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Bought an apartment. He began to make repairs and had the idea to change the entrance doors. But what is the best bet? To look beautiful and high quality were made. Want something strong, reliable. Where such can be bought in Alamata? It is desirable that the delivery
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Answered on August 13 00:13
And it's not easier to just go to the nearest door store and choose the ones that you like. There you can consult a consultant in detail, you can see and touch the doors themselves. And in all stores there is a delivery.
Answered on August 13, 00:15
You'd better watch the good doors that will protect your apartment from thieves, heat loss and extraneous noise. The main thing is to make sure of the quality of steel and study the composition of the insulation to meet all standards. Look at this site. There seems to be some good options for metal doors in Almaty, it may be suitable.
Answered on August 13 00:18
When you choose - carefully review that there are no seams on the door, there should be a flat sheet of steel 40-45 mm thick.It is better to choose a door with a large number of pins located along the perimeter of the door. They make the door more resistant to hacking.

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