Eye drops "Fucitalmik": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Eyes - an important organ for humans. Without vision, the quality of life deteriorates significantly. That is why, when anxiety symptoms appear, you do not need to choose a medicine yourself. If you want to recover in a short time, without damaging your own health, be sure to contact your doctor. An oculist will examine the affected organ, listen to your complaints, and then prescribe treatment. Often a patient is prescribed Futsitalmic (eye drops). Instructions, reviews and some substitutes for the drug will be presented to you.

Futsitalmik eye drops instruction

Characteristics of the drug: packaging, composition and cost

Eye drops "Fucitalmic" instruction is an antimicrobial agent. In the pharmacy you can buy it at a price of 400 to 550 rubles. The medicine is produced in Denmark by the pharmaceutical company Leo Pharma.The medication is sold in cardboard boxes, each of which contains a tube. It contains the trade name Fucitalmic. Eye drops, instructions for use which are always attached, have a viscous consistency. They are more like a gel, the color of which will vary from transparent to dull-white.

In the composition of one gram of droplets present fusidic acid in the amount of 10 milligrams. Additional components are benzalkonium chloride, mannitol, sodium hydroxide, carbomer, disodium edetate and water.

Fuzzitalmic eye drops instruction for children

A few words about the appointment of the drug

When does a patient need Futsitalmic eye drops? The instruction describes that the drug is prescribed for bacterial eye diseases. It can be used in pathologies such as:

  • conjunctivitis (accompanied by discomfort and discharge of pus, in the morning you can find stuck eyelashes);
  • keratitis (manifested by tearing, pain and photophobia);
  • blepharitis (can be distinguished by inflamed eyelids in the growth of cilia);
  • dacryocystitis (the inner corner of the eye swells and reddens, pus is released when it is pressed).

An antimicrobial agent can destroy bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, hemophilic bacilli. The drug is prescribed for the purpose of prophylaxis if surgery is prescribed (for example, after probing the nasolacrimal canal in children and adults).

It does not recommend the use of Futsitalmic eye drops if you are intolerant of the active substance. Self-administration of the drug should be abandoned to expectant mothers and women during lactation. Prescribe medication can only be a doctor. In this case, the specialist takes into account the intended benefits, compares it with the possibility of side effects.

fucitalmic eye drops instructions for use

How it works?

The active ingredient of the drug (fusidic acid) has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. Penetrating into a bacterial cell, it disrupts protein synthesis. The drug interrupts some of the processes occurring during the multiplication of microorganisms. This leads to a decrease in the release of energy required for protein synthesis. As a result, the reproduction of pathogenic flora is gradually disappearing.

The maximum concentration of the main component is noted one hour after the drug is applied.In the tear fluid, the antimicrobial agent remains for 12 hours. It is worth noting: the drug is not detected in the bloodstream, which means that it is not absorbed.

Fucitalmic eye drops instruction analogues

Futsitalmic eye drops: instructions

If you go to a doctor with a problem, the doctor will give detailed recommendations on how to use one or another means. The absence of such should encourage you to use the drug strictly according to the instructions. The algorithm from the annotation should also be used by those consumers who decide to self-medicate.

The drug is introduced into the conjunctival sac twice a day, one drop. Wash your hands before doing this. If you touch the mucous membrane of the eye or face with dirty palms, you can cause an additional infection. Do not touch the mucous tip of the drug. Gently pull off the lower eyelid, push down on the bottle. After getting the desired dosage tightly close the drops. The standard duration of treatment is 7 days. If after a week you do not feel better, then be sure to reconsider the therapy. Contact your doctor to change the medication.

fucitalmic eye drops instruction for children reviews

Adverse reactions that form most of the negative reviews

In the process of treatment, you may notice some changes. The most common adverse reactions are allergies. It may have a different shape: urticaria, tearing, itching. Rarely there is swelling of the follicles of the conjunctiva, its redness. Patients who remain dissatisfied with the drug, talk about the pain of the eye. If you have such reactions, you should immediately stop the treatment, wash the eye with a hypoallergenic antiseptic solution. In these cases, it is recommended to replace the drug "Fucitalmic" (eye drops) instruction. Analogs are selected on the basis of another active ingredient. With some of them you can find in the presented article.

Additional instructions

  1. The drug is not recommended for use with lenses. The gel antimicrobial solution can cause their turbidity. At the time of treatment, give preference to points.
  2. After opening the bottle it is permissible to store it for no longer than one month. After this period, you need to throw away the drug. Its further use is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.
  3. If you feel blurred vision and dullness of the reaction, then you need to abandon the management of transport and the performance of responsible work.
  4. During the period of treatment, the patient must have personal objects of use: a towel, a sleeping mask, sunglasses and decorative cosmetics.

fucitalmic eye drops instruction reviews

What can replace the composition?

If for some reason you do not pitch the drug or are forced to refuse it because of an allergy, then it is quite possible to choose analogues. Similar in composition and release form of the drug does not exist. No manufacturer produces eye drops based on fusidic acid. But there are such drugs as Fuzime, Fuzidin Sodium. They have a different form, but a similar effect.

If we talk about eye drops, then the most harmless and safe substitute can be called “Albucid”. More pronounced antimicrobial effect have drops "Levomitsetin", "Floksal", "Tobreks". They are prescribed for the same diseases as the claimed remedy. But the composition of the drugs are different.

Good feedback

You already know the important information that tells the consumer about the "Fuzzitalmik" (eye drops) instruction.For children, this medicine is prescribed often enough. Many babies in the first months of life suffer from obstruction of the lacrimal canal. There is a pathology due to the fact that at the right moment the film filling the channel did not break. Then the baby is diagnosed with dacryocystitis. Statistics show that it occurs in every seventh newborn. Consumers say that massages are prescribed to eliminate this problem. But mechanical effects alone are not enough. It is necessary to eliminate the bacteria that multiply lightning in the nasolacrimal canal. Drops "Fucitalmik" perfectly cope with this. Conveniently, they can be applied only twice a day.

Mostly consumers are satisfied with the way Futsitalmik (eye drops) works. Instructions for children - reviews report - not prescribed separately in the abstract. Apply the drug to kids as well as for adults. Improvement of health in the treatment of bacterial eye damage occurs within a few days.

Futsitalmik eye drops drug description

Make a conclusion

If you have been prescribed Futsitalmic eye drops, the description of the drug and how to use it should be carefully studied. Do not exceed the prescribed period of treatment. Only a doctor can extend the recommended course.Women during therapy should refrain from the use of decorative cosmetics for the eyes, as it can cause additional irritation.

Fucitalmik is an effective, but rather expensive tool to combat bacterial eye pathologies. If you have any troubling signs, then see your doctor.

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