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Every LOVER has the RIGHT to "NO"!

Few people know that according to spiritual laws, when a family is created, each of their spouses has the right to "no"!

"No" without explanation, without appropriate communicative paraphernalia and other newfangled conventions that psychologists like to regale ... When "no," it means "no, finally and not subject to revision."

The roots of this right go much deeper than we can now even imagine. In the first-born knowledge, in the voice of blood, in synchronization with the forces of nature, knowledge of rights and laws, and sank by God. The fact that later people will lump together and, at best, call intuition, and more often just hysterics, fantasy or "schizo".

In the old days, people trusted their instinctive impulses more.

So a woman who still did not know contraception, a minute before the eruption, pushed their husbands into them, suddenly feeling the natural knowledge of her flesh, that now she will have to conceive an ugly child.

So she fell to her knees and with a wild howl, grabbed the floor of her clothes, begged not to go to war, when her heart screamed that he had been given to die on the battlefield.

So she blocked his path when the whole original essence of the earth goddess felt that somewhere near the rival.

In the old days, when people were more superstitious, it worked more often than now. The price of the word was worth its weight in gold. They believed the words because they knew that every word was heard by God.

The husband has the right to "no"!

The wife has the right to "no"!

If the "no" is said, and the other has not heard, has done it in his own way, the marriage breaks up. No longer important paper contracts. From time immemorial the word has been above all.

But also it is impossible to use this right for the sake of petty gain, out of whim or out of anger. Punishment will follow. Therefore, if you too often said "no" just like that, do not judge me - you have spent your limit.

My post for those who have not yet realized this right.
Who is on the threshold of a new marriage.
Times have changed, but the right is left.
Talk to your spouse that you have the right to three no, without explanation. Three is a universal number, usually more than three such, fateful, completely changing fate, cases, does not happen. Discuss and by the reaction of the partner you will understand whether it is a mature person or not.Promise that you will not ban nonsense and use this right only in case of emergency. When the soul, in addition to reason and all conventions, will shout NOW! Then ACT!
Just know.
Take it right!
You have it!
It can be transferred from the one who used it, to the one who is ready.

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