Biography of Elena Skrynnik

Elena Borisovna Skrynnik - ex-head of the Ministry of Agriculture, founder and director of the International Independent Institute of Agrarian Policy, created to support the development of the domestic agro-industrial complex, previously - the head of the companies involved in leasing ("Medizing", "Rosleasing", "Rosagrolizing").
Elena Borisovna SkrynnikElena Borisovna Skrynnik
According to analysts, the ex-official can return to the ranks of the country's political elite, despite the “tarnished” reputation during the 2011 series of high-profile industries about embezzlement over a half billion rubles. in subordinate structures, the arrest by Swiss law enforcement agencies in 2015 of her accounts in the amount of $ 60 million in the framework of an open criminal case on money laundering and expulsion from the United Russia party (for compromising actions).

Elena Skrynnik's childhood and family

Elena Borisovna was born on August 30, 1961 in the mining town of Korkino, located 35 kilometers from Chelyabinsk. Her parents held senior positions in local industrial production: her father was the deputy director of the Korkinsky open-pit mine, and her mother was the chief engineer of the stamping plant.
Elena Skrynnik graduated from the Medical InstituteElena Skrynnik graduated from the Medical Institute
At school, Elena loved chemistry lessons, she did not study brilliantly, but she did well, although she did not enter the institute immediately after graduation. For two years she worked as a lab technician at her mother's factory, and then, in the direction from the enterprise, became a student at the medical institute in Chelyabinsk.
In 1986, the newly-made cardiologist began work at the city clinic and after 2 years took the position of deputy head doctor. Soon, as a promising employee, she was sent to improve her qualifications at the Academy of National Economy, where Aleksey Gordeyev was involved in the same course as she became Minister of Agriculture and, ostensibly, her patron. Then (after receiving a diploma in management personnel) she received a referral to Europe to gain experience in the specialization “leasing technologies”.
Elena Skrynnik opened its clinicElena Skrynnik opened its clinic
According to some data, during this period she founded her own professional cosmetology clinic in Moscow, a branch of the Swiss beauty center of premium class Swiss Perfection, and even opened her own cosmetology services abroad.

Elena Skrynnik's career

In 1994, an active and purposeful graduate of the Academy took regular steps to the heights of the management pyramid of the Russian Federation - she founded Medleding company and, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, engaged in the procurement of medical equipment for the Russian medical institutions abroad. Thus, it is recognized as a pioneer in introducing this type of rental relationship in the Russian market.
Elena Skrynnik was engaged in the procurement of medical equipmentElena Skrynnik was engaged in the procurement of medical equipment
In 1997, she was elected head of Rosleasing, and in 1998, she was appointed head of the Expert Council of the Leasing Department. The successes of her work have received world recognition - in Britain she was awarded the prize for the best leasing project (“Medizing”).
From 2001 to 2009, the business lady headed the company with powerful state funding Rosagroleasing, which supplied the village with the necessary equipment. It should be noted that according to the results of inspections of the enterprise, the Accounts Chamber has repeatedly paid attention to the prices, which were too high compared to factory sales prices by almost 40 percent, for which equipment was supplied to agricultural producers.
In 2005, a successful entrepreneur became a member of the Party of Power; in 2008, she was incorporated into her High Council. In 2007, having defended her scientific work, she received the title of candidate of economic sciences.
Meeting Elena Skrynnik and Vladimir Putin
Since 2009, she headed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in 2012, she lost her position after changing the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The personal life of Elena Skrynnik

The first woman who served as head of the Ministry of Agriculture, was married 3 times. The first spouse with whom they got married as students and lived together for 6 years was Sergey Skrynnik. Their daughter Lena, born in 1982, died tragically in a car accident in 2003. Subsequently, the ex-husband led the department in the regional department of material resources, was accused of bribery and sentenced in 2012 to imprisonment for 7 years.
Elena Skrynnik and her husband SergeyElena Skrynnik and her husband Sergey
The second husband of a business woman in the period 2004-2007. was Yuri Kukot, the owner of the Grand-Prince's stud farm located in the Rostov region. In 2005, they were born twins - Ira and Misha. After the divorce, her husband accused her of threatening to kill him if he did not stop defending the right to participate in the upbringing and communication with children.
Elena Skrynnik and Dmitry BelonosovElena Skrynnik and Dmitry Belonosov
Dmitry Belonosov, the lead singer of the pop group RevoіlS, who was 10 years younger than her, became the third elect of the ex-official. They married a year before her appointment as Minister of Agriculture, and broke up in 2010. Since the status of a civil servant implies a ban on doing business, she restructured the companies belonging to her to her husband. But, according to him, he did not receive any income from their activities, and during the divorce, according to the marriage contract, each of them retained the property that they had before the marriage, did not claim to share each other’s property.
At 51, the former head of the Ministry of Agriculture gave birth to two more sons and became a mother of many children.
Elena Skrynnik with childrenElena Skrynnik with children
She is known for her love of extreme sports, guaranteeing a thrill - riding on a speedboat, snowmobile, downhill skiing.

Elena Skrynnik today

After the resignation, the former head of the federal agricultural department was treated abroad, living with his newborn twin sons in his villa in the French Riviera.
Interview Elena Skrynnik
At the end of the same year, the movie “The Authorities” was released on the Russia-1 channel - a journalistic investigation into the blatant disappearance of 39 billion rubles from the state budget, allegedlywith the participation of ex-bureaucrats.
Subsequently, all attempts to discredit her were explained in different ways. In particular, the struggle of the domestic political elite, its complex relations with the curator of the department, Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, attempts to divert public attention from existing problems of Rosagroleasing and even the actions of the suppliers of Bush’s legs, which sharply limited.
In 2014, the former minister was deprived of the degree of doctor of economic sciences, since in her dissertation, which she defended in 2010, a significant amount of “unscrupulous” borrowings from six foreign scientific works were discovered.
Elena Skrynnik about arrest of 60 million bills
The Swiss Perfection Aesthetic Center and the Stemphis Regenerative Medicine Clinic, owned by the former high-ranking official, were transferred to her mother Tamara Novitskaya in 2015 and were redeployed to supply medical equipment for state orders.
Since 2016, Elena Borisovna heads the International Independent Institute for Agrarian Policy, created by her to support the development of the domestic agro-industrial complex.According to the conclusions of its experts, agriculture for the first time occupied a leading position in the country's economy in terms of growth rates.

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