Electronic cigarette Eleaf GS: reviews and description

The range of electronic cigarettes Eleaf GS company-manufacturer iSmoka Electronics is represented by a large number of models that can satisfy smokers with a variety of needs.

Clematisers Eleaf GS14, GS16 and GS Air are very fewdiffer from each other. If the main difference between the first two is the diameter, the size of which is in millimeters displayed in the model name, then there is almost no difference between the last two. Some users and even sellers of GS Air accessories sometimes call this Eleam GS 16 Plus, but the manufacturer wanted to select this particular device, and he gave it another name.

The configuration of these devices is standard, superfluousthere are no details in it. The package contains the device itself in a fully assembled form, ready for use. There is also a gift option, differing only in the beauty of the package.

Popular manufacturer from China

ISmoka Electronics was established in 2008. and is located in China, in Shenzhen. She has an excellent reputation, which was ensured by a high level of product quality and an excellent customer support system. Currently, the company has many adherents in Europe, America, Russia and other parts of the world.

iSmoka Electronics is trying to become a leader inmarket of electronic cigarettes, specializing in the production of elegant products of modern design with personalized color solutions. The company provides world-class devices at a competitive price and provides good customer service.

The production is concentrated on four directions: batteries of accumulators, atomizers, accessories and sets for beginners.

The European and American markets are popular with the Eleaf GS atomizer series, which is reviewed further.

Design features

The standard configuration includes:

  • mouthpiece;
  • an atomizer tube;
  • head;
  • base.

The mouthpiece is metallic, consists of twocomponents. The part in contact with the liquid container is made of a special plastic resistant to high temperature and having heat-insulating properties. This prevents the metal part from heating.

Mouthpiece included with Eleaf GS, reviewsconsumers are called very convenient and ergonomic, but note its too large size. Since it is removable, it is possible to install a part of a suitable size in its place.

electronic cigarette eleaf gs

Power, thrust and volume

Eleaf GS14, GS16 and GS Air are very similar to each other both externally and internally. The principal functional differences between the last model and the first two are that:

  • the Eleam GS Air cliromizer (2.5 ml) supports the possibility of adjusting the thrust with the screw from the bottom, and in the GS Air 2 modification the air intake is adjusted by means of a silicone ring;
  • GS16 is designed to work with low-power double-helical heating elements;
  • the replacement evaporator iSmoka Eleaf GS Air BDC is able to hold a power of 20 watts.

This makes GS Air modernized and improvedthe GS16 clerometer. Therefore, when using a 20-watt evaporator, it's best to choose GS Air, and with the eGo battery it's best to choose GS14 or GS16.

The Eleam GS16 is slightly larger and hasless performance, and GS Air is more compact, but can be used with larger battery power. For example, as an ideal addition to the S16, the manufacturer recommends a 20-watt iStick.

The GS14 is exactly the same as the GS16, except forThe fact that it is thinner and holds 1.8 ml of filling. This cliromiser perfectly matches the D14 battery, which, in fact, was the calculation. The quality of work fully corresponds to the larger model GS16.

A new addition to the series stands out -atomizer GS-Tank. 22 mm in diameter with a volume of 3 ml require a maximum power of 30-40 watts. The head is compatible with many batteries, but iStick TC40W is most suitable for it.

eleam gs 16 cliromiser

Connection types

The GS series is equipped with internal threadstype 510 and external eGo. The thread diameter of the first joint is 6 mm, the pitch is 0.5 mm, the depth is 4 mm. Although they look best with D14 and D16 batteries, they can be used in other Eleaf devices or other manufacturers. According to user feedback, the GS16 is perfectly compatible, for example, with the Spinner 2 battery and slightly worse with Spinner 1, but the best appearance and performance, however, is achieved with native D-batteries.

Body features

Electronic cigarette Eleaf GS of all modelsis made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel. This combination of materials ensures the neutrality of the tank, so there is no taste. In addition, the glass is resistant to prolonged exposure to aggressive flavors and does not tarnish with time. To avoid leakage, the parts are adjusted carefully. The tightness of the connection between the glass and steel is ensured by the glue made of silicone, which increases the reliability of the container. In addition, the presence of glass allows you to instantly control the volume of liquid, which, according to customers, eliminated the problems when pouring. The case is smooth, seamless.

eleaf gs review

Evaporator and heating element

Evaporator with the necessary resistance can bepurchase separately. In addition, there are heads, the design of which allows you to independently wind a spiral with the required parameters. For example, for Eleaf GS Air, rewinding the evaporator will reduce the standard resistance value of 1.5 ohms, which will increase the efficiency of vaporization. The standard heads of the GS series atomizers do not support the user's replacement of the coil, although many buyers confirm this possibility.

The replaceable coil in the GS16 is available withresistances of 1.8 and 1.6 ohms. The design solution in the form of a double helix provides the allocation of a large amount of steam at a low voltage, which helps to avoid leaks and burnt taste. In GS-Tank there was a heating element made of nickel 200 in the head of GS Air TC with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm.

The GS16 and GS Air location of the evaporatoris located at the bottom, which allows you to generate steam when the liquid level is extremely low. According to users, this significantly improves the taste, since the upper position of the device due to the lack of wettability of the spiral can impart a taste of burning. In GS series atomizers, the liquid in the evaporator is sufficient even when it only covers the bottom of the tank.

According to consumers, replacement of the evaporator should be made at least once a week, maximum - after three weeks, as the transfer of taste is significantly impaired.

Refueling of the cliromizers is convenient, there is no need to pour out the remains from the reservoir. To do this, simply unscrew the base and refill the stock.

replacement evaporator ismoka eleaf gs air bdc

Specification of atomizers

As already mentioned, the parameters of Eleaf GS14, GS16and Air are similar, since they are arranged almost equally. Their sizes and volume differ. In addition to the devices mentioned in the GS series, there are shortened variants of GS14S, and GS16S. S-models have half the volume.

Parameters of Eleaf GS14 / GS16

  • Length - 74,19 / 80,49 mm (connector 510 / eGo).
  • The diameter is 14 mm (GS14), 16.5 mm (GS16).
  • The capacity is 1.8 mm (GS14), 2.6 ml (GS16).
  • Color - silver.
  • The supply voltage is 3.3-4.8 V.
  • Power consumption - up to 10 W.
  • The resistance of the heating element is 1.6 / 1.8 Ohm.
  • The connector type is 510 / eGo.

Along with GS Air, the Eleam GS Air-M is 4 ml volume and its shorter version is GS Air-MS. Here the letter M denotes the word "mega", indicating an increase in the capacity of the device.

eleaf gs reviews

GS Air / Air-M parameters

  • The length of the device is 67.6 / 59.5 mm (Air-M).
  • The diameter is 16.5 / 19 mm (Air-M).
  • Capacity - 2,5 / 4 ml (Air-M).
  • Color - silver.
  • The supply voltage is 3.5-5.5 V.
  • Power consumption - from 8 to 20 watts.
  • The resistance of the double helix is ​​1.5 ohms.
  • The type of connector is 510.

Characteristics of Eleaf GS Air 2

  • IJust start / start Plus.
  • Capacity - 2,3 / 2,5 ml.
  • The diameter is 16.5 / 19 mm.
  • Resistance of the heating element is 0,4-3,5 Ohm.
  • Color - white, black, silver, red, pink-gold.
  • Connection type is 510.

eleaf gs 16 plus

Parameters of Eleaf GS-Tank

  • The length is 50 mm.
  • The diameter is 22 mm.
  • Capacity - 3 ml.
  • Color - silver.
  • Heating element - nickel 200.
  • Power - 30-40 watts.
  • Resistance is 0.15 Ohm.
  • The type of connector is 510.

Setup and operation

Service atomizer is minimal. It is only necessary to replace the used evaporator from time to time with a new one. When replacing, it should be allowed to soak for a few minutes. This will prevent the evaporator from burning out.

To replace the atomizer head, it is necessary to unscrew the base of the device, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Setup is only needed by Eleaf GS Air, sinceThe GS14 / GS16 does not have traction control function. In order for the electronic cigarette to stretch less, the screw located on the base of the device should be screwed on. At the same time, air supply decreases, and evaporation passes worse, the thrust becomes similar to the usual smoking. This is often used to facilitate the transition to steam. If the propeller is released, it will be easier to draw in air.

Refilling the capacity of the clinic is done byunscrewing the base of the device. Then the liquid for electronic cigarettes is poured into the tank. To ensure that it does not get into the duct, users are advised to use a special bottle with a thin spout. Otherwise, when the device works, the cigarette will boil, and the liquid can get into the mouth. Do not fill the tank completely, the optimum level is in the area of ​​90% of the maximum.

GS-cliromizers allow you to change the coils on the fly,which indicates the absence of loss of solution when replacing the coil with a completely flooded tank. You can buy 1.8 or 1.6 ohm heating elements. The quality of the Eleaf GS coils is called exceptional customer feedback. If the voltage is increased above the usual settings, the burnt taste does not arise, which makes it possible to enjoy a warmer vapor than usual.

When installing the heating elementwith a resistance of 0.15 Ohm, it is necessary to use battery packs with temperature control. The technology of thermal control will relieve the taste of burning, since with insufficient supply of liquid, the power supply will decrease automatically.

On the advice of users, the wick material needs to be replaced with Japanese organic cotton, which will ensure maximum taste transfer.

To achieve maximum steam quality afterpurchase of a new device series Eleaf GS, user reviews agree on the need for several cycles of preliminary "break-in". With each dressing, the taste characteristics will become better and better, reaching a maximum value after three cycles.

To facilitate the disassembly of the device, notches are made on its base. All connections are sealed with seal rings.

cliromizer eleaf gs air 2 5 ml

Simplicity and reliability

Reliability and durability - the main qualitiescleromizers of the Eleaf GS series. User reviews celebrate the most simple refueling and maintenance. Devices are included in the middle price category. Quality performance is suitable for everyone who likes comfortable smoking without the taste of burning and leaks.

GS Air is an improved version of the previous ones, which will appeal to lovers of powerful evaporation and, accordingly, a more saturated taste.

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