Evergreen shrub - a hedge

Where it is better to live in an apartment or own house? This question worries many. And making a choice in favor of a house with a private plot, you discover for yourself unlimited opportunities. You can engage in building, farming or landscape design. Beginning to ennoble your site, you should devote enough time to plant a hedge by using evergreen trees and shrubs.

They will not only beautify the landscape, but will helpprotect the site from extraneous views, street noise and a strong blowing wind that brings dust and small debris. This number of pluses makes the evergreen shrub an excellent contender for landing.

Wishing to receive not only green, but also blossomingfence, you can combine decorative planting, skilfully combining evergreen shrubs with other plants that will bloom beautifully throughout the warm season.

Great popularity was gained by coniferous plants. Planting pine, spruce, larch and sequoia into the line, you can dilute them with juniper and boxwood. The multistage hedge looks superb and its protection of the internal space only increases. Using simultaneously with such plantings bushes of honeysuckle, hawthorn, lilac or clinging roses you will only add decorativeness.

The evergreen shrub gives us the opportunityadmire its beauty at a time when all other plants have already thrown off their foliage or have not yet released leaves. Given the climatic conditions of our country, we can not afford a large selection of such plants, and some of them are forced to shelter for the winter to protect them from severe frost.

When choosing options for planting, pay yourattention to Ledum. This plant belongs to the heather family, a genus of evergreen shrubs. It excellently grows in conditions of marshy terrain and low temperatures of the Far North, that is why it grows and blossoms in a warmer climate. The bush reaches a height of up to one meter and is suitable for a low hedge or first row multistage.

Ledum has medicinal properties andIt is widely used in folk medicine for air disinfection, as a diaphoretic and expectorant. It has the second name - rhododendron Daurian. But in the numerous plantings this evergreen shrub is not included, because having a stupefying aroma, it is poisonous.

Choosing for the hedge strongly smelling varieties, it is worthtake a closer look at the juniper Chinese. It can grow up to 20 meters in height, while creating an impenetrable wall of prickly branches. Starting from the second year, juniper will please you with bluish berries, widely used in cooking. The plant is not very demanding for the soil, but it is very capricious with respect to the humidity of the surrounding air. Several years after planting, it is required to cover the juniper for the winter, but the older the bush becomes, the lower the temperature is able to withstand.

Do not forget that the use of plantingsOnly evergreen trees and shrubs will create the impression of a "frozen" garden. Therefore, such planting must necessarily alternate with deciduous plants.

When constructing a hedge, you can learn from experienceEngland in the creation of entire gardens of heather. In nature, there is a huge selection of plants from this family, which differ in the coloring of leaves and flowers, composition and height, which makes it possible to create attractive compositions from them. Heather goes well with rhododendrons, erika and kalmiy. When planting a heath garden, you should take care of the good drainage of the site, since close to the surface of ground water can damage the plantations.

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