Almost all short girls look enviously after long-legged women of the fair sex. Many men dream of seeing a bright and tall companion next to them. In fact, young ladies more than 185 cm tall are more likely to become owners of offensive nicknames than compliments. Yet for the tallest girls on the planet, these problems seem to be the least that may worry them.

Yves Amazon, United States

A model named Yves Amazon lives in America. The height of the girl is 205 cm, while she was able to discern the positive aspects in this fact. She is regularly filmed for men's magazines.
The girl managed to find recognition as a top model bikiniThe girl managed to find recognition as a top model bikini
She can be seen on the cover of the Australian gloss for men Zoo Weekly. It is noteworthy that designers make custom-made bikinis for the model, since it is difficult to buy ready-made accessories for sizes in shops.

Carolina Welz, Germany

Beauty Karolina Welz is admirable, and it is quite reasonable! Like Eve, she built a successful modeling career. Carolina Welz was born in 1986 in Cologne, Germany. Her height is 206 cm, of which 130 cm is the length of the legs.The girl weighs 117 kg. Carolina is the only model in the world with such proportions of the body.
Carolina Welz has not only tall but also very long legs.Carolina Welz has not only tall but also very long legs.
In this case, the inconvenience own growth Carolina still delivers. The girl complains that she cannot pass through the door unless she bends down. Standard apartments for her are cramped, and she often has to refuse to travel by car. Even the German woman orders furniture and clothes specifically for her size. Yet the girl is not upset. She is not only the tallest model, but one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

Elisani Silva, Brazil

The charming resident of Brazil Elissani da Cruz Silva - the owner of growth of 206 cm. At the same time, Elisani becomes higher every year. In an interview, Elisani shared that she was suffering because of her height. According to the girl, what worries her most is that she stands out from the crowd in the truest sense. Elissani intends to become a model: she wants to learn a profession in which height is a definite plus.
Elisani Silva dreams of becoming a modelElisani Silva dreams of becoming a model
In comparison with other girls of our rating, Elisani Silva is happy in her personal life.In 2014, her favorite person made her an offer to marry. Despite her tall stature, she comfortably feels next to her fiancé, who is 40 cm below her.

Mali Duangdi, Thailand

Until 2016, the highest girl in Thailand was considered to be Mali Duangdi. Her height was 212 cm. Unusually high Mali weighed 130 kg. The reason for this height - in a brain tumor. The disease that caused the hormonal failure, secretly diagnosed at the age of 9. With age, the girl's eyesight deteriorated, and as a result she practically lost it.
The tallest teenage girl in the worldThe tallest teenage girl in the world
Mali once admitted that she never had a boyfriend. According to the girl, she did not even think about marriage, because she understood very well how different she was from the people around her.
In the summer of 2016, information appeared that Mali Duangdi died at the age of 24.

Ulyana Semenova, Latvia

Uliana Semenova is a unique representative among the highest women in the world. Despite her height of 218 cm, she does not suffer from pathological diseases. Being completely healthy, she built a career as a professional basketball player and was rated among the highest basketball players.
Ulyana Semenova dedicated her life to sportsUlyana Semenova dedicated her life to sports
Leaving a great sport, she continued sports activities and now heads the Latvian Olympic Social Fund. A woman is considered the highest in the entire territory of the former USSR. Finally, Ulyana Semenov can be called the oldest tall woman in the world - in 2017, she turned 65 years old.

The tallest girl in the world

The tallest girl in the world lived in China. Yao Defeng's height was as much as 236 cm. The reason for such a height is a brain tumor. At least, doctors blamed the gigantic size of this particular disease. Yao Defeng was born in a rather poor peasant family from the east of China. At 15, her height was already 205 cm.
Yao Defeng's weight was 200 kilograms.Yao Defeng's weight was 200 kilograms.
At the insistence of her father, Yao worked in a circus in her youth and at the same time was engaged in basketball. With age, the Chinese woman's health began to deteriorate, and after the doctors found a large pituitary tumor in the girl. This ailment provoked the girl's body to work out the amount of growth hormone, while making the patient's bones very weak.
Yao Defeng spent the last months in the hospital under the supervision of doctorsYao Defeng spent the last months in the hospital under the supervision of doctors
Before accepting a non-standard patient in their clinic, the doctors had to order a special extra-strong bed 2.5 m long, since the girl’s weight by this time was 200 kg.In addition, medical devices were too small for a girl. The approximate cost of the operation she needed was 12.5 thousand dollars or 100 thousand yuan: all financial expenses were borne by the British TV channel, who was working on a film about her life.
The 40-year-old Chinese girl, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, died in November 2012.

Ekaterina Gamova, Russia

The editors of could not ignore the star of Russian sports - volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova, whose height is 202 cm. She does not have an outstanding height compared to the other participants of our rating, but at the moment she secretly owns the title of the highest girl in Russia.
Catherine was born in Chelyabinsk. She professionally played volleyball until October 2016, and then left the big sport. At the age of 11 she surpassed her rivals in physical data - her height reached 172 cm. Then the girl decided to play sports: choosing between basketball, handball and volleyball, she stopped on the latter.
Ekaterina Gamova, 202 cm tall, built a successful career as a volleyball playerEkaterina Gamova, 202 cm tall, built a successful career as a volleyball player
Ekaterina Gamova is one of the most prominent representatives in the Russian sport of her time.She holds the title of two-time world champion in volleyball, and she carried the torch at the opening ceremony of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan in 2013. So much tall girls are not caused by any pathologies, on the contrary, thanks to their physical data, she increased her sports victories. She was repeatedly awarded the title of the most effective player in a match: the height of her attack and the block is 3.21 meters.
The legend of world volleyball Ekaterina Gamova
In her personal life, Catherine is happy with her spouse, the son of Svetlana Druzhinina, director Mikhail Mukasey. Next to her husband, the girl does not look particularly tall, since Michael’s height is only a few centimeters lower. On the site you can also read the article on.

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