Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life

In this article, the object of our attention was the American actor Emil Hirsch. We will discuss his biography and career, give a list of partial filmography, as well as give time to the personal life of the actor.


Emil Hirsch was born on March 13, 1985 in the state of California, United States. The father of the future actor worked as an industrial consultant, his mother was a designer of clamshell books, and also an artist.

The distant ancestors on the part of Emil's father are of Jewish origin, and the ancestors on the part of the mother are from Britain and Germany.

He spent his childhood in Los Angeles, and then went with his mother to Santafe, New Mexico. The mother was educating the boy, as his parents divorced.


Emil Hirsch began his acting career at the age of eight, but these were insignificant roles in such TV series as "Sabrina - Little Witch", "New York Police", "Clan".

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In early 2002, the actor received his firstsignificant role. Emil Hirsch was invited to shoot comedy drama "Dangerous Game", where he, along with Keiran Kalkin, was to play the role of friends who study at the Catholic school. After the debut, the actor will play his next role in the school drama "Imperial Club", in which he will appear as the son of a senator. Both films were highly rated by critics, but failed at the box office.

In 2004, Emil was invited to play the main role in the comedy "Neighbor", and two years later the actor will appear in the film "Alpha Dog", where a drug dealer named Joni will play.

In 2008, the actor appeared in two more films: Harvey Milk"," Speedway driver ".

In 2013, Emil Hirsch, films featuringwhich in the past decade have appeared on the screen more and more, along with such famous actors as Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch will appear in the movie "Survivor." The premiere took place on November 12, 2013 at the festival of the American Institute of Cinematography.


emil hirsch filmography

Emil Hirsch, whose filmography is listed in the list below, throughout his career performed about three dozen roles. The films are arranged in chronological order (in parentheses - the year of release):

  • The series "Players" - played the role of Adam Paprally (1997-1998).
  • "The Third Planet from the Sun" - in one of the series played punk (1997).
  • "Houdini" - Houdini in his youth (1998).
  • "Two of a kind" - the character of Jeremy (1999).
  • "Sabrina is a little witch" - Darrel (1999).
  • "First Aid" - plays Chad Cotmayer (2000).
  • "Imperial Club" - Sedgwick Bell (2002).
  • "Dangerous Game" - played by Francis Doyle (2002).
  • "Neighbor" - Matthew Kidman (2004).
  • "Fictional characters" - in the role of Tim Travis (2004).
  • "Kings of Dogtown" - played Jay's boyfriend (2005).
  • "Alpha Dog" - the character of Johnny Trulov (2006).
  • "In the wild" - traveler Christopher McCandless (2007).
  • "Speed-racer" - performed Speedy Race (2008).
  • "Harvey Milk" - played by Cleve Johnson (2008).
  • "Killer Joe" - Smith Chris (2011).
  • "Especially dangerous" is a character called Spin (2012).
  • "Life in a motel" - guy Frank Lee (2012).
  • "Survivor" - in the role of Danny Dietz (2013).
  • "Bonnie and Clyde" - starred Clyde Barrow (2013).
  • "Demon inside" - plays Austin Tilden (2016).

The greatest popularity Emil Hirsch brought the role of Sean Penn in the drama "In the wild."

Personal life

During the filming of the movie "The Neighbor" on the setsite there were rumors that the main character of the series Elisha Cuthbert and Emil meet. But even if this is so, then their romance did not last long. The actor also met with Amanda Seyfried for a while.

At the end of October 2013, Emil had a son. As reported in the press, the mother of the child is one of the former girls of the actor. With the mother of his son Valora, the actor was not in a relationship for long, but Emil Hirsch immediately announced that he would be a good father and wanted to take part in the education of his son. Despite the birth of a child, the actor continues to be a bachelor.

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To date, Emil Hirsch celebrated his thirty-second birthday and continues his acting career. Let's wish good luck to this talented person.

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Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life Emil Hirsch: biography, filmography and personal life