Elements of enclosing structures. Gate hinges

Private houses or simply dacha plots are almost always enclosed with a fence, which involves the installation of gates. On the territory can be located as one of the main, and additional structures that serve for the separation of zones. In any case, their installation can not do without special elements. These include, in particular, hinges for the gate. Most often, the flaps open into the area. Fasteners are fixed on the same side. To hang the door or sash, you must attach the gate hinges to both halves. Then the elements should be mounted on vertical pillars or racks. Below are photos of gates and fasteners.photo of the gate

Question of choice

Similar to door hinges, in addition to the design, there is also a functional separation of elements for the gate. Some are equipped with elongated wings, others are T-shaped. There are many options. Gate loops need special attention.The door / sash should open and close without additional force, both inside and out. Choosing fasteners, do not forget that the door elements are quite heavy and must cope with numerous openings and closings, as well as with all sorts of blows and claps.

gate hinges

How to install hinges for the gate?

Elements are attached at equal distances from the ends of the pillar, both at the top and bottom. After installation, you should pay attention to the absence of a clamp during operation of the door. To do this, align the hinges for the gate. You can check the work done for evenness and verticality by means of a pole or a pillar. When properly installed, they will have a clear position. If the pillar itself is uneven, a plumb line is drawn around the edges of the stand, allowing you to align the wings of the door hinges. Using a drill, guide holes are cut in the wooden gates, the hinges are screwed to the halves. It is necessary to control the screws so that they pass into the frame of the gate through the casing. Hinges on all-metal gates are fixed by welding. For centering each sash is exposed in the opening on the bars.Then on the vertical racks mark the contour of the hinges, which are attached to the pole with screws. Before mounting, you must prepare the guides for the fastener holes.

Proven by time

An important element of the house in Russia was considered the gate. They tried to decorate the most skillful ways. The most popular was wood carving, but after the appearance of metal products in everyday life, it went into the background. From that moment on, a good host equipped his gate with all kinds of padlocks and iron locks. One of the most important parts of such constructions was forged fasteners, called zhikovin. Such hinges were equipped with face plates, which not only covered the entire width of the sashes, but also fastened the boards. However, not only the gate was awarded such decorations. They complemented leather book bindings, as well as the surface of chests and boxes. And at the end of the 19th century, their use expanded to interior doors and furniture decor. Forged hinges for gates are in demand now, performing not only a functional, but also an aesthetic function.drawings of garage doors

Optimal size

In accordance with the weight and size of the whole wicket or its half, the size of the loops is also selected. For forged doors, zhikovina elements are best suited. Drawings of garage doors allow you to visually calculate all the necessary values. In the manufacture of bulky fasteners used 3-4 mm sheet steel. Gate hinges can be used as decoration. In this case, for their manufacture, steel with a size of 0.5 mm is needed, and the elements themselves are cut with a later notch.

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