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Essential oils to be purchased

A wide range of pharmacies and beauty stores can truly surprise you with an abundance of essential oils that are definitely beneficial for health and beauty. Which oils are best to choose, and which each oil has useful properties, I will tell about it in more detail.

Essential oils in cosmetology

        Mandarin essential oilprevents the appearance of stretch marks and skin aging, has a tonic and antiseptic effect on the skin. Displays from the body toxins, strengthens the immune system, helps cleanse the intestines; neutralizes viruses and bacteria; relieves pain in muscles and joints, normalizes exchange processes; soothes, relieves insomnia; relieves stomach pain and flatulence.

Used in cooking, cosmetology, perfumery, for inhalations, flavoring rooms, added to baths, compresses, used to Massage and rubbing. Not recommended to be applied on the skin before going out in the sun. - can get burned.

Essential oils in cosmetology

        Shea butter (shea)has anti-aging, nourishing, emollient and protective properties. It is this oil that is indispensable for the care and skin protection. Due to the presence of UV filters, shea butter is used in sunscreens, and in the cold and wind it will also be an excellent protection for open skin areas of the face and hands. Due to its powerful protective function, this oil is used for very dry skin care. Unlike coconut and cocoa butter, shea butter does not leave a greasy luster on the skin, it is easy to apply and literally melts on skin.

Best used for anti-aging massage. to protect the skin from sunlight and frost, can be used as a base under makeup.

Essential oils in cosmetology

        Peach buttermakes the skin soft and velvety. Suitable for all skin types, but best used for eyelash care. and eyebrows, as well as the area around the eyes. Peach oil is used for massage, face masks and hair. It is effective for brittle nails, dry, aged skin.

I advise all lovers of beauty and health to purchase these essential oils and apply them, maintaining in perfect condition your skin and hair.

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