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Tell me where you can see in Kiev the exchange rate of different banks? To go to the site and compare everything at once
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Answered on January 9, 22:24
Yes, it seems to me easier to look separately in each bank, so in my opinion the information will be more reliable, di and courses in different banks fluctuate about one to two rubles of difference
Answered on January 9 22:32
If the amount is small, then do not even think about it, change in the nearest bank to your home, you will not get so much from this. But if of course a large amount, it is better to see this information in Yandex or Google.
Answered on January 9 22:42
Principle agrees that you should not think about it without having a large amount on your hands. The bank may be at the other end of the city and you will have to go to it, and this is the cost and in the end you will get the same exchange. But if you basically need to know this information, then you can look at currency exchange rates in Kiev banks, for example, right here and choose for yourself a suitable bank.

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