Effective protection of dogs against mites

Ticks cause dogs a lot of trouble. They not only bother the animal, but can cause serious illness. Therefore, the protection of the dog from the tick must be done systematically and without fail.

protection of a dog against a tickWhat are ticks and what are they dangerous?

According to the natural properties of ticks - smallArthropods, which cling to the dog's hair with paws, bite through the skin and feed on dog blood. In this case, they significantly increase in size. Gradually, the insect gorges and falls from its victim, digests food, and then again is ready to suck on the next animal. Healthy dogs are usually released from ticks in places where they can get them. But if the dog is sick, old, or, conversely, too young, ticks can become a serious problem and significantly damage the health of the animal. Well, grab in the grass of this parasite can be any, even an adult and a strong dog. He is ready to cling to her face, ears, neck. Disease, which is carried by ticks, is calledmeans for ticks for dogspyroplasmosis. He is extremely dangerous, if untimely, improper or insufficient treatment can lead to the loss of the dog. Just like a large amount of sucked blood can weaken it and make it easily susceptible to other infections.

protection of dogs against ticksHow to protect dogs from ticks

There are several types of protective equipment,the effectiveness of which depends on the quality, age and other individual characteristics of the dog. Often the protection of a dog from a tick is combined with protection from other parasites, such as fleas. First of all, it is worth mentioning the substances that must be applied to the withers of the animal in the form of drops. They are absorbed into the subcutaneous fat and do not allow the tick to bite the skin. These substances are toxic, can cause the dog to poison when eating, so they need to be applied in small amounts to those parts of the withers that the animal probably will not be able to reach. This remedy for dog ticks remains effective for about a month, then the treatment needs to be repeated. It should also be remembered that the animal can not be washed for two to three days after treatment, otherwise the remedy will wash and not work. It begins to operate not earlier than the third day after treatment. And at the fourth week the effectiveness is significantly reduced, so some cynologists advise re-processing in three weeks. Another common and known among the owners means, which protects the dog from a tick, is a special collar. Here everything is simple: he puts on the neck of the animal and protects him from insects during the time indicated inprotection of dogs against ticksOperating Instructions. At the end of the period, the collar is removed and replaced with a new one. Sometimes a good effect is achieved by combining funds. It should be remembered that the full protection of the dog from the tick is provided only by a high-quality drug. If cheap collars and drops work, then for a very short time.

In many respects the choice of a specific remedy forThe tick depends on the characteristics of the particular dog. What ideally suited and ensured the safety of one, may not work on the other. Therefore, it makes sense to try different drugs, enlisting the advice of a specialist.

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