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Fabio Grosso was born on November 28, 1977in the capital of Italy, in Rome. Like most professional football players, it all started in early childhood. Attachment to the sport developed in the small Fabio swiftly, he clearly knew what kind of sport he wants to link his entire life to.

In the biography of this player remarkableis his interest in political science. In addition, he studied French and spoke fluently on it. Grosso is married and has a son who was born after the 2006 World Cup, where Italy defeated France in the final.

Before France, the Italians met with the hoststournament in Germany. Thanks to the winning goal of Grosso, the Italian team is in the final. This very important goal scored makes Fabio rated FIFA 2006 as one of the best players in the defensive line, which also hits the opponents' gate. And in the final match the football player scores the winning penalty and makes his team the best in the world, his goal is among the 30 moments of the 2006 World Cup, which will never be forgotten. His merits can be called one of the best laterals of both the Italian national team and the whole of Europe as a whole.

Carier start

Fabio Grosso

At twenty-six years old footballer Grosso Fabioheld his debut match for the national team of his country, for Italy. The team played against an equally strong opponent - the Swiss team. The professional career of the sportsman began in the C2 series, in the football club "Chieti". In those matches, Fabio Grosso played as an attacking midfielder. The series of games was more than successful, and the player showed good results. Thus, in 68 games he managed to score 17 goals.

In 2001, Perugia signed an agreement with Grosso. Fabio, a midfielder of good level, instantly successfully starts in a series of games A, but already on the spot of the defender. A young and bright young athlete is notable for the well-known in football circles Serse Cosmi, a former football player who made his debut as coach in 1990. He started Kosmi with little-known teams, but at the end of 2000 he was offered a job with Perugia. For four years he coached the team and during this time took the football cups: the Intertoto Cup, the FIFA Cup.

Three years after signing the contract with FabioGrosso, the football team Perugia is eliminated in the B series, and the football player continues his sporting career in the strong and dynamic club Palermo. Further, after a couple of successful football seasons in Sicily, he moves to the football club "Inter" for almost six million euros. In terms of performance, everyone put on Grosso and believed that a professional football player will continue to show the best qualities - firmness and purposefulness in the selection, unabated activity in the attack and competent execution of all innings and fulfilled schemes. But, unfortunately, Fabio Grosso did not always manage to show exactly the results that were hoped for in Milan.

Best time

Fabio Grosso Biography Rating

In thirty years, in the summer of 2007, Fabio beginsplay in the football club of Lyon. This transition was key in the career of Grosso. In Lyon he becomes the champion of France, and also he is given the national Super Cup.

Even after the football player lefthe liked the football club "Lyon", he did not stop watching the results of the team and, if possible, watched their matches. Footballer very warmly responds about the time spent in France. In his stories, he notes a special warm and truly family atmosphere. The club's rich past always made an indelible impression on him. He is proud that after several years the player maintains relations with some members of the club and even sometimes meets with them.

In 2009, the player moves to Juventus. Professional athlete becomes a well-deserved hero: the penalty received in the game against Australia, a goal in the semi-finals with the German team and an indicative 11-meter blow, which decided the fate made in the finals in the game with the French national team.

Grosso's performances in World Cup matches FOX Sports includes in the top best in the whole world football history.

Completion of the player's career

soccer player

In 2012, Fabio Grosso leaves the dislikedfootball club, which leads to temporary wanderings. After this, a professional player, unfortunately, for a long time can not find a suitable club for all parameters. By the most different criteria he was not satisfied with most of the football clubs, and absolutely all invitations to take the place of the defender in the team were not crowned with success.

Not surprisingly, as a result of this athletetakes an absolutely firm decision for himself to completely engage with a professional game. This was football career Fabio Grosso. Biography, rating - in all there is a professional upsurge and key qualities of character, which he was awarded by his colleagues.


Grosso Fabio midfielder

The following year, Fabio Grosso receivescoaching license. In the summer of the same year, the footballer receives an official invitation from the leaders of the Juventus football club to take part in the life of the club as an assistant to the coach of the young team. And already on July 21, 2013 officially begins his career as a coach. The former football player has serious plans to realize his dream, and now he is absolutely focused on the work of the team coach.

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