Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice

electric kettlesElectric kettles have become one of the inalienableelements of our life. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of teapots. They come in different shapes and colors. Let's try to figure out which device is right for you.

Electric kettles give a cup of coffee or teaevery morning to millions of people. The device is almost in every house, and hundreds more are being purchased daily. How to make the right choice among a huge variety? First you need to understand the proposed range. First of all, it is recommended to study the manufacturers of electric kettles, reviews of each specific model, which will be to your liking.

Basic selection criteria

All the model range presented by manufacturers can be conditionally classified on several grounds.

First, an important criterion is price. Now electric kettles cost from three hundred rubles to several thousand. The price depends on the quality of the goods, the material, the manufacturer and the availability of additional functions. There are plenty to choose from.

electric kettles reviewsSecondly, the material. Most often, metal and plastic are used as the basis for the production of these devices, and electric kettles made of glass and ceramics are less often found. Let's consider in more detail

Plastic teapots - the most commonoption. Low cost and simplicity in operation are the main factors that attract consumers so much. The lack of plastic is chemical interaction with water, which can adversely affect the health status.

Metal kettles are the most durable. With careful care, they can last for dozens of years. Disadvantages of such models are heavy weight (up to 2-3 kg), strong surface heating and high price.

People who strictly follow their health, will be more suitable glass teapots. Such models have a significant minus-brittleness.

electric kettles from glassThe third important criterion when buying thisappliance becomes power. To date, electric kettles have a capacity of up to 3000 watts. This indicator determines the duration of water heating. The optimal choice will be a kettle, whose capacity is 2 kW, - it will provide rapid heating of water and protect against power failure.

The fourth criterion for choosing thethe device is the volume. It varies in a wide range - from 0.5 to 6 liters. Very popular teapots volume of 1.5-2 liters. This amount of water is enough for a small family. For convenience, many teapots have a special measuring scale that shows the water level.

The fifth important aspect is security. Most modern teapots have the function of auto power off. In addition, there is also protection against inclusion. This option is irreplaceable for families with young children. After all, an object without water can trigger a fire.

The choice of electric kettles is wide and varied. Analyzing all the pros and cons, we can make the right choice, focusing on personal preferences, needs and goals.

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Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice Electric kettles are the difficulty of choice