Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos

Thanks to the development of information technology andfree communication of people from all over the world, global integration of cultures of different countries took place. So, the inhabitants of the American continent know what a Russian nesting doll is, and girls from the Moscow region manage to make traditional Japanese jewelry in Kansas technique.

kanzashi new ideas

New ideas for creativity are learned in the Internet and specialized literature, but sometimes you want something new, special and unusual.

Uneasy decoration

In this publication, the reader will be able to readunusual works of masters who create their products from cloth flaps. This is an art called Kansas. It comes from Japan - a country with special traditions and customs. Like everyone in this state, Kanzash has its long history. Initially, it is considered that this hairpin, which served as a decoration for geisha and their pupils, was the hallmark of wealthy women.

Kanzashi own hands

Moreover, to do such a Kanzash with their own handsIt was given not to all women of the Land of the Rising Sun. To create it, expensive materials (silk, stones, precious metals) were required, and this work was often trusted by masters, who were revered as great artisans.

Flower in hair

The Japanese love fine jewelry, and weave intohair flower buds were the perfect solution, however, the live coronals quickly wilted and lost their attractiveness, and then the first flowers were created from the fabric. So the art of Kanzash was born. New ideas in this kind of needlework were born thanks to the spread of Japanese culture around the world.


Modest and restrained traditional productsreplaced exquisite multi-layered, flowing hairpins. The variety of colors and shapes in such costume jewelry amazes and surprises. The creation of such colors has truly unlimited possibilities, because the centuries-old history of the perfection of technology has given birth to many options for how to make petals and leaves, collect them in buds, and then entire compositions. In order to come up with a beautiful decoration, you need original ideas. Kanzashi (photo of traditional Japanese hairpins are presented in the article) is a painstaking work that requires perseverance and a flight of imagination.

We go beyond

Modern masters create from the fabric not only jewelry for the hair, their creativity has spread much wider, which brought the Kansas technique to a higher level.

kanzashi new ideas master classes

New ideas were revived by completely non-trivial solutions, and neat colors from cloth began to decorate clothes, from them they create interior objects:

  • brooches, necklaces, bracelets, hair rings, earrings;
  • charms for keys, miniature pendants for mobile phones;
  • paintings and panels;
  • three-dimensional figures, statuettes and topiary.

ideas kanzashi photo

Most often, the basis of any craft isflower arrangement, but this is not necessarily what the handicraftsmen from the Kanzash world prove. New ideas, master classes on making practical gizmos, which will become a wonderful everyday decoration or gift, inspire the creation of exclusive works.

Variety of fabrics

Initially Kanzas were made of silk fabric,Now the range of materials is so great that it is a sin to stop at one. In addition, mankind has invented many artificial tissues. Work with them is easier and more interesting: the edges of the parts are easily processed, their color range has significantly expanded. Textured fabrics, materials with partial or continuous spraying are ideal for composing complex compositions, help to embody the wildest fantasies.

kanzashi brooch

The most popular material in modernThe needlewomen have satin ribbons of different widths. It is from their cuts that magnificent flowers are created in Kansas technique. New ideas for creativity are also evoked not by monophonic satin ribbons, but by patterns from printed fabric with a geometric pattern, peas, gradation of color. Another material, the use of which is gaining momentum, is genuine leather. This demand is due to the ease of processing the fabric, as well as the stunning end result of the jewelry.

kanzashi flowers

Inspired by something new can not onlynew fabrics, but also trifles, complementing them, because Kanzash is usually decorated with various stones and beads. No less a field for the development of skills of needlewomen - the creation of auxiliary elements - stems, cores and various hangers.

Progress and innovation

Finally, the reader should pay attention tounusual panels in Kansas technique. With their hands, even a beginner in needlework can do it. The idea for creating similar products came from the homeland of this art. The Japanese did not stop at making jewelry for hair and expanded their creative delights to home decor.

canvas picture

Such wonderful and lovely pictures lookquite simply and concisely, but this, perhaps, is their main attraction. The main characters in this collection are not plant motifs, but animals, birds and fish.

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Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos Fabric artifacts in Kansas technique: new ideas and photos