Error 492 Play Market: causes and solutions

Probably not for one userAndroid-devices is not new, that sometimes when you download or update an application from the built-in Google Play service (the same as the Market), the system suddenly for no reason produces a message "The application could not be downloaded due to an error 492 Play Market ». The situation is quite common, and now we will consider how to deal with it.

What does the Error 492 in the Play Market mean?

Before we start discussing the wayselimination of such a problem, it is necessary to understand the nature of the failure itself. The fact is that this error very much resembles a similar failure, when a similar message is issued, only code number 905 is specified instead of number 492.

Error 492 play market

In both cases, Play Store Market Error 492the inability to download or update the application, and not even because of a lack of communication or lack of space on the internal flash drive or an external SD card. Let's try to understand the reasons causing such a failure.

Causes of failure

As already mentioned, failure 905 and a bug 492 PlayMarket are very similar. But if the first one is more connected with the updates of the service itself (the installed updates with "bugs"), the second one is caused due to the full cache filling (the partition where temporary files are stored to speed up access to the service), the use of corrupted memory cards, as well as the user's incorrect identification entering the service.

In principle, those who know how to fix an error905, will cope with the problem we are considering, since similar solutions are applicable to failures with code 492 in most cases. In this case, the gadget does not need to be connected to a computer and perform some cunning actions. A few simple operations on the device itself are enough.

Error 492 Play Market: how to fix the simplest ways

With regard to the elimination of problems, the firsta download error or an update should simply exit the service, reboot the device, and then try to download the necessary information again. But this does not help in all cases, and Error 492 Play Market appears again.

error 492 play market how to fix

As already mentioned, it is necessary to take into account the overflowcache. For cleaning, go to the settings, and then select the application section and the menu for managing them. Here, first of all you need to find the Play Market service itself, enter it and use the cache clearing and data deletion buttons. In addition, you must perform the same actions with all Google services that are installed on your smartphone or tablet. After that, again, it is desirable to turn off and turn on the device again and try to download or update the desired application.

Deleting an account

In some cases, the Play Market error 492arise and because of incorrect identification of the user at the entrance to the service. However, most often it appears on devices with installed unofficial custom firmware, after which the Android system itself is malfunctioning. In this case, you can try to delete the existing "accounting", then enter the service on a new one.

failed to load the application due to an error 492 play market

To do this, use the settings section again, whereyou need to find the "Accounts" menu, select a Google account (with Gmail confirmation), and click the delete account button below. Now it is desirable to reboot the system and try to enter the service.

Two options will be offered here: or create a new account, or use the existing one. What option to choose, this is already decided by everyone, but it's better to enter the registration data already available, and then start downloading or updating applications and services.

Reset settings and Hard Reset

If this option also does not help, it's worth restoring the factory default settings or making the so-called Hard Reset.

which means an error 492 in the play market

In the first case, we use the reset menu,located in the settings section. In this case, in order not to lose important data, it is desirable to tick the point of creating a backup copy (as they say, you never know what). Now it remains to reboot the device, after which we get a pristine pure device.

Error 492 play market

If the software method does not help, you canmake a Hard Reset ("hard reset", or "forced reset"). To do this, turn off the device, and then hold down the volume up key. Hold it, click on the power button. Once the recumbent robot appears on the screen, release the volume button and go to the Recovery menu. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset item, then press the power button, and in the next window use the Yes-Wipe all user data item and press the power button again. When the process is completely completed, the volume keys when moving up or down selects a reboot line (Reboot). Upon further start, the factory settings will be restored.


These are the causes and methods of eliminating the error. As you can see, glitches in the operation of the Play Market service with codes 492 and 905 are very similar, although they have different origins. But they are eliminated, in general, quite the same.

Here we did not consider the situation with damagememory cards. It seems that even without this it is clear that the card needs to either be checked for operability when connected to a computer via an adapter (card reader) and then restore its memory, or simply replace it with a new one.

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