Electric tools "Zubr": reviews, specs and views

The domestic market of constructionelectric tools and equipment is overcrowded with foreign production. Some segments also do without proposals from Russian companies. And yet in recent years the situation is changing. Zubr not only competes successfully with foreign companies in terms of quality tools, but also offers more affordable options. Part of the increase in technical and operational parameters of the products is facilitated by close cooperation with French specialists, which provide the possibility of carrying out laboratory tests of equipment in accordance with advanced standards. At the same time, the range of directions in which the Zubr tools can be used is expanding. Reviews in this regard note the versatility of some models, and multifunctionality, which is achieved without loss in quality.

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General information about power tools "Zubr"

To date, power tools "Zubr"are issued in different categories, differing both functional maintenance, and design features, and a price level. Depending on the needs, the user can choose the appropriate option for almost any task implemented in the construction and repair process. One can also note the active use of the latest technologies, which are given to the electrical tools "Zubr". The testimonials of experienced masters mark the competent use of ergonomic additions by the specialists of the firm, and improvements related to security systems. There is also a division of the tool into a professional and a household one. The first group gets a more productive power filling, and the second one focuses on ease of use and versatility.

Main characteristics

The company offers models of power tools,designed to handle all common building materials. Jigsaws, punchers, screwdrivers, drills and saws, depending on the version, can serve materials such as concrete, metal, plastic, wood, etc. Thanks to the use of diamond tools, natural stone lends itself to tools. Performing such complex operations allow engines of increased power - about 2000 W. For cutting thin metal and wood, devices with a power potential of 1000-1500 W are designed. With regard to processing parameters, for example, the average drilling diameter varies from 10 to 20 mm. It is also possible to use large-format crowns with a thickness of more than 100 mm, with which professional tools "Zubr" are equipped. Reviews about ergonomic advantages, by the way, emphasize the optimized mass of most manual models. As a rule, it is 3-5 kg, which makes it possible to use the device for a long time without a hitch. This is especially true for network light versions, and for heavier instruments with a mass of up to 10 kg, for convenience, you can supplement the auxiliary handle.

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Classification according to purpose

The assortment can be divided into several groups independing on the scope of application. In particular, it is possible to distinguish directly the processing tool, which includes angle grinding machines, perforators with screwdrivers, staplers, circular saws, shtoborezy, etc. This group is used to form holes, grooves, ditches and apertures. And as a basis can act and a full-fledged construction structure, and a separate billet. There is also a category of industrial power tools, which include pneumatic devices. They are usually used in the technological processes associated with painting and cleaning with abrasives. Universal kits are also common. Here you can note multitasking metalwork tool set "Zubr". Reviews of this product emphasize the high quality of materials manufacturing. Typically, these kits are supplied with several small-format carvers, nozzles and cutters, which can then be used for a variety of operations from drilling to cutting.

Classification by the power supply system

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The fashion for battery-powered instrument models is notand went around the range of "Zubr". The company offers basically two versions of such power systems - lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium. The advantage due to operational advantages is given to the batteries of the first kind, since they are more compact, they hold the charge longer and are quickly charged. An example of such a performance is a drill in the modification of ZDA-18. It also confirms that the battery power can also provide a sufficiently high power. The Zubr network tools represent the traditional and still broader line in terms of the source of power supply. Reviews of such models basically point to two advantages - the non-stop workflow and compactness. This is a light and easy-to-use tool, which, however, has a significant flaw when compared with battery analogs. By definition, the network power tool is dependent on the outlet, which limits the user's movements.

Reviews of tool sets

The company offers several sets oftools, and mostly with attachments and accessories that are designed for plumbing, carpentry and trimming work. Among the most successful sets is a set of tools "Zubr" 27635 H94. Feedback from the masters, whose activities are related to the maintenance of threaded connections, indicate the strength and durability of the components. This is explained by the fact that the basis of the material for the heads and fasteners is chrome vanadium high-quality steel. Many users also talk about the usability of the tool. In particular, they emphasize the ease of handling the FLANK profile, which simplifies the packing process. Already in the course of work, reliable fixation also eliminates the risk of face failure.

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Reviews about drills and screwdrivers

This is one of the most popular segments not onlyinside the Zubr family, but also in the general market. Therefore, in the face of tough competition, the manufacturer seeks to offer special combinations of performance. Most successfully this problem is solved in the initial class. For example, combined drill-screwdriver ZSH-300-2 for only 2 thousand rubles. demonstrates good working qualities and ergonomics. From the point of view of domestic use, this is the optimal hand tool "Zubr". The reviews characterize it as lightweight, compact and at the same time powerful. Although the power potential of 300 W, of course, allows you to cope only with typical tasks only within the household. As for the minuses, there is too little switching between the drilling / spinning modes.

Reviews about the pneumatic tool

This group is not so widely representeddomestic developers, and yet users of compressor guns can pay attention to a very successful model KPE-650. The owners of this tool indicate universality, ease and ergonomics. This is an easy-to-use device with which you can perform spraying operations for varnishes and paints of medium viscosity. And again there is a structural optimization, which differs many tools "Zubr". Feedback indicates that the minimalism of the spray gun was compensated by the possibilities of using additional accessories. So, the owner can use nozzles of different diameters and increase the capacity with paint, which increases the productivity and functional flexibility of the tool.

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Reviews about circular saws

The company deals mainly with saws for householdApplications that can be cut in longitudinal and cross sections. Perhaps, the most serious from the point of view of productivity and the brightest representative of this group is the modification of the ZPDE-235. Users of this saw have a positive response to its performance and ergonomics. As for the first, the power capacity is sufficient for full-fledged work with boards intended for building a house. Practice shows that the model manages even with transverse cutting of raw solid wood. By the way, for additional processing operations with sawn timber it is worthwhile to look and a less powerful correcting tool "Zubr" - a milling cutter, the owners' feedback is underscored by accuracy and accuracy of cutting, in particular, it will help to correct the workpiece for the required parameters. And with the help of electric jigsaws of this company, many users also form decorative products by curvilinear cutting.

Reviews about auto tools

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For the company Zubr an automobile tool is notis a target, but in this niche you can find interesting suggestions. Kits with compressor equipment deserve special attention. The kit 06458-H5, in particular, is highly appreciated by car repair workers for the quality of materials. As compressors are very demanding for consumables, the presence of a kit with durable nylon hoses, nozzles and nozzles will not be superfluous. For locksmith's same works and in the workshop, and in the garage, a set of tools "Zubr" 27670 H58. Reviews of this kit also stress wear resistance and a generally high resource of elements. A set of 58 components form wrenches, pliers, bits and screwdrivers.

Reviews about accessories and consumables

In construction and repair work, regardless ofalmost always require supplies or accessories. Needs additional material with accessories and email. the tool "Zubr". Reviews of nozzles, adapters, cartridges, hardware and various mixtures of this brand as a whole receive positive feedback. In part, this is due to the versatility and basic quality of the consumables, but also the low price tag also matters.

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Despite significant advantages, thanks towhich Russian products can compete in the market with such giants as Metabo, Bosch and Hitachi, there are still some weaknesses. Technological development and structural flexibility are the main and also significant characteristics, for which Zubr is still inferior to eminent competitors. Tools, feedback about which emphasize the functionality and versatility of the application, together with this may have insufficient power and a lagging adjustment option. For example, with a comfortable screwdriver, there may be no possibility to adjust the speed and smooth start. But similar flaws are logically logical in their own way, as the manufacturer is oriented more towards the middle and initial segments, only pointically invading the premium class.

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