start learning the case, you need to know about all its disadvantages and advantages.

Face painting for children is good because you can easily create the image of your beloved hero. If you make a mistake in the process of drawing, then you just have to wash your face and start over. But a light flush is not only a virtue, but also a disadvantage. Children, running and jumping, can stain their own and other people's clothes.

Face painting is sold in the form of pencils and paints. The former are very practical, but they are not so easy to use. It is possible to create an easy face painting with their help, but they are not suitable for masterpieces. Pencils leave too wide lines and cover a part of the created pattern, therefore it is very difficult to make a high-quality, smooth and beautiful face painting. Novice artists will be easier to use colors. In order to draw them, you can use any brush.

easy face painting

Where to begin?

First you need to find several types of drawings and print them to make it easier to draw.Show the children examples of what you can offer them. When they choose, get to work. The face painting on the face of a child is very simple to use, so don’t choose the lightest options. The main thing is that the process of creating a picture gives you pleasure, and the result pleased the kids.

Do not forget that children love to try on the images of various popular characters, so you will need to find examples of how to draw Spiderman, Batman, Kitty, fairies and other fantastic creatures. For the little ones, you can choose animals such as cats, dogs, tigers, butterflies, bears, chanterelles.

Arm yourself with different size brushes and a regular sponge for washing dishes. The latter is very convenient to work with large areas of skin. For example, if you need to completely paint over the cheeks or forehead. It will be much faster and more convenient to use a sponge.

When you start working with paints, do not apply thick layers, so the pictures on the face will not shine with a face painting. In addition, a thick layer can crack, and it will be easier to get dirty about it than about a drawing applied with a thin layer.

face painting drawings for beginners

Should I fear for the health of the child?

Many parents will disbelieve Avagrim. There will be a lot of questions about the safety of this procedure. So, can face make harm to baby’s skin? The answer is no. Paints for drawings on the skin are made on a water-based, therefore, do not cause allergic reactions, redness, itching and flaking. You can create drawings without any fear in any colors even on a kid who has an allergy to anything. Of course, if parents are categorically against their child being painted, then do not persuade, everyone should have their own opinion.

Making the process interesting

In order to create a face painting on the face of a child, it is necessary to follow several rules, so that not only the result but also the process itself is important for the baby. So that the child obediently sat during your work with him, use our advice.

First of all, go over the baby's cheeks with a dry brush so that he gets used to the sensations and does not begin to laugh and twitch when drawing the picture.

Do not offer your little client the image that he does not want, because as a result, he will wear face painting on him, not you.

If the process is delayed, then let the baby run.Let him move a little actively, and then continue to work.

Hold a mirror in front of you so that the child can see how the drawing is created. It will be much more interesting for him to sit. Listen to his advice and wishes, even if the plans were not to draw this or that detail.

Do not skimp on the words. Ask your child questions or just tell something exciting. Do not forget to praise for perseverance.

face painting for children

Face painting: pictures for beginners

For the first time it will be difficult to paint children's faces, no matter what drawing you are going to create. As we have already written, you should print out the ideas of face painting. This not only allows you to work faster, but also eliminates the need to puzzle, remembering what a particular hero looks like.

It's easier to start learning to own a brush from the simplest. For beginners it will be very easy to create the "Flowers" face painting. Such a picture is suitable not only for little girls, but also for young beauties. You will need thin brushes, and choose the colors yourself. Do not use the entire face when creating the picture, limit yourself to the temple and cheek areas, or apply flowers to the brow brow area.You can draw a few buds, connect them with stems. But draw in such a way that it would not make an ordinary bouquet.

Start drawing flowers from the middle, then add round, oval or pointed petals. The composition will be boring without foliage. First, use the main color, then circle the edges with a thin line, add an accent of another color in the middle.

One big flower on a cheek will look gorgeous, and from it you will need to draw foliage to the chin, and upwards, touching the forehead, to let out unopened buds on long twisted pedicels. Start drawing with the largest detail of the picture, and add small ones during the procedure.

face painting tiger

"Tiger" face painting

Many boys and girls like this particular beast. He is bright, big and formidable, very beautiful. To create a face painting "Tiger", you need a small palette of colors: yellow, black, green, white and orange. Do not forget to take a sponge, thin and wide brush.

First, apply a yellow sponge on the nose, on the forehead to the middle of the eyebrows. Using a wide brush, paint over the area above the upper lip. Paint the tip of the nose with black paint and with a thin brush draw a line to the lip, branch out the end of it in both directions and round it up to make tiger cheeks.In the center of each draw points and antennae.

Take the orange paint and create on the face a contour of the tiger's head, draw the ears on the forehead or do without this detail. Sponge smoothly process the color of the entire face, except for the already painted areas. Take a wide brush and carefully blend all borders. Now that you have a good foundation, draw the stripes in black paint. They can be made with both brushes, so it will be more interesting and believable. The contour is also a good work, create from the orange and black paint "wool" to the side. Lips are painted black, from the bottom down you can draw white fangs.

Now the kid needs to close his eyes. On the eyelids, draw eyes: paint over green, make a black outline and black cat pupils. Now, when the baby blinks and closes his eyes, it will seem that the tiger is blinking!

That's all, you can let the little predator "hunt" on the other guys.

face painting

Draw a butterfly

The face painting "Butterfly" will decorate the face again and the youngest lady, and older girls. The picture offered by us will be very beautiful!

The first thing to do is to draw the body of an insect, and for this we use the nose.Violet color draw a long body of a butterfly, circle the outline with black, then draw a round head on the nose, and a long twisted mustache from it.

From the inner corners of the eyebrows, draw a thin brush with a bright color line across the forehead so that the upper parts of the wings are obtained. From the outer corners of the eyes, make branched lines, connect the upper one with the one leading from the eyebrows, and lower the lower one to the cheekbones. From the inner corner of the eye, move down two centimeters and draw a line that connects to the one in the cheekbone. Thus, you get beautiful wings framing the eyes, they can only be painted the way your imagination wishes!

butterfly face painting

The second version of the butterfly

Face painting "Butterfly" can be made on one side of the face. On the back of the nose, from the wing to the place near the corner of the eye, draw a black long body of a butterfly with the head, and lead the antennae across the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Draw wings in the same way as we suggested above. Thus, we get a drawing of a butterfly flying sideways. Paint it on your own, but do not forget to ask the child about what colors he prefers for his butterfly.

It is very easy to make face painting on the face when the hand gets used. Do not forget to practice on your child or on your friends. Constantly update ideas, get new sketches for work, as the imagination of children sometimes amazes, and they can order a drawing of such a character you don’t know about.

It remains to wish all novice masters patience, success and more small customers!

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